6 Best Equestrian Dating Sites & Apps for Horse Lovers

by John Santana

After the Olympics, people have started talking about equestrians, a sport that has been often overlooked. An equestrian has to be patient, loyal, and caring, so they can bond well with the animal they compete with.

An animal whisperer is adorable and kind. Seeing how they are one with nature puts a smile on your face. Dating an equestrian is a wild journey filled with roses and joy.

Are you an equestrian looking to find someone that shares and understands you and your passion? Or are you ready to take on a different dating style with an animal lover?

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First, you need to know the best dating sites out there to meet an equestrian!

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6 Best Equestrian Dating Sites for Horse Lovers (2023 Update)

1. eHarmony


  • The gender ratio is evenly split
  • Compatibility test connects you with your best possible matches
  • Detailed profile description


  • Long signup process

Without a doubt, eharmony is hands down one of the best equestrian dating sites out there. First of all, this online platform is mainly built for serious relationships. Its membership plans range from $20 to $40 a month, which means those who sign up are usually professionals or elites.

You will find lots of horse lovers who compete professionally on eharmony. Almost for each profession, there are tons of top elites here looking for their true love. The gender ratio is almost perfectly split.

The system uses a compatibility score in presenting potential matches to you. Every search result is customized according to your test. Reviews have shown their compatibility test to be powerful in bringing great couples together.

Since the site is about creating a long-lasting relationship, each profile description is detailed. You will not find shallow body measurements. Instead, members talk about what puts the sparkles in their eyes, how much they love horse riding, and where is the best spot for it, etc. It’s all about the bonding and deeper connection.

Finding love sounds alluring, but only if you are ready to answer 70 questions upon signup. That’s one thing that members have been nagging the site to improve.

It can take up to 30 minutes to complete and to be fair, some questions are rather out of the blue without a clear structure. It’s not always that accurate if the questions aren’t carefully constructed.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • A large active member base
  • Members are open-minded
  • Can remain anonymous


  • Some scammers on the site

Once the biggest adultery site, Ashley Madison has rebranded itself to be a top, all-rounded dating site. With about 50 million registered users, every night, a thriving community comes alive with messaging and matching constantly happening.

This means you get a range of people not afraid to share their interests. Here you will find many horse-lovers and you can be open about your own interest.

Perhaps due to its early stage of being a site for discreet affairs, Ashley Madison attracts only open-minded people, which is a big advantage. There are all sorts of people hanging out, looking to get laid tonight.

Whatever sexual preferences you have, just lay them all out. You will not face judgment here, just sex. Members are honest to themselves and others, that’s how you get a great match here.

Since the site caters extremely well to protect users’ privacy, you can choose to remain anonymous with its secret profile option. Family and friends will not hunt you down. You can safely browse through the site even while working in the office.

With the secretive features often come with a downfall, there are scammers on Ashley Madison ready to catfish you. Although the number of scammers isn’t high and you can easily report them to the system and have the profiles removed, the site should take tighter measures in eradicating fake profiles without giving up on its top privacy settings.

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3. Adult FriendFinder


  • Large member base
  • Social media features including forums
  • Group video calls


  • The gender ratio is quite tilted

As a long-standing dating site, Adult FriendFinder has over 90 million members around the world. Its social media features make it a unique site on the market.

Apart from a list of favorites, you can update your profile with posts and photos. This makes it easier to spot animal lovers and have them find you too. Share your day with your friends and post a photo of you out riding or of your lil’ puppy playing fetch.

You can even keep friends in separate lists to better categorize them. Adult FriendFinder is the social media platform for sex that you didn’t know you needed.

Its forum is a popular feature you will not find elsewhere. Members can freely start a thread on any topic, like equestrian interest. You can reply to others and bring up a discussion. Its interactive features have garnered a lot of loyal fans.

If you are bored talking to individuals, you can utilize its group video chat and have a group session with everyone on your friend list. A group chat certainly minimizes the time you need to find someone you click with. Chat to all your horse-lovers at once to find the ones you click with.

Adult FriendFinder offers a comprehensive experience, but still, its gender ratio is quite imbalanced. About 60% of users are males over 30. The site works better if you fall into this category, otherwise, it will take you quite some effort to connect with the one you like.

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4. HorseyLover


  • Categorized advanced search
  • Geographical location radar
  • Easy signup


  • Rigid interface

It doesn’t get more direct than that, HorseyLover is dedicated to the blooming love between horse lovers. Depending on your geographical location, you can customize the search filters to various farms and horse ranches. Your dream of finding the dream horse stable is not far.

Its advanced search is also powerful, incorrectly filtering out set requirements. Whether it’s by state, horse riding experience, or the number of horses owned, the site will generate a list of results that best fit your needs.

Signing up to HorseyLover is simple. You just need to go through an easy ID verification process to ensure the safety of the community and you are good to go.

However, the user interface on HorseyLover is very rigid. It was first developed in 2008 and it seems like it hasn’t been updated since. The whole site gives off an outdated atmosphere as if no one has been online for ages.

5. Equestrian Cupid


  • Smart website layout
  • Weekly newsletter and blog posts
  • Forums for discussion


  • Limited users in each region

Upon entering the site, you will see everything is horse-themed. From the colors to other features, you can tell the developers gave some serious thoughts when designing the website. This lovely design comes with an even lovelier setting, members get weekly newsletters updating the latest features and success stories.

The site also regularly updates its blog section for the upcoming and fun horse-related news and trends to spark an interest in the community. Members can start their own discussion in the forum section. You can ask any questions even as a newbie and get the help you need. The community is helpful and friendly. Everyone is welcome on this mild and docile dating platform.

As much as the site is something for a stable relationship, meeting up actual members would be difficult due to its few users. Members are scattered across the country and only thousands of members come online every night. It will take you a long time to link with someone in your region who also happens to like you back.

Users have said it’s a struggle to actually meet someone and find love on it because of the lack of active members.

6. Equestrian Singles


  • Free messaging
  • Multiple filters
  • Get notified when members are online


  • Search results aren’t always accurate

Equestrian Singles is a very generous site that offers full access to unlimited messages and matching to free members. It’s truly a blessing from above. Users can message anyone they want and communicate freely.

It offers multiple filters like age, location, and earnings to perform advanced searches in an easy manner. All these features are available to free members.

You will see a notification when your match comes online. This saves you a lot of time as you know who is more active on the platform and who hasn’t come online in ages. Users love this as they can focus their time on the active members.

You can select to get notified when a specific member is online so you don’t get spammed with irrelevant notifications about everyone else.

What is free also comes with a cost. In Equestrian Singles’ case, it’s the quality. Although most features are free for everyone, they are not of the best quality possible. Most of the time, the search results are off. Even when you search for someone in the same state, you can be presented with members in Mexico or Nova Scotia.

The worst is when the results bring you a man in his 50s when you set the filters to single women in their 30s. Its algorithm works fine when there are less than 3 filters. Once it goes over that, it messes up the search engine.

How do you date an equestrian?

woman riding a horse

For horse lovers

If you are a horse lover, it is clear why you would want to find another equestrian to match. Go riding together, swap tips and have hours of discussion on horse care, riding trips, showjumping and anything else!

If you already have a passion for horses, the biggest obstacle is finding someone who shares this passion. As soon as you meet, they will likely be bowled over with your charm and knowledge.

Head to any of the dating sites above and create a profile that makes it clear you are looking for someone who shares your love of horses. Add photos with you riding, and specify that you would like to spend time together with horses and share your interest with someone.

Needless to say, the charm of an equestrian is irresistible. They are hot, know how to move their body, and most importantly, like you, they speak to animals. Having a soul-bonding with a horse shows the kind heart you have.

If you are not a horse lover

As people say, you can’t be a bad person if you can connect with an animal, so it’s natural that you’d want to date an animal lover. But dating an equestrian is not the same as dating a dog lover.

If you are not a horse lover yourself, there are loads of things to do to snag a horse-lover. First, get used to the smell of horses. The smell can be intimidating at first for those who are not fond of it. Go to the horse stable more frequently and acquaint yourself with the smell.

It’s a big first step to be comfortable around horses. They are several times the size of an average human. One kick can send you straight to your grave. But, know that horses are one of the calmest animals. They are sensitive and docile. If you treat them with love and respect, be sure they can feel it and will treat you the same.

Be interested in what your equestrian has to say even when you don’t understand anything. It’s a passion so try to ask some questions and get to know the sport better. Spend some quality time and learn horse riding. It’s way better than your average gym session. Building a connection with an animal is priceless.

Don’t get jealous. Be sure an equestrian will spend the time handling every small task down at the stable to make sure the horses are well taken care of. Try not to complain about the lack of quality time you spend together. Be part of the passion instead. Work together and maintain the area. Make it home. It’s a loving moment to see something you two have created together.

Finally, refrain from making sexual jokes about horse fetish or whipping someone. These jokes may be funny if you are not dating an equestrian but now, it’s only going to make things weird. They are a major turn off so steer clear from them.

What activities to do with an equestrian?

Indeed, equestrians are usually very outdoorsy. Almost every activity involves using your physical strength. Going horse riding together is your safest bet in putting a smile on yours and your date’s face. No equestrian can say no to a horse riding session.

Unlike most professions, you will rarely find an equestrian who doesn’t like their job. They got into this business out of love. Therefore, any activity that involves hanging around the horse stable and nature will be a big plus for you.

Sometimes, after a busy day, your lover will want to relax. Then, a lovely Netflix night and chill would be the best option. An equestrian has an easy and simple life that they adore. They do not go raving or get drunk. They would much prefer a calm night in.

Just like the animals they love, an equestrian is mostly at peace and wants some serenity. Once you know their personality, it’s much easier to come up with a plan that will get them head over heels.

Final Thoughts

Dating an equestrian is the cutest thing ever. The smile you will get on your face when bonding with your loved one and nature is indescribable. You will never go back to normal dating after you have found an equestrian. Find your love today on eharmony, Ashley Madison, Adult FriendFinder, and more.

John Santana

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