Here Are The 5 Best Filipinos Dating Sites & Apps of 2023

by John Santana

Filipinos are proudly a united bunch. They love dating fellow Filipinos because of their shared cultural values. Although they are party people, most Filipinos do not choose to go out and pick up dates as they feel the lack of mutual understanding will not result in a fruitful relationship.

Online dating is the best way to find your Filipino match. With all the filters, interactive features, and diverse members, you are sure to embark on a lifetime journey here!

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

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From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

5 Best Filipino Dating Sites & Apps (2023 Update)

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Available in Tagalog and Spanish
  • Lots of international Filipinos
  • Members can start live streams for the entire community


  • Cannot rank search results based on certain criteria

Available both in Tagalog and Spanish, there are millions of active Filipino members on the world’s No.1 dating site, Adult FriendFinder. In case you are not familiar with this former Spanish colony, the Philippines is heavily influenced by Spanish culture in terms of its language and traditions. Tagalog shares the basic structure with Spanish and is widely spoken across the island nation.

Adult FriendFinder is good for Filipinos both residing in the Philippines as well as abroad. It has a huge international Filipino member base. Overseas Filipinos are often looking for other Filipinos to date as their share the same background. The thriving hub is undoubtedly the best place to start your endeavor.

As for features, Adult FriendFinder has a live stream function for all members. Anyone can start a live stream open to the entire community or specific audiences to join. There are lots of interactive features that enhance the sense of belonging of members. Hence, people are loyal to the site and more willing to date others on it.

In the search section, you can input various advanced filters to find a match. However, results are generated randomly based on your requirements. It means that you can’t further arrange the results by the date they join, proximity, or age. This minor shortcoming is slightly annoying for those that prefer to highlight a specific filter.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Perfect for a Filipino sexy affair
  • Great diversity and a welcoming platform for the sexual minorities
  • Female and male members are equally active


  • Fake profiles

Filipino culture pretty much forbids the existence of divorces. People that seek affairs are seen as horrible monsters with no value. Therefore, the wild souls turn to Ashley Madison to meet like-minded people. This female-oriented dating app is exclusively for affairs and excitement.

Anyone will find a second home here. Not only is Ashley Madison LGBT-friendly but it also encourages people to talk about taboo relationships. Some relationship types like polygamy are not accepted in society.

It is hard for people to find a partner in traditional ways. Ashley Madison is the fixer of their nightmare. You can share anything about dating and guarantee to receive positive feedback.

This enchanting app pushes both female and male members to actively initiate chats. It is not skewed to a particular group. Everyone is engaged in making the best out of it. You will definitely have a blast here.

Unfortunately, in its quest to protect people’s privacy, Ashley Madison’s laid-back signup policy is creating security issues. There are thousands of fake profiles on the app fishing for members’ attention. Some are scammers looking for money. Although the platform does remove these accounts promptly, the owners should take it a step further to consider measures to block them from the start.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Naked photos and videos are allowed
  • People are open-minded and confident in meeting new dates
  • Quick signup


  • Some users are dishonest cheaters

If you are feeling a bit more expressive, Bang Locals is a good option. It fully welcomes all kinds of nudity as long as it is not directly depicting the act of sex. Suggestive photos will make you the most popular profile on the site. It is known as a top-tier casual dating site where members are either looking for hookups or an FWB.

Since it is only catering to casual daters, you should hop on to other dating sites on the list if you want something serious. Members of Bang Locals are confident in asking for a date out. You will not waste a week warming up to your date. Everyone wants to get down to the action as soon as possible. They will not hesitate to ask you out within the first five minutes.

Its quick signup aligns with its fast-matching model. You don’t have to reveal anything about your personal information and can still be on the site. This serves well the eager daters seeking a fast date on a whim.

Bang Locals gives users the freedom to be visible to selected audiences. Hence, cheaters exploit the features to hide in the crowd. Just because someone wants to get laid does not mean they want to be affiliated with a married person unknowingly.

Some users have complained about the dishonesty that seems to happen in the community. If that is not something that bothers you, you will certainly find a ton of hot matches there.

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4. FilipinoCupid

Filipino Cupid


  • All members are Filipinos
  • Largest dating site in the Philippines
  • High success rate in marriages


  • Must pay to enjoy the features

FilipinoCupid is the largest dating site in the Phillippines locally. Although it extends its matchmaking services internationally, members will have to be ethnically Filipino to be on the platform. It aims to unite those with the same social values to create long-lasting marriages.

As a long-time user of FilipinoCupid, I can say that it is a great platform for finding love. The interface is easy to use and the community is respectful and welcoming. I have met many wonderful people on the site and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a serious relationship.

One story that I can share is about the time I met my now-husband on FilipinoCupid. We were both new to online dating and we were both a little nervous about meeting someone new. But we hit it off right away and we have been together ever since. We are so grateful to FilipinoCupid for bringing us together and we would not be where we are today without it.

The interface is intuitive. Even if you are a newbie in online dating, you will be able to figure out all the features quickly. There is some degree of compatible matching as the site learns of your preferences. But the results are not prominent as it still heavily weighs on the filters you select.

There is strong respect in the community. Everyone is looking for a husband/wife. You will unlikely meet a cheater there. It contributes to the high success rate in marriages.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using FilipinoCupid. All features including basic searching and messaging will require a paid membership plan. As a free member, all you can do is register for an account. You can’t reply to message requests from others without paying. So, it feels quite scammy that the site advertises it as “free,” as nothing is free except for creating an account so the site can use it as bait.

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5. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms


  • Fast automatically matching
  • Excellent security
  • Popular among Southeast Asians if you are open to expanding the search


  • Less than 50,000 active members

Looking for the quickest matches without filters? Cherry Blossoms is here for that. Seeing how people simply want dates, it automatically shows you a bunch of results upon login. If you feel adventurous, you can leave it entirely up to the system to dig through its database for you.

You probably were not expecting this but Cherry Blossoms has a security system that can line up with the big names out there. Your personal information is safe with them. This is a big plus as many major dating sites have suffered from data leaks before that caused some serious issues.

Also, in case you are willing to expand your search by a bit, Cherry Blossoms is not only popular in the Philippines but also in the rest of Southeast Asia. You will have a diverse range of people there.

Sadly, there are currently only 50,000 active members on the site. Although it is safe to say that most profiles are of high quality, the small number means it is up to luck that someone is in your area. Long-distance relationships may not be on your bucket list but due to the small volume, you might prepare yourself for this.

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What Do Filipinos Want In a Relationship?

What Do Filipinos Want In a Relationship
Filipinos are mystic creatures in love. On one hand, they love partying and seemingly never want to grow up. On the other hand, they celebrate love stories better than Romeo and Juliet. So, what do Filipinos want in a relationship?


  • They Are Complex

In general, Filipinos’ attitude toward romance gradually shifts with age. Deep down, they value the integrity of having a loving family. But, when they are young, they rarely want to be tied down to any commitment. Life is about having fun.

  • Young Filipinos Can Be Casual

Younger Filipinos tend to take a careless approach to date. They may not oppose being in a relationship but are more open to casual sex. Don’t worry. Despite their uncertain attitude, they are not flakey assholes that like playing with others’ hearts. If they are only after sex, there will be mutual consent. You are not in the dark as they believe both sides should benefit from it.

  • Communication Is Key

Sometimes, young relationships work but it will take tremendous work. Make sure you communicate well beforehand. You can leave disappointed if you are unsure about their life stage. Filipinos are not shy in discussing their needs. As long as your expectations align, you will be fine.

  • Filipinos Are Mature

If you are only after serious romance, you should not be frustrated with the above analysis. That’s because Filipinos mature mentally way sooner than other groups. What it means is that they hit the age when they think about starting a family much earlier than others. Most Filipinos want to settle down before they turn 25 and have at least a few kids before 30.

  • Family Is Important

This comes from their deep-rooted family culture. It is an honor to be raising a big family. They love being a responsible parent. So, Filipinos are usually ideal lovers as they get over the “party phase” quickly. Once they want to settle down, they don’t look back on their wild days. They are the dedicated future parent of your children.

How To Impress a Filipino?

How To Impress a Filipino

Filipinos are friendly. They like everyone but they don’t fall in love easily. In essence, they need to find the beauty in their lover that is unique and original, something that can never be mimicked by others. To impress them, you need to have some secret weapons.

  • Understand Filipino Culture

The easiest way to impress them is by sharing some knowledge about Filipino culture or the Philippines. Do you know how many languages are spoken there? What do people eat daily? What is the biggest religion? How do people celebrate festivals?

These facts are probably found in a second on the internet but the thought that you would think to do your research says a lot. Keep in mind that Filipinos are proud people. Meeting someone interested in their values is the first step to getting into their hearts.

  • Appreciate Cooking

When you start seeing each other, your Filipino date will probably offer to cook you a meal. Take the offer and learn some cooking tips. Culinary is big in their circle. It is customary for both sides to cook for the house in turns. Your cooking skill is actually a huge consideration for them in a relationship.

  • Compliment Your Date

Aside from absorbing their greatness, you also need to show off your uniqueness. Filipinos want lovers that can complement them. If you are skilled in any niches, don’t hesitate to show off a bit. Tell them something they wouldn’t normally know. The secret to keeping a relationship fresh is to have something to look up to. If they admire their partner, they will always show respect and love.

  • Be Strong

Don’t be overly submissive as Filipinos love someone that can lead. It’s one thing to make compromises but another to show weakness. Set appropriate boundaries so they know you are independent. Dating a pushover means they will have to do most of the work in the relationship. It contradicts their belief that both partners are equal. It is okay to be dominant sometimes.


Dating a Filipino is hardly as complicated as you might think. They are easy-going and gentle lovers. The tips above should get you started in the right direction. Sign up on your favorite dating sites to find your Filipino Queen/King today!

John Santana

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