Fuckbook Review – Is This Dating Site Real or Just a Scam?

by John Santana

There are lots of sketchy hookup sites out there. It is a draining process to go through each one manually. So many things can get messed up on a wrong hookup platform. If you happen to come across Fuckbook, you may be charmed away by its seemingly glorious outlook and legit users.

Fuckbook proudly positions itself as the ultimate no-strings-attached hookup site. People do not want your emotions there. Just the pure physical attraction and your sex skill will suffice.

However, upon investigation, not only does Fuckbook fail to live up to its promises, but there are also plenty of dodgy areas that members should be aware of. For its quality and pricing, it is a complete waste of time. You will find significantly better options like Adult FriendFinder out there with a comprehensive system and authentic user base.

Fuckbook At a Glance –

  • First impression: 6.5/10
  • Sign up process: 3/10
  • Matching and messaging: 2/10
  • Profile quality: 3/10
  • Pricing: 3/10

Overall: 3.5/10

Fuckbook Review – Overview

First impression

The first impression of Fuckbook is quite positive, which is deceiving for what comes next. But for the most part, Fuckbook delivers what a standard hookup site should.

Its aesthetic front page shows various sexy women posing in arousing positions. The photos shown are of high quality and do not give off any “cheap” vibe.

The front page is pink, which is probably helpful in creating a feminine feel to it and attracting female members. Navigating around the site is simple.

Everything you need is on the menu bar. Before you are an official member, you can have a look at some of the member profiles only. You do not have full access.

The profiles shown are energetic and high-achieving girls. Their age range spans from late teens to mature. It seems to offer great diversity. Quite a lot of features are hidden until you become a member. While this practice is normal, the site lacks an introduction to its features. Users will not know what they are getting into until they pay.

Overall, despite some minor setbacks, Fuckbook does give a good impression. Unfortunately, this first impression will not align with everything else that follows.

First impression: 6.5/10

Sign-up process

Fast and insecure. That is the summary for Fuckbook. You can finish the registration process in under a minute. All you need is an email. There is no ID verification or even any form of simple step to prove you are not a bot. The lack of security is appalling and leaves users wondering if they have missed any step after finishing the registration.

It has one of the fastest sign-up processes in the online dating world. However, this is by no means a compliment. When you sign up for a dating site, you expect the site has filtered out the scammers and bots for you. No one will trust a site that lets everyone through because then the job of filtering people falls heavily on you.

After going through the sign-up page, it is obvious that there will be an abundant amount of fake profiles on the site.

Sign up process: 3/10

Matching and messaging

When it comes to matching and messaging, it is a total disaster on Fuckbook that any genuine user will not want to deal with. Upon finishing the registration process, members are directed to a different homepage. On it, more member profiles are shown. Although the grid is a little more compact and stuffed, it is still organized.

What causes members to take a step back is the obvious presence of fake profiles. There are hundreds of photos that are clearly stock photos. The girls have the same smile and clothes. It is quite creepy to see stock photos on an online dating site.

What’s weirder is that you will find some profiles showing photos of different girls. Whoever created those photos must have had a blackout thinking the photos were of the same girls. They were not even ethnically the same.

This total absence of regulation by the site shows just how shallow members are. Either you are greeted by scammers asking for money, or you are directed to other adult sites. It is super annoying for users to click into the supposed “social media links” of a profile and land on a porn site.

The member section is poorly managed and does not offer and solid hope in connecting you with the right one. It remains a question of how many real users are even on the site.

The messaging scene on Fuckbook is pathetic, to say the least. It claims to be mimicking social media in creating a harmonious world for people to hook up. However, you can only send plain text to members, which is the most boring method of communication in 2023.

There is nothing superior to quality video calling or sending virtual gifts. As a site with so little to offer, Fuckbook is surely overly confident to brand itself as the ultimate playbook.

Matching and messaging: 2/10

Profile quality

If you are lucky enough to even come across a real profile, you will still be disappointed as it is nothing like advertised. The site claims to have a diverse user base, but there are only a handful of genuine users. And they are somehow scattered across the remote areas of the country. Most likely, your date is living 500 miles away from you, and that is an optimistic estimation.

Those profiles are not appealing. There is no temptation to message them. If you sign up looking for hot girls, get ready to feel like you have plummeted to rock bottom after seeing what your investment is getting you.

Profile quality: 3/10


As a website as low quality as Fuckbook, the monthly investment comes at a striking $30. For this price, you could well be fucking all the hot girls in town on Adult FriendFinder instead of wasting your time filtering scammers.

There is a quarterly plan which averages $15 per month. While this is much more reasonable, it is still a ridiculous price to pay for the limited features the site offers. For this price, there are plenty of better options out there.

Even the free version of most online dating sites performs better than the paid version of Fuckbook. If you are in the mood to get laid tonight, don’t sign up on Fuckbook. You will just end up masturbating in bed when no girls are available.

Pricing: 3/10


Fuckbook markets itself as the social media for sex. But it fails to live up to any aspect of such category. In comparison, the best-performing social media platform for sex is Adult FriendFinder, and it is growing continuously. There are over 90 million users with a legitimate background check.

You will not run into scammers. Besides, it offers the real social media experience of video calling, creating groups, and posting stories. Fuckbook offers none of that. If you are ready to invest in a hookup site, do not go for Fuckbook. You will find the return of investment much higher with Adult FriendFinder.

John Santana

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