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How to Get Laid on OkCupid? : Ultimate Guide with Useful Dating Tips

by John Santana

Getting laid tonight is much easier with the rise of online dating sites like OkCupid and tinder. You just need to find the girl you like and connect with her. But still, you need to make sure she is interested in sleeping with you.

Getting a girl to sleep with you is not about luck, but skills. Make sure you follow this ultimate guide on how to get laid on OkCupid for some casual sex tonight.

How to Get Laid on OkCupid: Ultimate Guide

1. Choose the right photos

  • Avoid selfies
  • Nothing too revealing
  • No filter or special effect

Physical attraction is important. Before your date starts messaging you, besides the description you have put on your profile, your photos are the first thing they will see. You want to get them on the hook right from the start.

Needless to say, your cover photo should be your best photo, something that tells who you are. If you are an animal lover, post a photo with you next to a horse. If you are a professional athlete, choose one where you are standing on top of the mountain.

Your cover photo should relate to who you are as a person to get attention from those sharing similar interests. That means if you are a happy person, don’t put on an angry black-and-white photo. Avoid selfies— this is advice that doesn’t get old. Girls find boys who post a lot of selfies, egotistical and childish. Finding the best angle with selfies often comes off as being pretentious.

Also, keep your clothes on. The number one golden rule to finding quality dates is to be decent with your photos. You are not a porn star. There is no need to show your buttcrack or half-naked body right from the start. You attract the same vibes as you give. Posting revealing photos will only get you low-quality dates that don’t respect you too much or care about you as a person.

Finally, do not use filters. It makes you look like a high schooler. 99% of people on online dating sites are not interested in seeing a dog filter on your face. Choose 4-5 decent photos of yourself that best capture your personality. Placing too many photos will also lose the mystery vibe so keeping it at 5 photos is the most optimal.

2. Write something interesting about yourself

  • An eye-catching opening sentence
  • It’s okay to sugarcoat it a little but don’t lie

Don’t come off as desperate for a girl in bed. Being a beggar will only drive girls away. Instead, think about why they would want to be with you? What’s so good about you?

The first sentence should be an eye-catching one-liner that sums up your life. Are you a passionate Italian chef delivering salivating flavors to customers? Or you are an aspiring surgeon ready for your first big surgery?

Think about your best feature, something that you are so proud of and would impress others. It’s okay to sugarcoat things and stretch them a little. But that doesn’t mean you should lie on your profile. It’d be pretty disappointing when you meet your date and she finds out nothing you claim is true. Everything you claim has to be based on the truth.

3. Put a little effort into your description

  • Put in an effort so others are willing to put theirs in you

Don’t leave your profile description after 3 sentences. Tell the world why they should connect with you. A decent profile description is about 100-150 words. That gives you the appropriate space to showcase your features and not overly long that people lose interest.

You don’t need to write an essay, but leave enough information for girls to decide if you are fun enough to hang out with. Stopping after 2 sentences tells her you are not serious and flaky. Most girls would avoid matching with such people.

Besides your best traits, share a bit about your expectations. You might genuinely be open to any girls, but it’s still good to write something so girls know you have expectations, rather than just being a sleazy guy who wants to sleep with every chick.

4. Search for profiles similar to yours

  • People tend to look for dates with similar backgrounds

To increase your chance of getting laid, search for profiles with similar characteristics to yours. Remember, it’s only a match when you mutually like each other. For example, if you are in your mid-20’s. It’s highly unlikely that you will find a lot of cougars or MILFs interested in you since the platform is not MILF-themed. Instead, look for girls your age, with the same hobbies, and in the same industry.

Finding similar profiles is almost the easiest way to guarantee a match. Show your charm and put in the right filters for you.

5. Don’t mass-like all profiles

  • Skim through the profiles to ditch those you don’t have a chance with

Although you would love to like every profile to score, it’s not how things work. Even if she likes you back, your conversation turns dull easily because you are not compatible. Quickly skim through each profile to decide how good of a fit you will be. If you see she is looking for a tall, masculine guy like The Rock and you are like Kevin Hart, move on. She is not going to meet with you.

Spending that little time to distill down profiles goes a long way. It saves your future effort in messaging them and figuring out who will actually show up. Bulk-liking every profile will only cost you more when 9 out of the 10 girls stop replying after a few sentences. Therefore, do your homework to win the exam.

6. Come up with a nice first message

  • Be respectful and don’t ask for sex immediately

Having sex is the ultimate goal on dating sites. Everyone knows that. Still, it’s pretty disgusting if you open the conversation with, “So, when are we going to have sex, hottie?”

Starting your conversation with a fuckboy message is not the way to go. Just because your end goal is to have sex, does not mean you should come off as a disrespectful jerk. Go through her profile and find a common ground or something that will spark her interest.

Is she a hockey player? Why did she write that her favorite beach is in Italy? What is her dream house?

Ask her a question based on her profile that shows that you indeed have paid attention to her, not that you just mass-message everyone.

7. Suggest an activity

  • Brainstorm some fun activities to do together

Going for a drink is the most common tactic. While it works like a charm, it’s not memorable enough for you to stand out from the competition. If she has 12 guys asking her out on a drink, she can’t possibly fit everyone in the schedule. Why should she go out with you and not the other guys?

Suggest some activities to do together, something that allows you to communicate. Going to the theatre is a bad idea because you will not have the chance to talk. It’s like sitting next to a stranger.

If she is active in sports, take her to rock climbing. If she likes cooking, join a culinary class together. There are so many things to do besides drinking. It will also give her the impression that you are sweet and considerate.

8. Compliment her

  • Make her feel special

Everyone likes to be put on a pedestal. It makes her feel special. Compliment her piano skills or her fashion sense. Girls love it when their good sides are appreciated. She will remember you as the guy that doesn’t just talk about himself.

Don’t be so full of yourself. Find the good qualities in her and let her know how good she is. Be sincere. You don’t want to sound like all your sweet talks are just a ruse to get into her panties. When she shares something that she did that day, ask a follow-up question.

You will find a million reasons to praise her. Other than appreciating her, be understanding. Send her a cute dog video after a long day of work. Let her know you’ve been thinking about her. Girls can’t handle it when a guy is being sweet and thoughtful.

Other excellent dating sites to get laid

OkCupid is definitely successful in getting you a girl. But there are some limitations such as few messaging options, a rigid interface, and an imbalanced gender ratio. There are many other quality dating sites out there to get you the best sex ever tonight.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder is a dating site on the rise. It has been around for almost 30 years and recently, it has been seeing a huge surge in user activity. It offers a comprehensive search function that skims through all the profiles for you. You are presented with matches with the highest compatibility score. Winning a girl’s heart is much easier.

One of the most popular features is the group video call. Not only you can call your date, but you can also bulk call everyone in a group or on your friend’s list. It’s almost the biggest online community for sex. Members are very chill and relaxed. You will go home with a dozen matches every night.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is another awesome dating site to get laid. This seemingly taboo site is actually the place where everyone can be true to themselves. No strings attached. Everyone is here for a casual relationship. You will not find a clingy girl refusing to let go.

The site is extremely accepting of everyone. Whatever fetishes you have, be sure to find someone to share your love for it. Members have praised the site for attracting diverse users.

Final Thoughts

Getting laid with an online dating site is the best way to sleep with hot chicks. The ultimate guide to getting laid does not just apply to OkCupid, but all the wonderful adult dating sites out there. Sign up today to bang the hot girl next door that you have been fantasizing about.

John Santana

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