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Our Honest Review of – Worth Your Time?

by John Santana

Euro Date gives a chance for Europeans to date international people, especially those in the US. It is tempting to meet an exotic babe with a completely different background. Dating a foreigner is always charming.

If you have been looking to expand your romance to the other side of the world, you need to know how Euro Date is performing.

Euro Date At a Glance

First impression: 4/10
Signup and searching: 3/10
Matching and messaging: 7/10
Profile quality: 3/10
Pricing: 2/10

Overall: 3.8/10

Final verdict: Euro Date is not what you are expecting at all. If you think this is the place to meet some European babes, think again. Euro Date is an expensive scam that will cost you a bunch.

The site enlists fake operators to trick users into paying for the premium services.

The search engine is weak that you cannot even pinpoint a precise geographical location to conduct a search. Search results take you left and right across the entirety of Europe. Getting a match on Euro Date is exhausting.

Furthermore, even if you do meet a genuine dater, the relationship is hard to amount to anything because most members are only interested in being flown out of the country to meet you. Therefore, unless you have a strong financial background to support you, your dating journey on Euro Date is unlikely to be satisfactory.

If you are looking for dates in Europe, try Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals instead. These are certified international dating sites for people of all origins.

Euro Date in-depth Review

First Impression

Euro Date is a very typical subpar niche dating site with no emphasis on profile quality. The moment you land on its front page, you are greeted by sketchy profiles that seem too good to be true. Just when you are wondering if it is possible to connect with these beautiful faces, its reviews leave more questions.

Over the years, Euro Date has received substantial negative reviews for its fake profiles and operators. Members are upset because the site uses bots to chat members up, which equates to scamming.

Probably due to the overflowing criticism, Euro Date has introduced a comprehensive Q&A page. You can more or less get some questions answered to get you started. But, the owners are smart enough to leave out critical questions to not get into trouble. The Q&A pretty much only guarantees users that they can cancel the subscription plan anytime.

Users can’t have a look at how the matching process works until they sign up. Despite having a long Q&A page, nothing precise about the content is written. The confusion surrounding its system is not ideal for new users. It could easily turn people away.

First Impression: 4/10

Signup And Searching

Creating a free account is simple. After all, Euro Date wants everyone to sign up before they can charge them. All you need is your email address or phone number. New users do not have to verify their IDs. Getting a match is as quick as you can imagine.

After going through Euro Date’s security protocol, it is revealed that the site takes no measures to protect user privacy. Your personal data is not safely stored with a third-party security data bank, nor is it encrypted. The site does minimal information on how they protect against cyberattacks.

The lack of safety measures is alarming. Online dating sites create one of the biggest leaks in online safety due to the low quality of many sites. Checking out a site’s registration process tells a lot about its sense of security.

Euro Date uses the simplest form of searching. Users can enter basic filters. As a site focusing on the European dating landscape, users are expecting filters such as ethnicity or county. Sadly, there is no such thing here. You are basically bombarded with random European profiles scattered across the continent.

Signup and Searching: 3/10

Matching And Messaging

On the main grid, only the user’s name, photo, and age are shown. The rest of the information can only be found in their full profile. Once you see a profile you like, you can click on it to expand the full profile. Euro Date presents full profiles neatly.

On the left-hand side, the user’s interests such as outdoor activities, cooking, and boxing are shown. In the middle section, there is a brief column with the user’s details. It shows their current city, job, and relationship status. On the right-hand side, it is all about what the user is looking for. You will find their preferred age, gender, relationship type, and personality there.

Euro Date’s way of presenting profiles is systematic, making it easier for users to go through them. If you are intrigued by a profile, you can initiate a chat or video call them directly. You can message everyone as mutual interest is not required. It leaves more opportunities for users as profiles don’t often do people justice.

The messaging features are smooth. So far, there is no issue with connectivity. Video calls are HD. You can send messages at the same time. If texting or video calling is not your thing, you can also arouse the other person’s interest by sending a virtual gift or an email.

Sending an email may sound old school but you’d be surprised how many Europeans are into this penfriend type of relationship. It makes them feel safer without getting too personal. After getting to know each other, they are happy to meet in person.

Matching and Messaging: 7/10

Profile Quality

If you can spot the remaining few genuine profiles on Euro Date, then you will have a good time. The genuine profiles are interested in establishing a long-distance relationship that will lead to marriage. They are keen on meeting international people. You will have a blast having a conversation with them.

Unfortunately, genuine users only account for a fraction of the total users. The rest comprise fake operators and bots. Euro Date has fake operators talking to users online. It is their tactic to keep members on the site and create a fake outlook of a vibrant community. These profiles use stock photos and the same generic profile description.

When you talk to them, it’s easy to notice how they are not interested in getting to know you at all. Their third-grade flirting skill is hideously funny. Most importantly, they show no interest in revealing the exact details of their whereabouts or opening the webcam. They always have excuses not to share more photos with you.

To make matters worse, aside from Euro Date’s official fake operators, there are loads of other scammers lurking on the site. You might be talking to real criminals trying to squeeze credit card details off you. Users have to exercise extra caution when going on Euro Date.

While the chances of finding real dates are low, it is not impossible. On average, users will probably meet around half a dozen real daters a week. Still, the number is pathetically low, especially considering you have to pay to get dates.

Profile Quality: 3/10


The monthly membership plan starts as low as $3 per month. But that’s not all you pay to enjoy the services here. The basic monthly fee only gives you access to unlimited matches and searches. You have to buy extra credits to utilize other features such as texting, emailing, and video calling.

The way Euro Date prices its features is very cheeky. Its supposed “free signup” is highly misleading. Literally, only the registration part is free. Every step along the way incurs a cost. Members should know that they will not be using any free features as there is none.

Each credit costs around $1.5. Every message requires one credit while an email takes 10. Sending and receiving photos take 15 credits and video calls require four credits per minute.

Euro Date sets the most jaw-dropping price for its features. With all features combined, users could well be spending several hundred dollars without noticing. The whole site is a scam to take money from users.

There are other credit-based dating sites like Ashley Madison but no high-quality dating site should set such an absurd figure for its subpar features. Euro Date has failed potential users.

Since some of the charges are difficult to keep track of for users such as the number of messages and the minutes of each video call, the site could be overcharging users without much challenge.

Pricing: 2/10

Alternatives To Euro Date

Understandably, locating a dating site specific to European dating is hard. That’s why people feel the urge to dive into the first one with the name “Euro” in it. Don’t worry, some of the best European dating sites are not obviously written on its name.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo

The first one is Adult FriendFinder. There are over 90 million registered members. Millions of Europeans go online every day to look for international dates. Users can get all the live events for free and mingle with a large group of people.

Its advanced filters allow you to search for a specific destination that you may be traveling to or particularly interested in. You will not miss a single profile in that area. Its excellent chat features give you a seamless experience calling your new lover. It is always a wonderful time.

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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

If you are seeking an exciting fling or love affair, Ashley Madison is the best choice ever. Members know how to keep things to themselves. Everyone is here for a good time. You can be whoever you want to be, no questions asked. Nudity is welcome as long as it complies with community rules. Your freedom of speech is not restricted on this free-spirited platform.

The best part about Ashley Madison is the anonymous payment method and security. Since it experienced a data leak years ago, it has now revolutionized its entire system to prevent similar issues from happening again. Right now, its safety protocol is among the strongest in the field.

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Bang Locals

bang locals

Last but not least, Bang Locals. It fulfills every casual dater’s dream of finding a match as close to you as possible. The system arranges profiles based on proximity. The closer you are to someone, the higher up they appear. It saves users time in connecting. You can get into action in no time.

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Whenever you come across unknown dating sites with few and poor reviews, it is always a warning. Stay away from these small-scale sites with sky-high charges. Dating sites without a security protocol is another big no-no. Euro Date fails in every department to provide a comfortable dating experience for users.

Meet your European dates via Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals. They guarantee competitive membership rates with millions of loving members.

John Santana

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