How To Make a New Tinder Account After Being Banned

Starting Over on Tinder: Steps to Create a New Account After a Ban

by John Santana

Tinder is one of the most popular dating platforms out there and the number of users continues to grow. It is the place where many people have found the love of their lives or have had some strange and uncomfortable encounters. If you have been banned from Tinder, you aren’t alone.

We aren’t here to question why you have been banned or what your plan for Tinder is next, we are here to help you create a new account so you can start fresh.

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Are Tinder Bans Permanent?

Tinder doesn’t have a form of a temporary ban. Instead, when your account gets banned, that is permanent. If you feel that your account getting banned was unfair or that you didn’t do what you are being banned for, you can contact the Tinder team to request a ban repeal.

However, it is far from a guarantee that you will get your account back. The Tinder team may decide that your ban was justified and won’t give you your account back.

Submitting a Request To Tinder

It doesn’t hurt to contact the Tinder team to request getting your account back, especially if you feel that the ban was unjustified. To do this, you won’t be able to email or call them as they don’t provide this information. Tinder has a form where you can submit a request through their help page.

Once you are on their help page, you will see an option to submit a request. This leads you to a form where you will be asked what you need help with. Then, you will be asked for more information such as your email and other details about the problem you are facing.

First, you’ll select “Trouble with account login.” Another box will pop up where you’ll select “Can’t log in, my account was banned.” You will then give your contact information and in the description box, you can ask if your account can get unbanned or ask why your account was banned. Make sure to be super polite in your request as you reduce your chances of an unban even more by having a poor attitude.

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After you submit your request, you will hear back from Tinder in 2-4 days.

Again, it is unlikely that your account will get unbanned through this method. There may be a few cases where you will get your account back, but know that your account will still probably be banned after this process. However, going through this process can help you understand what you did to get your account banned.

Creating a New Account

Create new Tinder Account

Most likely, your account is still banned after the previous process and you will need to create a new Tinder account. To do this, there are some obstacles to getting around as Tinder remembers a lot of information about your account.

First, Tinder will remember your device. When you first created your Tinder account, Tinder collected information about your device, such as your device ID to connect to your account. Tinder also remembers your email and other contact information you gave when you first set up your account.

You won’t be able to use the same device, email, phone number, or any of the same information you had before. Otherwise, your new Tinder account will be banned because you’re trying to create a new account.

Start by downloading the Tinder app onto a new device. This can be a second phone you have, a PC, or any device that can download Tinder that wasn’t the device you used before.

As you are inputting your information, use a different email address and phone number than the one you used before. For your phone number, several apps can create throw-away phone numbers that you can use to set up your account. Just make sure that the app will allow you to verify your phone number.

Even using a new or fake phone number and email address doesn’t give you the guarantee that your new account won’t be flagged. To have the most success, you can buy a new phone number. However, that is a process not many are willing to go through for the sake of Tinder.

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Remove Any Links Connecting You To Your Previous Account

If you have any links to your Tinder account on any of your social media, remove them right away. Having a link on your Instagram page to your old account that’s under the same name and information as your new account can lead to getting banned once again.

You want to have a completely clean slate when creating a new Tinder account. Removing anything that ties you back to your old account is necessary to prevent Tinder from finding out about the new account.

Also, make sure that Tinder gets uninstalled from your old device and see if you can delete the data from the app as well. All of these processes will help prevent your new account from being found out.

Why You Got Banned

Tinder Got Banned

As we mentioned above, we aren’t here to question the reason why you got banned. However, knowing why you got banned can help you understand what happened with your account and if it was something you could control. In some cases, you may be able to plead to get your account unbanned instead of creating a new account.

Violation Of Terms Of Use

This is a pretty common reason that someone using any kind of dating app may get banned. Each app has a list of terms of use that each user must follow while using the app. These terms of use keep other users safe and comfortable on the app.

Tinder may not say outright why you were banned relating to terms of use. However, you will know when you try to log into your Tinder account that you get an error screen no matter what you try. When you are banned, you won’t be allowed to log in.

Sending Inappropriate Messages/Media

Tinder is a dating app to meet new people and start meaningful connections with them. Some people have used Tinder irresponsibly to send uncomfortable and inappropriate messages to other people who have not consented to receive such.

Tinder doesn’t mind if you show a little bit of skin in your photos and videos to each other, however, nudes of any sort are not allowed on the app. Nonconsensual sexual pictures or videos will result in your account getting banned.

Tinder also has rules against showing dead people and animals on the app. They are very strict and will result in getting immediately banned.

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Hate Speech/Racism

Tinder was made to promote love and encourage love in each other. Therefore, it is not a place for hate speech, racist comments, or homophobic comments. Any of these kinds of comments can get you banned quickly and there is no way to recover from this kind of ban.

Fake Profile

Tinder values authenticity. If you are creating a fake account using fake information and fake photos, you can get banned. Your account may be perceived as spam or a bot, which people are quick to report.


Sending multiple messages to someone can be okay if you are engaged in a conversation and both parties are okay with it. However, sending a person several messages asking them if they are up, what they are doing, or are simply being overbearing can result in your account being banned. People don’t like to wake up to 20 messages that don’t pertain to a particular conversation and so they may report you.

Reports To Being Banned

The way that you get banned is through other people reporting your account based on a behavior or an action. There is no set number of reports that will lead to you being banned. However, the more reports you have, the higher your chances of being banned are.

After one report, the Tinder team will review your account. In minor cases, this is unlikely to lead to you getting banned right away. However, if you are doing harmful actions such as sending photos of a dead animal or harassing another member, you are likely to be banned after one report.

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VPNs Will Not Work


With many kinds of apps out there from streaming services to social media, VPNs can be used to get around barriers that certain apps have. VPNs work great for allowing you to watch a show in another country or getting around a website block your school or work has put on the computers.

However, when it comes to Tinder, VPNs don’t have success. Tinder keeps track of what’s going on with how your device sends and receives information about location and contact information. VPNs hide that information, which can trigger Tinder’s flagging system.

VPNs are dangerous to use with Tinder because most of the time, Tinder will find out that you are using a VPN and that is against the terms of use. It’s against the terms of use because it can hide information that is needed in keeping other people safe. Tinder doesn’t want you to change your location or device information.

Tinder Is Strict About Banning

Tinder uses banning as its ultimate tool for keeping its users safe. By making it difficult for untrustworthy people to use the app, Tinder prevents those people from harming other users. Tinder hardly gives second chances, which forces users to be considerate and careful when using the app.

Then, Tinder is thorough when it comes to people creating new accounts. If Tinder was lenient in allowing people to create new accounts when they get banned, that could put more users in danger of harassment by the same people. That’s why Tinder does everything it can to prevent users from creating new accounts after being banned.

When you create a new account after being banned, just remember that there is always the chance that your account will be found out and you will be banned once more. Always be super careful about the information you give out and how you share your account with other people.

Final Thoughts

It is not a good feeling to attempt to login into your Tinder account only to find out you’ve been banned. We hope that with this post, you can understand what happened to get your account banned. That way, you can make sure you won’t do that again in the future.

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to get your account unbanned by the Tinder team, but you can still create a new account by following the right precautions. Use a different device, email address, and phone number while creating a new account. We also suggest using all new photos and refreshing your bio information to both create more differences and give yourself a fresh look.

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John Santana

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