How To Hook Up At a Party

Here’s How To Hook Up At a Party: A Helpful Guide

by John Santana

It’s Friday night. You are clubbing with your friends. Suddenly, you spot a hot babe in the crowd. You want to make your move. But how?

Hooking up with someone at a party takes skills. The tactics you use will directly influence your image. You’d want to come across as the sexy one and not the creepy, unattractive nerd there. Here is everything you can do to elevate your image to get everyone’s attention at a party!

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Here’s How To Hook Up At a Party

How To Hook Up At a Party

1. Don’t Show Up Too Late

When your sole purpose is to hook up at a party, then the game is on as soon as you enter the door. As the cool kids might have told you, only the lame ones show up on time. That’s not entirely true. As the night progresses, the hot ones are all taken. They are going home with their hookups before the night ends.

To secure your chances, you don’t want to show up last at a party. It drastically reduces the options you have. That said, you don’t have to be the first one in the queue. Show up within a reasonable time. If the party starts at 9 pm, you should show up no later than 10 pm for the best chance.

2. Talk To a Few Potential Targets

At the venue, it might be immediately obvious who you want to bang that night. But, physical attraction is not everything. It must have happened that someone looks insanely sexy before you talk to them. But the moment they start talking, they are either boring or too talkative. Even though it is a one-night stand, you don’t want to spend it with an unpleasant person.

Talk to a few potential targets briefly to get an idea of their personalities. It also helps eliminate unfit hookups. Perhaps they are in a relationship or they already have a date that night. A brief chat ticks the criteria off your scoreboard. Besides, the interaction tells you how much they are physically attracted to you. You probably want to avoid someone that seems indifferent about your excitement toward them.

3. Lock In On a Target

Once you have identified the best match from the crowd, it’s time to lock them in. They might not be aware of your intentions at first. Therefore, you must be flirty enough to signal them about it. Hint that you want to take them home to get away from this crowd.

It’s fine to talk about all kinds of things with your hookups. Private matters are probably the one topic you should steer away from. It is not the first time someone overshared with a hookup that later became their committed partner.

The personal information you shared could come back to bite you in the ass. It is smart to keep the conversation entertaining yet general. After all, they are strangers. You know nothing about them.

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4. Get a Friend To Talk You Up

That’s what friends are for. This trick works fantastically, especially if you are at a house party. Grab a close friend to talk you up. There is a high chance that you have mutual friends with your hookup target. Getting that mutual friend in the conversation smooths things out instantly. It also makes you look more trustworthy.

Having a friend brag about all your achievements is more convincing than when you do it. Also, it takes the awkwardness away with a friend around. Cue your friend to exit the stage at an appropriate time. You will find this handy if chatting someone up isn’t your strong suit.

5. Have a Few Drinks In Your System But Don’t Get Too Drunk

The sweet spot is when you are feeling pissy but conscious. Going overboard is bad as you could do something stupid. You don’t want to black out while hooking up as you have no control over the matter. It is important to stay alert to the situation.

Having a few drinks does the job. You are still capable of making a sound judgment but have also loosened up enough to enjoy the moment. The anxiety is gone. You can have a fun chat with your hookup without sweating about how to get them home. Be aware that it is dangerous if your date wants to get you to black out. It is not gentlemanly and you need to take some measures to protect yourself.

6. Buy Them a Drink Or Let Them Buy You a Drink

Forget about splitting the bill. It is customary to buy each other drinks so no one feels stingy. You can take turns buying each other a drink. That way, the atmosphere becomes friendly immediately.

Another thing to be made clear is to never confuse taking a drink for a yes. No one is obligated to sleep with others just because they take a drink from them. These are the ground rules that you need to stand firm.

7. Ask If They Want To Hook Up

Direct but it gets the job done. No matter how smoothly everything is going, you always need to ask if they want to hook up before taking them to your room. Doing this has two advantages.

First, you can confirm there is mutual consent. The other person knows what will happen. Imagine taking someone to your room and it doesn’t work. While you are setting up the right mood, they say it’s getting late and they need to go. That will be the most frustrating thing. Having the same expectations for the night is important.

Second, which is arguably more important, it sets the boundary. They know it is going to be a hookup. They are not coming into your house thinking there will be a romantic relationship from this night. Setting clear boundaries sweeps away those looking to get love through sex. You don’t want to wake up to someone refusing to leave your house.

8. Use a Dating Site

Ok, so the plan didn’t work? Dating sites to the rescue. If you don’t click with anyone there, check the apps and dating sites for people out for fun in your area. If you get a match, invite them to the party for a good time.

Our favorite sites are:

How To Tell If They Want You Back?

Charming couple dating

Physical contact is unavoidable at a big party. In the dark, it is difficult to tell if someone is being nice or if they want to bang you. Aside from the gentle kissing on the cheeks, you should watch out for other signs.

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When a person is interested, they will follow you around the party all night. They don’t want to lose you to another person on a hunt there. You get a hint of jealousy from them when you start flirting with others. They will interrupt the conversation and break you apart.

Also, physical contact is not about a gentle touch on the shoulder. As the crowd gets louder, they will pull you in closer with their arm, using their fingers to stroke your back gently. Their hands are always on you. This is more than about protecting you. They want to get some action tonight.

Finally, whatever it is that you say, they will find a way to circle back to the topic of “let’s get out of this party now.” Their eagerness to leave with you is evident by their enchanted stares. They look straight into your eyes and tell you how much they want to be with you.

You won’t get any of these above if someone is only leaning forward to talk because the music is deafening. Once you are sure the person is interested, it’s time to think about the perfect spot for this one-night stand.

What If You Want To Date Your Hookup?


There is no law against dating your hookup. The only consideration is your attitude toward it. Approaching the matter with respect shows dignity. You should not automatically expect your hookup to feel the same way because you have shared a great night together.

Message them to see if they are interested in going on a date. If the answer is yes, you need to ask them about their intentions. Perhaps they see you as an FWB or they are open to seeing you romantically.

If they are uninterested in being a couple, you need to take the high ground and leave. They don’t owe you anything. Sex does not translate to love. It is unfortunate that the feelings are not mutual but there is nothing you can do. The only thing to do is leave gracefully.

Wanting to date your hookup is tricky. Make sure you are not clouded by their amazing skills in bed. There are too many layers to a relationship. Being good in bed does not make them good in a relationship.


Partying sets the right mood for a hookup. You are here to relax. Meeting someone to bang puts the cherry on top. Go through the above tips again so you don’t come home empty-handed the next Friday night.

These tips will work for other occasions as well. Whenever you see a hot pick, this is how you snatch them right up.

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John Santana

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