10 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Miss You: A Guide to Lasting Romance

by John Santana

Just when you drop her at her place after a date and kiss her goodbye, you start thinking “how to make a girl miss you?”

Your forever single friend may ask,

Dude, she is your girl! What are you so insecure about?”

He doesn’t know that it’s normal human behavior to feel loved and wanted by our loved ones.

Missing someone means they are in your mind even when you are not present physically.

But does your girlfriend treat you like that someone special in her life only when you are around her?

Otherwise, there are no text starters from her side. She doesn’t keep a check on you.

Her actions make you think she doesn’t miss you at all!

If this is the case with you, then you are soon going to turn the tables.

It’s time for you to know all the ways that keep a girl hooked so that she misses you all the time!

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How to make your girlfriend miss you?

1. Maintain the mystery, my friend


Remember the first time you met her? She was so excited to spend the evening with you.

She was always like she can’t get enough of you!

But as her excitement and passion took a U-turn, it seems she has got enough of you now!

Giving away everything that you have on the plate at once overfeeds the other person. They are not even able to enjoy the specialties you’ve got to offer.

The same happens with women.

If you unleash all of you, there will be nothing left for her to discover.

This easily justifies her not missing your presence anymore.

Why will she miss you?

She already knows at 3 o’clock you’re working on your laptop and at 8, you’re lying down in front of your TV.

If you want a girl to miss you, you have to maintain a mysterious, silent, and secretive personality to some extent.

You have to learn to keep some conversations in your heart and let them come out bit by bit.

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2. Give some rest to your phone

Ever felt suffocated when your aunt squeezes you tightly in a hug? You feel like you’re out of breath… don’t you?

There are all the chances of the girl feeling the same when you try to have a tight hold on her.

You are a great boyfriend if you ask her about her day and check if she is doing fine.

But you are too sweet to swallow when you make yourself glue and get stuck in her damn jaw.

As much as girls need your love, they like their freedom.

More than that, they like strong men who have control over their emotions and who treat them like they have to work for getting their attention.

You don’t have to go too far away with that.

Just keep in mind that you are not texting and calling her 24*7.

There’s no need to give her shitty details about who is wearing what when an important meeting is going on.

Believe me, when you limit the communication over the phone and act as if you have a life, she will miss you more than ever.

This reminds me of another point… which is,

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3. Have a life!

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

I know you always thought of having a hot girlfriend​ like her… now that you have her, you are on cloud nine!

But just getting her to like you or love you, doesn’t seal the deal. You have a long way to go…

This requires you to keep calm and have a life!

Seriously, find a thing or two to do!

Focus on your job, your career, fitness, and other relations that mattered to you before she came.

Go crazy over that football match and give your boys your time. Try going on some solo-trips.

Leading an adventurous and exciting life is the best way to keep her on her toes!

She will be constantly bombarded with the thoughts of where you are right now, what are you up to, and who are the people you are hanging out with.

Making her feel secure is your job. But making her feel as you have no life beyond her is not going to work in your favor.

The best way to make someone miss you is to keep things uncertain sometimes.

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4. If you call her your queen, treat her as one as well

Out of all the cute names you have given to her, I bet “my queen” and “my princess” is one of them.

Then the simple trick is, treat her special. Treat her as you truly mean what you say.

No, she will not demand a throne. Just a few meaningful gifts, surprises, and compliments will do wonders.

If you treat your girl special, I bet you that she will wait for the next time she gets to meet you. Throughout this time, she will miss you every minute.

Women are highly emotional. Just a few kind words and lovely but sincere actions can make their heart melt.

Hey, but let’s not wait for the next meeting to give her what she deserves!

You can let someone drop flowers or her favorite cookies when you are not around.

It works as a thoughtful reminder that you think about her. And by no doubt, she will spend her days (as well as nights) thinking about you too.

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5. Flirting keeps the chemistry ablaze

Being too nice with the girl…? What do you want her to call you? A brother?

That’s the last thing you want to be called by the girl you’re reading this article for.

“So, what should I do now?? Should I be rude??”

No, brother.

Don’t be rude or a mess of a man to impress a girl. Instead, show how naughty you are… flirt and tease her.

I don’t think I’ve to teach you how to flirt… if I’ve to do that, she’s not your girlfriend anymore.

Just a few tips:

Maintain intense and passionate eye-contact.

Make her laugh. The jokes should be about someone else, about you. In case you don’t want to be blocked, they should not be about her.

Tease her. Now teasing is a kind of personal flirting. It shows how comfortable you are with the other person.

But it should be harmful. It should make her laugh or turn her on.

Don’t take teasing a girl in the same way as bullying. She wears high heels; you know… they will hurt badly.

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6. Be a gentleman and respect her

Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels

If there is anything that a woman strives for more than love is respect.

Value what you have and truly respect her for what she is.

That’s the best thing you can do to make her feel special. Even if she is not with you, she will remember you for the rest of her life.

Be a gentleman. Pull doors for her. Pull chairs for her. Value her opinions. Love what she does and tell her – “You are great!”

7. Maintain a healthy balance between dividing your time with your girl and friends

It will be hard for you to properly manage your time between your girl and buddies.

It’s also possible that you are cutting all of your time with friends and giving it to your girl.

But wait a minute, does the girl ditches her girlfriends to be with you? NO!

Are you a novice? Then learn from this girl.

And if your girl is also ignoring all her friends like you, it’s time for you to bring changes in this co-dependent relationship.

Be responsible for your other bonds too and give your friends your time as well.

When she will see your time is no more limited to her and is rather divided, she will ultimately start missing you more and more.

Whenever you are away with your friends, she will be busy imagining the conversations your boy group is having and all the fun that you are doing with them.

She will probably feel the urge to hug you as soon as possible.

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8. Keep the sensuality alive so she craves to kiss you again

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Who can ever forget a good kiss?

More than that, who can ever forget a great kisser?

I know you are already trying very hard by having a life, focusing on your job, and not being glued to the phone wall like a lizard…

But don’t worry; you are going to enjoy this. After all, I know you want to kiss her so bad.

Just make sure that your kiss should not be just about sex and foreplay, your kiss should actually make her feel like she is loved.

Be gentle even if you kiss hard. I know you missed her terribly when she was not present. Let all that longing drive away with a kiss.

If your kiss makes her feel loved and safe, she will crave for your touch from the very moment you leave.

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9. Be the last voice she hears before she goes to bed

Do you know what magic a sexy, husky, and loving voice can do?

You can’t stop yourself from sending her sweet nothings in texts. If she is not missing you, she is probably thinking – “What a jerk! Keep texting me all day long!”

Why take the blame when you can step on to the next level with your game?

When you work on not showing up on her phone’s notifications, she will spend her day thinking – “Where in the hell my attention giver has been today?”

Just then, it’s bedtime. You call her and she will be relieved to hear your voice.

If your voice is the last thing she hears before she drifts off to sleep, the chances of you making a special appearance in her dreams are very high.

Her subconscious mind will keep thinking about you even when she is asleep.

She will wake up the next day with the smile you gave her last night.

Is there any better way to love her and make her miss you at the same time?

10. Give her the best time

Image by Stas_F from Pixabay

If you want your girl to miss you when you are not present, you have to give her some loving and romantic reasons.

Don’t be a jerk by trying too hard to get by keeping mum throughout a date.

The secret here is to be attentive.

Be attentive to her. Keep a check if she is having a good time with you.

See if she wants a glass of water or if she is feeling comfortable in the place. Ask her if she needs anything.

The other great thing you can do is to listen to her. Carefully lend your ears to whatever she speaks.

Of course, you are allowed​ to talk and express your views too. But don’t make her just a part of the audience by stretching yourself to a few lectures and monologues.

Also, the goal should be to be her “All-in-one” person.

So, for god’s sake, work towards maintaining a constant smile on her face.

When she is constantly giggling in your presence, she will associate good times and positive experiences with you.

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John Santana

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