11 Hookup Tips that No One will EVER tell you

by John Santana

Today’s generation is absolutely scared about the word commitment- be it regarding fashion or relationship. A major part of the youngsters are more engaged in the process of hookups, and even then they do major blunders.

You might have friends around who would always mention how fun is using these hookup sites, but we bet none will be able to give you the correct tips on how not to ruin your upcoming fun experience.

Today we are here to give you 11 of the best hookup tips that no one will tell you so that you can have a pleasurable experience.

Follow these tips and you will no longer be the guy starving for hookups.

Hookup Tips to be followed in 2023

1. Have a reason for doing it


Just don’t hook up because you need to do it and you haven’t done it for a long time. There can be many reasons for being attracted to the person such as feeling horny, wondering a pleasurable new experience or for improving your mental health.

When you are indulging in casual sex for all the wrong reasons then it might be depressing post-hookup. Most importantly Do not Hook Up under peer pressure. Do it for the right reasons and you are sure to feel good.

2. Say ‘yes’ enthusiastically to the things you want

No matter how well your partner knows you he or she will still not be able to get an entire hold over what you desire and what you don’t. In that case, you need to be very outspoken so that things don’t go wrong. If you want a good experience then ask what you want either in a verbal or nonverbal manner. If you are jumping in with someone you hardly know it is not the time to be shy.

3. Say no to the things you don’t want

And you should be pretty affirming when you do so. Sex should always be consensual and anything you are not comfortable with should be spoken before. Sometimes in hookups subtle pressure or unwanted intercourse is common but that brings about the feeling of depression and regret in the days to follow. Know your limits and Express them clearly and loudly as per necessity.

4. Let your expectations come out


In most cases, it has been seen that while the guy was only hooking up as a one night stand the girl had become emotionally attached and vice versa. Let that not be the case for you. This is just a casual one-night hookup do let your partner know about it and clearly mentioned that it is a No Strings Attached temporary relation.

Also, let them speak out about their expectations and if you guys are on the same page then go for it or else you’ll be labeled as THE Creepy Guy.

5. Try to avoid the manipulative ones

Try to avoid anyone who seems unwanted to you. When it comes to men it has been seen in research that they tend to be more aggressive, manipulative, narcissist, arrogant and sexist. When he is not consenting with you about your pleasure reputation well being and safety, then you should definitely not go out with that person.

Who knows-  he might take unwanted advantage out of you just because you have said yes to him once and you might end up getting hurt. There Plenty of respectful men out there and you necessarily do not have to hang out with the annoying ones.

6. Have a strict control over your infatuation

Infatuation and committing on a person is different from each other and an involuntary neurochemical process that can accompany with the hookup. The more you are intimate with them the more your commitment will grow.

If you and your partner are not ready for any committed relationship right now, then it is always a good option to fight out of your infatuation by keeping yourself occupied. Try changing partners for a change so that you do not commit against your emotional feelings.

7. Love your partner for the time being

We understand that you are looking for casual intimacy and such kind of relationships do not build on emotional attachments but that does not have to mean that you will be detached with your partner even while you are with them.

Even if your encounter with your partner is for a few hours yet you have to give everything that you have got and you need to really take care of the individual so that you can have a memorable experience ahead. Be genuinely passionate caring and attentive as well as respect your partner during all times you are with him or her together.

8. Get around people who will not judge you

If you already have an inferiority complex about yourself, do not make it worse by hanging around the judgemental people because no one wants to hear things like- “you do not look handsome, yet you are fun to be around”. Once again, no strings attached relationship does not mean in any way that you do not have to feel the connection with the other person, and with judgemental people, the connection is too difficult to find.

9. Engage in protected sex


It might seem pretty obvious suggestion and yet there are many who do not use protective measures by thinking he would not harm me. By all means, he or she could be hiding any disease and might not be even aware of having it. Why take risks when you can actually be safe and secure by doing protected sex?

10. Do not get wasted

Getting sloshed before casual sex is never a good option, especially when you hardly know the other person. You need to stay sane to enjoy the experiences that you are having. Also, it is important to be safe than sorry.

Bottom line

Even while following every guideline, mistakes do happen so do not be too hard on yourself. Instead, try to be better the next time and follow the tips given above. Once you do that, you will no longer have to look back.

John Santana

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