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7 Best Furry Dating Apps & Sites To Find Love Online

by John Santana

Furry dating is the new hype that has got people experimenting with this fun way of dating. It allows you to lower your guard and put on the cutest persona. Furries are adorable and treat their lovers with utmost loyalty and love.

If you are new to the arena, these fantastic online dating apps will get you started on your furry dating journey. Let’s dive in so you get to know more about this alternative dating style.

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Furry Dating Apps with Our Top Picks For Furry Dating Sites & Apps

1. FurFling.com

Furfling Homepage


  • Members can post adult content
  • Active members with meetups happening daily
  • Personalized alerts when preferred profiles go online or reply


  • Lots of fake profiles

Unsurprisingly, furry dating is for the open-minded. People endorse this particular way of falling in love because it is unconventional and brings new perspectives on life. Other than honoring their furry side, people tend to be more chill with adult content as well. Hence, FurFling is a wonderful platform as it puts no restriction on its content.

Members are free to post adult content. The ratio of active members is high. There are meetups happening every day as members can bag home a few dates pretty quickly. Bullshit is a waste of time. When you lock eyes with the furry one in the jungle, you take them home immediately.

FurFling sets up automatic alerts when your preferred profiles come online or send you a reply. It keeps you in the game without sweating your hands off about checking the app every 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, fake profiles are a big problem FurFling struggles to deal with. The app is notorious for having an abundant amount of fake profiles. These profiles will try to pose as the admin to get you “to upgrade your plan” and scam your money. Or they will give you a link to kick on and extort personal information from you.

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2. Ferzu

Ferzu Dating App


  • For all kinds of furries
  • Cute animation of your furry swimming, eating, and running
  • Extensive social media features to mingle and make new friends beyond dating


  • The “dating” part gets overshadowed by all the other features

Ferzu is here to serve all kinds of furries. Regardless of your furry characteristics, you will meet someone sharing the exact same traits or drastically different to stimulate you here. Ferzu keeps dominating the furry dating population as it is a comprehensive social media app that offers features extending far beyond dating.

Users can create their fursona on the app. The lovely animation of your furry doing all sorts of activities is heart-warming. It garners the love of users alike, thanks to its high-quality structure. Just like any social media app, you can make friends, write a post, and make announcements.

These features go far beyond what you would normally expect in a dating app. Members can make friends while getting their next furry dates.

However, the fun part can easily overshadow the cause. Compared to other furry dating apps, Ferzu’s members are less likely to physically meet up because they enjoy the online presence with the focus on other virtual features.

The dating part, which is supposedly the pillar of the palace, is diluted with other rainbow-like features. Ferzu is an excellent app to meet new people but you may find them more interested in being friends than dating.

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3. FurrTrax



  • There is no bot on the platform
  • Interactive community with lots of group activities
  • Chat features such as calls are smooth and never laggy


  • The visuals and animation are not quite attractive

Seeing how so many platforms enlist the help of bots to attract more members, knowing there is a bot-free one out there is hugely satisfying. The developer of FurrTrax has said publicly how the app will never have bots to ensure an authentic dating experience for users.

In this interactive community, group activities are commonplace as members take the initiative to hold the spirits up. Members are eager to meet others and share cute memories together. Chat features are seamlessly coded with high-quality video calls.

If the fluffy little animations are to die for, then you will be sad to see FurrTrax does not offer any well-made furry buddies for you. The animation is quite amateur, which deteriorates the experience. This is the only major setback for the site. Other than that, users get to enjoy a more or less satisfying time.

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4. Howlr

Howlr App


  • No ads on the app
  • The entire app is free
  • Ideal for newbies in furry dating


  • Only one signup method is available
  • Lacking advanced features

For newbies in furry dating, Howlr is an ideal option because it introduces basic features to ease users into the exhilarating world. The majority of members are new to this concept and are navigating their way through this newfound passion.

The entire is free. There is no separation of paying and non-paying members, further consolidating its position as the best app for newbies. Instead of binding users to a subscription plan, the app relies on donations to survive. You are encouraged to give a little back if you are satisfied with its service.

Aside from the zero cost, the app is also ad-free. This is an extraordinary step for modern dating apps since they are usually flooded with ads. The developers want to cater to the real needs of users. So, all the distractions are off the table.

To enjoy this well-intention app, you must have a Telegram account. There is no other way to register. This limits users’ mobility a lot as you will first need to get Telegram before you are able to enjoy the features on Howlr.

There is also no advanced feature like filter searches, tags, and auto-matching. Users can’t really search profiles on Howlr. Rather, the app suggests possible matches based on the information you provide on your profile.

The results are often inaccurate as users share nothing in common with those profiles. The Howlr algorithm needs improvement to provide better suggestions.

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Other Awesome Dating Apps

Are you finding furry dating exciting but still a bit too intense for you? Don’t worry. Everyone starts somewhere and you don’t have to push yourself when you are not ready. If you want to ease into furry dating, you can first dip your toes into these equally awesome online dating sites first!

1. Adult FriendFinder

adult friend finder logo

Outside of the furry dating realm, Adult FriendFinder is easily the hottest dating site with 90 million members. The site stands out from others for the same reason Ferzu does. It is a social media platform to mix and mingle.

Its friendly atmosphere encourages users to not only score a date but also to meet people in the area and perhaps organize physical group dates. The site is professionally run with only genuine profiles. And it is available in more than a dozen of languages. Life since Adult FriendFinder is bright and lively.

Users can choose any gender identity and put on any tag they want. There is no limitation as you are constantly reminded you are here to have fun. Furry dating is not taboo outside of its designated dating apps. People are free to discuss it in the community forum and look for like-minded members to get together.

There is no shortage of furry dating happening on Adult FriendFinder, although it was specifically designed for it. As members are here to explore, introducing furry dating to them will make you the most attractive match ever.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

If you are shivering at the thought of putting yourself out there, going anonymous may be a better way to around it. Ashley Madison takes users’ privacy as their top priority, allowing members to mask their true identities.

The signup process is simple. You only need to provide some basic information such as a username, email, and safety question. Everything can be as secretive as the White House so users can feel safer and not as exposed.

That being said, users are recommended to exercise extra caution when chatting a date up. Since Ashley Madison has a relaxing signup system, fake profiles tend to slip through easily. You need to look out for dodgy profiles with no photos, weird replies, and external links in their messages.

Fake profiles will most likely ask for money with a pathetic made-up excuse. You should help the community by calling them out and reporting them to the team so these scammers will be permanently banned. But it is impossible to completely eradicate their existence as Ashley Madison prioritizes privacy over everything else.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals

Why bother to go through the whole courting process when you can just get laid? Bang Locals is honest about its goals, getting people to have casual sex and celebrating freedom. You don’t have to pretend to be the innocent one with no hookup experience. Members are not here to judge but to have fun.

To make things simpler, the chat system generates reply suggestions and prompts to send your new date. You can get a date home in under 5 minutes without ever having to type a word. The efficiency is evident in its high success rate and amount of loyal users that have been with the site for ages.

You will not be disappointed by its powerful search engine. Within an hour, you will have a romantic date night secured. Unless you are dead set on commitments, members on Bang Locals have a chiller take on dating but are also keen to see how things develop.

If you are nervous about fully indulging yourself in this new dating experience, hopping on Bang Locals and getting a taste of it first will ease your mind. Besides, you might meet the love of your furry life there and never have to look elsewhere.

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Furry Dating Tips

Dating app on smartphone





Despite the adventures you are enrolling yourself in, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when you first commit to furry dating. For starters, looks aren’t everything. It is easy for those to forget there are other things in a relationship when the fluffy ears are so hopelessly adorable.

Don’t let the cuteness fool you. Dip deeper than the surface and let the true qualities guide your judgment. Underneath the superficial looks, you are dating a person with feelings and emotions. You need to make sure you are compatible in other aspects and not only with your mutual love for furry dating.

Find out what the other person likes once the mask is off. Getting to know their other hobbies detaches you from the illusion a furry persona can bring. You can see them clearly and build a sense of how well they will fit into your life.

When you meet in real life, you should enjoy some furry dating styles. But that should not dominate your love life. After all, most people committed to furry dating see this as a fun interest rather than a full-time obsession. Once the mask is off, how they behave says a lot about their characteristics.

You shouldn’t make any assumption or judgment based on their furry persona alone because most furry buddies behave differently to release themselves from the stress they face in real life. Take them out on a date without the persona and ask them personal questions.

Finally, since you get connected over your mutual passion for furry dating. Every once in a while, bring your furry passion to life again. Pick up your costume and go on a fun date wearing the outfit that makes you feel the most at home.


Furry dating may not be what you intended to get into but it feels so right. Creating your furry persona releases stress and builds a stronger relationship in different regards. It’s time to get your taste in this unique dating style with these online dating apps. If you are still hesitant, take it down a notch and try Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals instead!

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