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eHarmony vs Christian Mingle: Which is Better?

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Most dating sites are not intended to find their users a long term match. Instead they want you to keep coming back and scroll through their suggested matches while they rake in their monthly paid membership costs. You can’t say that about these sites. These sites offer you the chance to make a real, long lasting connection. But whose side should you choose when it comes to eHarmony vs Christian Mingle?

Dating sites and apps like Tinder or Elite Singles are excellent if you’re looking for a hookup. But since you’re looking at eHarmony vs Christian mingle, then there’s a good chance you’re looking for your perfect match, a relationship that will last you forever.

You might just be here wondering what dating platforms you should spend significant time with in search of your perfect match. In the case of Christian Mingle vs eHarmony, the argument is a matter of religion and how open you are to date outside that circle. So let’s look at the data we have on offer and then compare the two dating apps on a few different criteria. Let’s see what dating app is the service for you.



eHarmony has stood the test of time and has remained a very popular and successful dating site for the last 20 years. The website boasts to be responsible for nearly 4% of marriages in the United States of America ever since its conception in the year 2000.

eHarmony also claims that someone finds love on eHarmony every 14 minutes, thanks to their scientific approach to finding matches. The extensive questionnaire that’s been perfected over the last two decades is what drives this fine tuned machine.

Their ‘Compatibility Matching System’ makes dating far easier than the next most popular dating sites. You never have to worry about whether or not you have something in common with your date, since each match is scored based on how much you relate to other singles. All of this functionality is practically free as well!

The site’s userbase is spread along the 25-54 year age range and most of eHarmony’s users are looking for a serious relationship. Many users are interested marriage. eHarmony isn’t just a dating site, it helps make relationships.

eHarmony is the world’s best dating platform in terms of the amount of success stories that come from using it. They’ve reported than in the last 20 years, eHarmony has made 2 million successful matches.

Christian Mingle

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Christian mingle is a faith-based dating service that has millions of users from all over the world. Unlike other dating websites, Christian mingle offers a haven for those with Christian values.

Christian mingle outclasses other dating apps marketed for the single Christian. It has a massive userbase and is exclusive to Christians.

Ever since it was launched in 2001, Christian Mingle’s userbase has passed over 16 million users. Christian Mingle was first created to give people with room for more than just God in their hears a dating pool of Christian singles who are looking for commitment and the love that they desire without having to compromise on their religious beliefs.

The Christian Mingle site advertises that 29% of all Christian marriages that started out from a Christian dating site, all had their origins on Christian mingle.

Christian Mingle vs. eHarmony in Detail

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The personality test

Both Christian Mingle and eHarmony take dating seriously, so they both have incredibly long personality tests . This is to help you find your perfect match and ensure your relationship takes off.

Christian mingle

For Christian Mingle, the registration process takes around 20 minutes to complete.

While the process is long, the good news is that Christian mingle makes it easy. Christian Mingle takes it at face value that you are joining because you are of the Christian faith and are seeking a relationship based on Christian values.  You will need to fill in contact details like your email address and identification details to ensure you are a real person. Besides that, registering for Christian Mingle means you only have to name your preferences in a partner.

Christian mingle has you fill in the preferred age of your partner. The site has a wide age range so you’re bound to find someone your own age. If you want to make sure you hit it off in the first date, then you should fill in the ideal activities for a first date.

Christian Mingle asks your gender and the preferred gender of your partner. The site used to be a lot more old fashioned, but is open to any sexual orientation now. If you aren’t in the market to get married yet, or if you aren’t ready for something serious yet then you can set the type of relationship you’re looking for during the registration process

You can choose your denomination during at the start. If different denominations are a deal breaker then you can vet them by their profile. Christian mingle casts a wide net regarding its users’ locations. When you choose your location you can be sure to match with people in your general location.


eHarmony’s mission statement is focused on finding your life partner, so its questions are based on your psychological needs and desires. eHarmony also stands out by ensuring their members are not married. eHarmony’s sign-up questionnaire is very in depth and requires a lot of thought to answer. You have the option to come back to it later if you need more time to think.

The questions can get very personal. eHarmony asks whether you go through mood swings and what kinds of people you think influence your life the most. If you’re looking for committed relationships, you should expect some of your deepest feelings to be exposed at some point.

The Method

In the argument of eHarmony vs Christian Mingle, the two apps have vastly different ways to help you find people to date.

Christian mingle

Christian Mingle’s algorithm works with the information that you give it during the registration period. It’s a straightforward algorithm similar to other dating sites where Christian Mingle will recommend you other users with the same likes and dislikes as your profile.

If the results aren’t to your satisfaction, then you also have the option to further narrow down your results with filters to generate more accurate match suggestions. Once you found someone you’re interested in, all you have to do is let them know! The way you do it and how often you do it depends on the version of the app that you use.


While the online dating site’s matching system uses a lot of data to score your matches, most of Harmony’s userbase is matched based on how frequently they use the app during the week. This also means the more people uses the app that week, the more matches you’ll get.

The wider age range also means, you’ll likely find a match that is around the same age as you. eHarmony even has an offer that if you don’t find someone in three months, you get three months use for free.

Typical user

What is the average age range of the users between the two apps? Are there more men or women? Let’s see how the two differ in this part of eHarmony vs Christian Mingle.

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Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is oriented towards people who want to form a long relationship based on similar religious beliefs. Most of its userbase ranges from people in their late 20s to their early 40s.

Christian Mingle prefers only single Christians to join the site if they are looking for a lasting relationship. They try to avoid married individuals since it goes against the site’s traditional values. Gay, bisexual, or transsexual people are, however, welcome! A couple of years ago, the site didn’t accept LGBTQ members, but now all Christians are welcome.


eHarmony has a wider user base when it comes to age on the dating site. There is a very young-at-heart feel in the user community, so why not give someone outside your age range a try?

eHarmony has had trouble in the past for not including a same sex relationship option, but the company has made major steps in rectifying that in over two decades of improvement. So, don’t worry about any discrimination. The dating site is still oriented towards those who are looking for serious relationships, and even open to the possibility of marriage.

Membership price per month

Though both these sites offer free registration and usage, they are limited to those without paid memberships. eHarmony vs Christian Mingle, who has the most free functionality?

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle’s free option is significantly limited and only features the ability to: search for members, show others you are interested through “Smiles,” see who sent you smiles and like other profiles.

Christian Mingle free trial members can’t do much to interact with other profiles, but premium members have that and more. Paying Christian Mingle users can: send messages, hide their profile, receive and read messages and look at profiles anonymously.

You can pay for subscriptions according to these methods:

  • Monthly subscriptions costs $49.99 a month.
  • Three month subscriptions cost $104.97 in total and $34.99 a month.
  • Six month subscriptions cost $149.94 in total and $24.99 a month.
  • Accounts are automatically renewed based on the same payment plan you used last.


eHarmony has a few different account options, but the premium membership cannot last less than six months. The free version is available but limited in how often you can use it and its communication features.

The dating site does offer discounts to registered premium members on occasion. One offer that’s available to everyone is their Valentines day offer which lowers the membership cost by 20%.

  • A six month account costs about $50 per month.
  • A year long account will net you around $35 a month.
  • A two year membership will cost you around $27 monthly.


Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle keeps people from adding too much personal information on their profile. Some things are not allowed on the site at all, such as your last name, phone number, or address. Although the app asks for your location during registration, it is just to make sure you match with people in your general area, and doesn’t share it with other users.

Christian Mingle has dedicated staff that verifies pictures to keep people from posting inappropriate content that would go against Christian values. These pictures are immediately denied. Some pictures can even result in a member’s profile being blocked.  Christian Mingle offers customer service in case you have a problem with the site or other users. They also offer a blog with safety advice for members.


eHarmony dedicated to protecting its users from being harassed online. The amount of verification software and processes you go through is to assure users that whomever they’re talking to is who they really say they are. eHarmony will also close accounts if they believe the account has done anything inappropriate on their site. You also have the ability to report people yourself if it comes down to it.

During your setup process, you might have been asked to prove that everything you entered into you profile is legitimate. That’s because eHarmony closes accounts if the team finds out that you’re already married, if you have lied about yourself or otherwise violated eHarmony’s code of conduct.

Special Features

What makes these websites special from each other? How do they differ and what new innovations do they bring to the table?

Christian Mingle

LookBook is Christian Mingle’s version of the now-famous “swiping” aspect from other sites like Tinder. You get to look at another member’s profile without the site notifying them. If you like what you see, then you can give the profile a like. If they like your profile back, then you will both get a notification.

Whenever you adjust your search preferences with a filter, Christian mingle will save your new preferences for future search results. This way, the algorithm learns to notice your likes and dislikes better and gives you better results. Messaging+ allows you to message all premium users and members with free membership status. This is only available on paid memberships.

Christian Mingle offers you an additional personality quiz after you made your profile. This “color coding” quiz assigns users a color that helps them recognize others as a certain personality type. It makes learning about people’s personalities quick and simple.



eHarmony gives you the option to add people to your “Favorites list.” Here you can find users that interested you while you were browsing.

Here’s an easy way to let someone know you like them on the site: just use the “Send a smile” feature. Click the smiley face icon under their profile photo and they’ll notice you. If you have a premium membership you can use the “What if” feature. This will give you an extra 30 matches that fall outside your preference filters. This is for if you’re curious to meet people outside your comfort zone.

The “Send questions” feature will send an automated question to someone you just met on the app to help break the ice. No shame in not knowing what to say to a stranger.

With the recent pandemic it’s been hard to get out and interact face to face. Make use of the “Video Chat” feature to get in touch with your matches. This is also a nice feature if you matched with someone who lives a bit outside your reach, be that on the far side of town, or in a different state entirely!

Other Noteworthy Options

The Christian mingle vs eHarmony debate is just one of many great dating sites on offer. If you want something else from the online dating scene, then you don’t have to rely on your religious affiliation. These sites are not just for Christian singles, and are available regardless of your marital status.

Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison is a dating site dedicated to married men and women, who are looking to experiment with an open relationship. Because this is the central idea behind the site, your privacy is secured when you interact with a new person.

Ashley Madison might not be for you if you have strong views on matrimony. The site is available regardless of what your reasons are for wanting to date around matrimony. Folks don’t judge why someone would join the site. Female users have more freedom on a free account. They can answer more messages than men can. The site tends to get very expensive since you have to pay for “chat credits” whenever you send a message.

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Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder logo

Adult Friend finder is a hookup site that has many users, all of whom are encouraged to be open-minded to a partner’s particular fetish.

Now there is nothing wrong with wanting a little more intimacy in your life and a casual approach to dating before getting into a serious relationship is the approach here. Physical intimacy is an important part of building a long lasting relationship for people here.

Adult Friend Finder is a bit more intense than other dating sites. You’ll find quite a few raunchy images in your mailbox, very soon. Adult Friend Finder is an adult site, so you’ll find quite a few NSFW photos. Nobody likes to be judged on what gets their motor running, so be open minded with what you find, and why not try something new while you’re on there? Registration is quick and won’t weigh you down with a questionnaire.

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Bang Locals


For the dater in a hurry. Bang Locals hooks you up with people in your immediate vicinity. If you want to send and receive flirts quickly and maybe hook up with maximum efficiency, then give Bang Locals a try.

The sign up process is easy. All the app needs is your name and zip code to help determine what area you want to date in. This is so that Bang Locals’ members don’t have to deal with intrusive GPS software. The app also needs you to sign in with your bank details if you wish to switch over to its paid services.

The app’s chat functionality is limited for those who make use of the free version.

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Final Thoughts

Which website do you think wins the battle in eHarmony vs Christian Mingle? Whether you are new to online dating or are looking for new dating sites, something on this list should catch your eye.

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