How To Convince A Married Woman To Sleep With You?

by John Santana

Women are gorgeous… especially married women.

They have a kind of charisma which is like a mix of responsibility, experience, wisdom. Many Guys get sexually attracted to married women there’s no surprise in that. Your jaws are dropping and they don’t even know about it.

Sleeping with such a woman can be a dream come true.

But how can you make a married woman sleep with you? Why will she cheat her husband in exchange for a short-term affair with you?

By playing the cards right, you can build such an intense sexual tension that she will initiate her wish to get fucked by you herself!

Excited to know the ways?

We have created a list of 10 tested methods suggested by experienced men who are sleeping with married women and loving it:

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How to Tell a Married Woman You Want to Sleep With Her? – 10 Useful Ways

1. Make her realize you are the better option over her husband

Make-her-realize you-are-the-better-option-over-her-husband

If you want a married woman to sleep with you, you have to show her you are the best she ever got and can ever get.

Her husband stands no chance in front of you. When the lady realizes this, she will be crazy about getting steamy in your presence.

There are many ways you can seduce a married woman to think no else can give her what you can:

  • Dress better. Her husband is probably not paying attention to his attire. Wear deep and dark colors which execute power. Dab some masculine cologne to make your presence magnetic.
  • Stand straight. Radiate masculine energy. If you hold her hand, hold them firmly. Do not leave a single chance of showing her the strength of your arms. Nothing attracts women more than high levels of testosterone.
  • Pay special attention to your hygiene as well as your physique. She will not sleep with you if you’re not physically fit as she is already doing that with her unhealthy husband.
  • Show up on time when she needs you. Her husband can be busy with his business trips leaving her alone for weeks. Show up at the times when he fails to do so.
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2. Give her the stare that turns her on

I can understand your obsession with her tits. But nothing can defeat eyes in the game of seduction.

Her husband can be a boring man who refuses to look at her romantically.

Or he can be a submissive man whose stares cannot touch her soul.

If you are imagining her on the bed, give her the look that she can never forget in a thousand years. Give her the stare that makes her weak in the knees.

Whenever she is talking, look at her with the admiration that promises her all the amazing things you are capable of doing with her between the sheets.

3. Give her special attention in a room full of people

Before you take her to the bed to get dirty, she should feel special and wanted from your end.

The best way to treat her as a special woman is to give her your full attention.

This will work wonders when you are with her in a room full of people. It can be a party, or she can be with her kids along with other ladies.

Your attention should be to maintain your focus on her, and only her.

When she talks, look at her eyes and listen to her with all your attention. When others talk, still look at her eyes with admiration.

She will get an indirect message that she totally has your interest. Slowly, she will start to reciprocate it.

And as her husband is rarely giving her that kind of treatment, she will crave for your eyes on her more and more.

4. Bring her gifts for no apparent reasons

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Don’t you love it when you receive surprises? You feel like you are loved and wanted.

That’s the same thing you have to do with the married lady to make her realize you want her, and she attracts your fantasies.

When her husband is forgetting her birthdays, bring her flowers out of the blue.

Surprise her by knocking on her door and give her your favorite piece of music from the singer she can’t stop talking about.

If you don’t feel confident enough to give her gifts without any reason, start by giving small things by making good excuses.

These small things may include a pendant or a box full of chocolates. Tell her that you went to a different city and those things reminded you of her, so you thought of taking it for her as a present.

Whenever she will use them, she will think about you.

Surprising her by giving gifts is a nice way to be in her thoughts and be a part of her day-dreaming.

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5. Let her know if something important happens to you

When something important happens to us, whom do we share the news with? – To the people close to us.

Even if the event is not much of a value, consider telling her about it.

Remember, it should not be anything vague. It should be personal and not things that you share with any random strangers.

Just cross her window or knock on her door. If you can’t visit her home, meet her while you are parking your car, or give her a call.

Married women often develop feelings of loneliness. And that’s where married women start looking for men to fill that void. Learning that you think of her as a closed one will cure that pain a bit and make you a lot more sexually attractive in her eyes.

Be prepared with your lips, as they can be kissed.

6. Praise her beauty and the way she dresses

It can be a long time since anyone praised her and meant it.

Boredom of married life can be already taking over her and her husband, and the romantic compliments must have been shown their way out of the main door.

Their talks are probably about the preparation of dinner and loss of abundance in their child’s nappies.

While she is drying like a flower, be the sprinkle of water she really needs.

Compliment the way she looks, the way she dresses, the way her hair falls over her face. Tell her that you love it when she smiles and bites her lips.

Before making the mind to sleep with you, she should know your deep sexual affection and interest in her body.

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7. Compliment her intellect and the way she handles things

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

Not all attraction starts and ends with the body, sometimes it’s the way she moves, the way she talks, and the way she handles things like the most intelligent woman ever.

She should know you admire her for these qualities too.

To make it more effective, ask her for advice on important or day-to-day decisions of your life.

She will feel affectionate and offer you the best advice. She will feel confident in your presence.

It will be known to her that if you admire her views so much, you are already in awe of everything she is and she does, so she will not feel uncomfortable getting undressed in front of you and initiate an affair.

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8. Don’t leave a single chance to touch her sensually

It all starts with touching.

Give her a bit of taste of what it feels like to be touched by you.

If she feels like she will melt in your warm embrace, you have sealed the deal.

Touch her slightly but sensually while talking.

Hold her hands while crossing a road or taking her to the other side of the bar.

Hold her shoulders firmly when you are excited or pretending to be excited, and then hug her tightly like you hug your pillow while thinking of her.

Let the hugs be warmer and longer. If she doesn’t push you away, go a bit further by pressing her back while in an embrace, or put your both hands on her butt.

Either she can retaliate, where you have to end the embrace and move backward… or she can reciprocate, and then it’s your chance to grab her face and go for a…. (you know what I mean!)

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9. Let your Body Language turn her on

Photo by Jodie Louise from Pexels

Getting her to sleep with you is not easy. You have to try all the methods if you want her sleeping naked next to you.

Apart from praising her and touching her seductively, you have to seduce her out of her control by accepting the third method – owning her by your body language.

When you chat with married women, stand like you are towering her whole persona. Many women like to be dominated by a man, as it ensures the man will successfully dominate her in the bed and satisfy her kinky sexual fantasies.

When she is talking, look continuously at her lips. Notice how it moves and closes after uttering every single word.

She is sure to notice you gazing seductively at her lips which will arouse the much-needed sexual tension.

Once you are there, you are sure to fix a date night with her at her place when her husband is not present or fuck her hard in the storage room while her husband in busy watching the Television.

10. Use your voice to your advantage

Voice plays a vital role in the art of seduction.

You can’t be sounding like a teenage boy and impress a married woman.

Women like deep, husky voices. It gives them an idea of man’s masculinity.

Speak in a husky voice. If you don’t have one, practice will make you better.

Also, keep the pace of your words slow. Don’t run like a maniac with your words.

A slow-paced deep voice along with a deep stare is sure to seduce her in and out.


Sleeping with a married woman doesn’t come easy!

A married woman will not easily give up sleeping with you, because making her cheat her husband by sleeping with a man who is not the father of her kids is not an easy task.

But if you apply the methods mentioned in this article, you will see slowly you are sleeping with not only one, but a number of married women going crazy for you.

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John Santana

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