How To Make A Girl Want You Like Crazy : Here’s 10 ways

by John Santana

It’s a common question among guys because mostly it’s the boy who is “running. Why can’t the girls chase them? Why can’t the girls want them?

Apart from a clingy ex, even men want to be liked and pursued by women.

But this doesn’t happen regularly. Is it something that the men do that make them the chasers, or have the women set their bars really high?

While the first reason can be a reality, the latter seems to defy its possibilities.

Haven’t you seen women going crazy for a guy and dancing all over him? The guy doesn’t seem more handsome than you, nor does he own an expensive car… then what is it that he has and you don’t?ṣ

What is it that he knows to make women want him that you don’t?

We’ll tell you!

All the tricks that attract girls like a magnet.

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10 Ways to Make a Girl want you

1. Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Friendzone

When you are here, reading this – you obviously don’t want her to want you as a friend, but as a lover or in some kind of a sexual way.

The first step behind making a girl want you sexually is to not dive too deep into the friend-zone.

Once you are in this pit hole, it’s quite impossible for you to come out of it.

If you aren’t in the friend-zone yet, congratulations! If you are… tough game buddy, but don’t worry, you can still come out of it!

In the friend zone or not, to make her want you, be there for her but stop giving her all your attention and time.

Support her and share your feelings, but don’t always be available and don’t go too deep with expressing your emotions.

Maintain an atmosphere of mystery and make her crave to know more about where you have been and what’s going in your life.

Give her tiny hints that you are not into being just her friend, but someone more than that.

Arouse sexual tension between both of you. To do that skillfully, read the next instruction.

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2. Light the Sexual Fire and Crank the Heat!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

You may like this girl and she may like hanging out with you too.

But if the sexual tension is lacking and the chemistry is nil, your chances of getting her are canceled.

It’s really important to trigger strong feelings of intimacy in her and give fire to the much-wanted sexual energy.

You can initiate that by casually but warmly touching her on her hands, palms, shoulders, cheeks, or caressing a strand of her hair.

Your touch doesn’t have to be very bold as it can offend her.

Instead, be subtle yet very sensual in your touch. Holding her hand while crossing roads or touching her shoulders while talking are just a few instances.

Hug her a little longer than you do and talk in a husky voice.

Women love deep, low pitched husky voices and find it extremely sexy. This can work wonders to attract women.

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3. Let Your Eyes Captivate Her

What is another way to captivate the senses of a girl? – Intense Eye Contact!

Eyes play a very important part in arousing sexual energy and initiating attraction.

I know that you like her and that can make your hands sweat and heart race. But don’t let your nervousness get in the way of making her want you.

If you are not maintaining eye-contact with her, she may confuse your nervousness with your disinterest in her.

This is a big turn-off as women rarely chase a man who shows no signs of interest in them.

Maintaining an intense gaze is reported to increase the levels of attraction and make you look more attractive to the other person.

Once in a while, look at her lips when she speaks. This may give her the idea that you might want to kiss her without making it very obvious.

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4. Make Her Realize That You Are the Hero of Her Life

Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

If you want a girl to want you, you have to make her realize that you are that someone she needs in her life and she must have you.

You have to make her realize that you are the hero of her life without whom her life would not be the same.

Doing this requires some effort.

To be the hero of her life, you have to be there whenever she is in a problem.

Show up when she needs some help. Lend your shoulder to let her cry and make her laugh. This way, she will look up to you as her sunshine who takes all her worries away.

Be her escape. Make sure that you are the first person that appears in her mind when she thinks of someone to share her bad and good news with.

5. Every Girl Wants the “Best”

Just being the nice guy and being there for her is not going to win you a girl. You have to have the looks for it.

Multiple suitors are trying to win her attention. If you want her to reject them and want you, then you must be able to hold that kind of attraction.

Now, that doesn’t mean going to your parents and fighting over why your cheekbones are not polished like the others and why your nose isn’t straight. Neither it is about opting for plastic surgery.

You are capable of sweeping her off her feet just the way you are. You just have to strive to become the best version of yourself.

This includes wearing clean shirts, appearing neat, and having a proper hairstyle that doesn’t look grumpy.

It’s about dabbing some masculine cologne and maintaining personal hygiene.

You just have to appear polished and nice. To add to that, you can work on your masculine energy.

This includes not having unnecessary male ego and having the courage to protect the woman.

The attraction also has to do with your ​fitness.

Her chances of wanting you reduces when you are an unfit man who hasn’t gone for a run for years.

Lose the excess fat by hitting the gym, going for a run, or joining some kind of sports.

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6. Make Sure Your Mouth Is Kissable

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

You fuss about how much you hate when women have bad breath and dirty teeth… But what if it’s the same with you?

Check your breath and set of teeth before you think of making a move on a girl.

Brush your teeth properly. Carry a mouth freshener. If you have some dental issues, visit a dentist regularly.

7. Make Her a Fan of Your Sense of Humor

So, you have a rare disease that makes women run away from you and you want medicine?

Then, my friend, I’ve got the best medicine for you – Laughter!

A woman’s dream man has a bunch of qualities – good looks, emotional maturity, and a good sense of humor.

So, the next time you go on a date, don’t try too hard to be a gentleman while being serious and maintaining a straight face.

Crack jokes and make her laugh. She is going to love you and want you for that.

Just make​ sure that the jokes are not​ about her.

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8. Show Her You Have What the Other Guys Don’t – Charm

Any guy can put on a black leather jacket, wear some funky bracelets, flex his muscles and call himself a good-looking dude.

Such men can be seen in plenty when you are stuck in a traffic jam.

But do you know what it is that the girl really wants but is rare to find?


With fashion trends coming and expiring every week, charm seems to be lost somewhere. But it is the most classic tool of attraction you can use.

Being charming is not as hard as you think. It involves a few simple qualities –

1. Respecting everyone irrespective of their age, gender, or status.

2. Keeping your word.

3. Showing up on time.

4. Offering to pay for the bill. While some girls like to divide the bill, it’s always great to offer and insist on paying for the date.

5. Opening and holding doors for the lady.

6. Being aware of the world and having a bit of knowledge about things.

The way you speak with awareness, the way you dress, the way you treat others with love and respect – all these make for your entire charming personality.

9. Keep Her Hooked to You Through Texts

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Texting is an easy way to communicate with her even when you are away doing your work.

Sending her sweet good morning and good night messages will make sure that you are on her mind when she wakes up as well as when she falls asleep.

Continue the course of interaction even during the day. But do not let it interfere with your job as she may think you have got no work other than texting girls.

Keep the chats interesting and make her laugh. Your texts should be intriguing enough to make her wait for her phone to buzz.

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10. Let Some Subtle Clues Come Into Play To Let Her Know You Like Her

Women are rarely the first ones to make a move. They fear rejection more than men and want to be chased.

When a woman makes a move or even considers you romantically or sexually, she must be sure of your fondness for her too.

She must know that you want her as well. So, let the woman know your interest in her.

But doing this could be a tricky thing as being too obvious can create room for trouble.

Instead, give her some clues. Give her meaningful compliments that also have to do with her physical attraction.

Ask her out on a date. Let her know that you were thinking of her by picking meaningful and personal but inexpensive gifts.

Flirt with her and when she is with you, restrict flirting with other girls if you don’t give her a wrong idea.

She must know you are drawn towards her sexually and emotionally before she decides she wants you.

But, if you –

Want an Easy Way?

You know what… Let’s agree with this, making a woman want you is not a piece of cake. Instead, it’s way too hard and requires a lot of effort.

You have to be perfect in every sense – whether it’s the way you dress, the way you look, the way you treat her, the way you are always there for her even when she is not…

The list goes on…

But why travel the long way when the right path is easy and it’s right in front of you?

I’ve been in the same situation too. I was crazy for a woman once and just wanted her to feel the same for me too. But she left.

So, when the next woman walked in and I knew she was the one… I can’t let her go.

That’s when I tried my hands on The Obsession Method. This dating and relationship guide by men’s dating and attraction coach Katie Spring is all that you need.

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Do you dream of a day when every woman you propose says a ‘yes’ to you?

Do you dream of a day when you are able to attract women like a magnet and have various healthy and steamy relationships and flings?

Then your dreams are going to turn into a reality as The Obsession Guide has all your answers.

It doesn’t matter if you are broke, unfit or that you think of yourself as a man who is not handsome at all. By learning the secret language taught in this book, you will be making women drool over you and lust for you beyond measures.

The Obsession Method literally teaches you the methods by which you can make a woman not only want you but to be obsessed with you and your body.

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John Santana

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