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Top 10 Alternatives to Plenty of Fish for Online Dating

by John Santana

As a trending site, POF has its merits. However, it’s still not the best dating site out there. To begin with, there are plenty of options providing different features that widen your dating horizon.

Whether it’s true love or casual sex that you are looking for, find it on these best POF alternatives.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Dating Sites Like POF: Plenty of Fish Alternatives

1. eHarmony


  • Compatibility test
  • Encourage long-lasting relationships
  • Most users have a higher education


  • Not racially diverse as the majority of members are Caucasian

eHarmony claims to be responsible for 4% of marriages in the US. While that number may be quite exaggerated, the influence of eHarmony should not be underestimated. Upon registration, users are asked to fill out a compatibility questionnaire that lets the AI analyze their personality.

The results shown are based on the answers you provide. Members have praised the site for its smart matching method. You are sent to profiles that will create the brightest chemistry.

Finding your true love is the main goal of the site. Instead of sleeping with someone new every night, eHarmony wants members to build long-lasting relationships. Hence, its emphasis on its meticulously designed questionnaire.

40% of users on the platform have received higher education, making the site a popular one among the elites of society. If you are looking for someone with a similar background, eHarmony will satisfy you.

However, eHarmony has a long way to go to achieve racial diversity. 80% of users are Caucasian. You may feel a little alienated as a minority. The skewed statistics are the reason why eHarmony is not often recommended.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • Casual vibes
  • Sexy photos
  • Detailed physical measurements listed


  • For hookups only

With its large member base, Ashley Madison is one of the most popular hookup sites. Advertised to be an accepting and open platform for everyone, this adult dating site lives up to its promises.

People of different backgrounds post their sexiest photos to lure a match in. Physical attributes like waist and hip measurements, height, eye color, etc, are well-listed on each member’s profile. It gives a pretty good image of who you will be dating before you meet in person.

Everyone is chill here. Be yourself and find a friend to have casual sex with. Drop the whole burden of having to feel you have to be perfect. People are mainly looking for some fun in bed on Ashley Madison. You are encouraged to be true to yourself. Don’t sugarcoat your profile. Be proud of who you are because other members are, too.

Its casual vibes mean you will not find love on this channel. No one wants to be tied down. They are here for the best one-night-stand. If you are looking for someone to start a family with, you will be disappointed.

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3. Adult FriendFinder


  • Large member base
  • Multiple messaging channels
  • Welcoming towards people with different sexual orientations


  • The user interface needs an update

Having been in business for over two decades, Adult FriendFinder knows exactly what it takes for a compatible match. It has over 90 million registered users.

The site offers different messaging channels like group chat rooms, video calls, gifts, and stickers, etc. Every thoughtful way of communication builds a better bond for you and your match.

Members feel a sense of belonging in this community and are very active. Every night, thousands of members in your area come online for a fun discussion on which sex toy is the most arousing.

Opening its doors to virtually everyone, you will find Adult FriendFinder to be a friendly base for sexual minorities. Whether you are looking for hot girls, transgender, or someone with a sock fetish, you are guaranteed to find someone here.

Despite its awesome features, the user interface of Adult FriendFinder is in need of an update. The site claims to be updating its design frequently to give it a fresh look, but for a site in 2023, the whole layout still seems to be stuck in 2015. A good design has a huge impact on users’ desire to stay and affects the overall experience.

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  • Powerful advanced search with multiple filters
  • Hot girls of all age groups
  • Simple signup process and profile templates


  • Some photos are too revealing is a trending site taking over the online dating world by storm. Its powerful searches allow you to set multiple filters at the same time, however specific you are. If you want a tall blonde girl with a small chest size, put in your requirements and the engine will send you all the profiles that match the description.

Signing up to is simple. You are off to Loveland in under 10 minutes. You are free to disclose as much information as you feel comfortable from their profile templates. Physical measurements are a good way to distill down matches with the highest success rate.

People are diverse on the platform. You will see hot members of all ages posting photos in their underwear, telling you exactly what you will get.

Its lenient photo policy prompts users to post their most attractive photos, but at the same time, makes the site a bit too revealing and not suitable for work. You can’t really go on at work and message girls because some profiles are quite porn-like and explicit. This can only be the dating site you use when you are alone at work.

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5. OkCupid


  • Extensive free features
  • Rating system
  • Compatibility test


  • Very rigid design

For a dating site, OkCupid is very generous in its offers. You get access to all the essential features as a free member. Unlimited matches and messages, calls, and advanced searches…The site doesn’t even give you a reason for an upgrade.

It lets you rate fellow members. The rating system helps others to see how credible this profile is. Other users will also be able to rate you.

It offers a free compatibility test. The system will analyze your profile and the answers you give before giving you a sure-win match. The compatibility test is fairly accurate, according to user reviews.

Although OkCupid has a smooth structure, its rigid design does not reflect its merits. The layout is extremely rigid. The site looks like a penfriend club from 2005.

Due to the low-resolution square profile display limitation on top of the profile, many photos look like stock photos or bots when they are genuine users looking for love. It’s quite unacceptable for a hot pick to have such an old-fashion design.

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6. Elite Singles


  • For the mature audience
  • For love and marriage
  • High-paying professionals


  • No ID verification
  • Very pricey

Are you someone over 35 and too busy to attend every speed-dating session in town? That’s why Elite Singles is here. It brings to you the person you can spend the rest of your life with. Instead of filling the site with half-naked players, this online dating platform is elegant.

Users are usually professionals with decent jobs who are too occupied to date. With Elite Singles, it’s easier for them to meet other well-educated members for a deep and meaningful chat. The site promotes connecting with your soulmate. That’s why it gives off a fresh and healthy vibe, compared to the flashy and lustful atmosphere on other platforms.

Although the site mainly attracts successful users, there is no way for you to verify people’s claims. The site does not do its due diligence in monitoring community activity so scammers can use this as a chance to lure its prey in.

Besides, the membership fee is at a striking $45 per month with the cheapest option. The most expensive one comes at $55 per month. You are also tied to a payment plan for 6 months or longer. You have no way to out clean if you decide it’s not for you after a month.

Users have disliked how Elite Singles forcibly push users to stay. These two main advantages have also cost the site to lose thousands of loyal users in recent years.

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7. DateMySchool


  • Perfect for college students
  • Good for group activities
  • Explore your sexual fetishes


  • A lot of scammers

College is the best of most people’s lives. You don’t want to miss out on this period of your life without some unforgettable dates. DateMySchool is for college students to find schoolmates. It’s almost like a fraternity house for sex.

You can join the group activities organized by student leaders. It’s the perfect way to meet new people. Then, you can expand your fetish knowledge by responding to members’ threads to try out a new one.

DateMySchool gives you the college experience, but more exciting. You can even match with students from other schools.

Perhaps it’s because the site targets young students who are not used to screening out scammers, the site is full of bots and catfish.

Every once in a while, you will come across profiles asking you to send them money. Or you will find their profiles to be suspiciously stagnant. They never send you new photos and they refuse to call you. These scammers are using other people’s photos and cannot sustain a conversation.

Some users have complained about being catfished on the site and addressed the issue to the officials. The site should add tighter measures since its target audience is young adults.

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8. Book Of Matches


  • 100% free
  • High-quality members
  • Easy sign-up


  • Very limited search filters

Book of Matches is a genuine site that is completely free. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up or to connect with users. All you need is your email address to become a member.

From the profile overlook, its female members are of high quality. Most are successful business people or in a highly specialized field. It looks very promising.

Upon further investigation, users will see that the site is lacking in its search function. You are only allowed to search by cities or some other basic filters. It rarely generates the results you want. Sometimes, it even randomly takes you to profiles out of the country.

It’s quite frustrating using their search feature. You have a better chance of manually screening each profile.

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9. Christian Mingle


  • Biggest Christian dating site
  • Encourages matches between those sharing the same values and morals
  • You can make friends easily even if it doesn’t turn into love


  • Very pricey

Christian Mingle claims to be in this business for cause and not for money. Its mission is to unite fellow Christians with the same moral standards, core values, and beliefs. It gathers 9 million Christians and often organizes group activities to better cater to those shy members.

Since everyone shares the same belief, it is easy to have a conversation. Members would make friends easily even if it doesn’t develop into something more. The site is open to non-Christians exploring their way in Christianity as well. As long as you have the heart for it, join and listen to what other members have to share.

The price to be in this Christian community is high, at $45 per month. With this price, granted, it eliminates a lot of scammers and keeps the quality high.

However, the 9 million users are scattered across the country, and some even out of the country. For the price you pay, you don’t always get a match, or you have to work very hard for it. So the $45 doesn’t really bring you much ease.

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10. Free And Single


  • 100% free
  • More female members
  • Easy to navigate


  • Few active members

Another great free site to start your online dating journey, Free And Single is a female-friendly platform that offers basic matching functions. There are no advanced features like group calls or sending virtual gifts but the site is easy to navigate. You see a profile you like, you can notify the user and send them a message. Everything is straightforward.

More percentage of female users means a higher chance of success for men. Free And Single’s members are in their majority females seeking a lustful night, for a man to rock their world.

Although most of its users are female, the total community activity remains low. Only a handful of members come online every night while others usually check for updates once in a while. Messaging back and forth may be a hassle and can be annoying at times to wait for days to get a reply.

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What are the best online dating tips?

online dating safety

Undoubtedly, online dating is the best way to find a partner. All the usual pickup tricks in bars and clubs no longer work. Trying to get laid with a pool of strangers in real life is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Online dating strips down the fancy talk and gets straight to business. When it comes to online dating, the hacks are different.

Choose your photos wisely

Choose a photo that reflects your personality well. Strictly avoid selfies. Members of any age will not be attracted to selfies with filters. It makes you look immature and not fun. Also, keep your body to yourself for now. Don’t take off your shirt. Guys with revealing photos often come across as intimidating and aggressive for girls.

If you must feel the need to post a topless photo, at least go for one that pictures you doing some water sport, not on your bed. Don’t display 10 photos. Keep it at around 5. That way, you keep the mystery and get them hooked so they will want to get to know you.

Write a fun and personal opener

First, you need to present yourself in an eye-catching opener. Unlike talking to someone in real life where you are kind of stuck in a conversation for a short while even if it’s not interesting, in the online dating world, if your one-liner is not catchy enough, they move on to the next.

Nail it on the first try. Find common ground with them. Look for things in her profile that resonate with you and ask about them. People are suckers for attention to the details in their profiles. It’s less generic and more sincere.

Then, suggest an activity according to their personality. If they are not the partying type, asking them out to a bar will land you a “No”. On the contrary, if they love a crowded concert, find the coolest techno music club in town to take them.

Keep it cool

After your first date, don’t be desperate and jump on the topic of a second date. Give them some time to process. People like respect. Give them space to decide if they like you.

Gently check up on them after the date. Say you have a good time and hope they feel the same way. From their replies, you can already tell how much they liked or disliked the date.

Wait for a few days before you suggest an activity again. During this time, you will see from their interaction if they are into you. If they start to pull away, let it be. Never be pushy.

And finally, keep your cool. You are bound to encounter some weird people on the internet. They may not appear the same at all as the profile photos but you should not lose your temper over it. Kindly have a small talk with them. If you truly cannot stand it, make an excuse to walk away so they do not feel bad that the date is cut short.

Online dating is about having fun, both sides should have the moral responsibility to be decent human beings even within the protection of the digital space.

How to avoid online dating scams?

Scams are common on online dating platforms. Criminals hide within the safety net of the virtual space. To avoid being a victim, look out for red flags.

Multiple profiles

Seeing multiple profiles of the same person is a major danger sign that people overlook. Scammers will claim they only created several profiles to up their chances of getting a match. Let alone the fact that this excuse is stupid, it tells you they are using the different photos of the same person to get matches. It’s most likely stock photos she found on the internet.

Money grabbing

If they start discussing money with you, run. Maybe they are in financial difficulties, but it’s not up to you, a stranger on the internet, to solve. Never invest in someone you’ve never met financially.

Some scammers will tell you they have the best business opportunity and how grateful they are to find someone as smart as you are. Then, they will ask you to join their business. Again, just run from these people. Report them to the dating site.

Avoiding meeting up

Someone constantly refusing to pick up your calls or avoiding meeting you is also a red flag. Rarely do people sign up on dating sites to just text. Probably you are talking to a 50-year-old dude. That’s why “she” can’t pick up your calls.

Remember that not every scammer or catfish is after monetary gains. Some are after the pure attention of feeling special. It can be confusing because they are seemingly not asking anything from you. But if they make you mentally stressed, they already have control over you. It’s not healthy and you should immediately exit.

Unfortunately, dating sites can’t scan all fake profiles. So, it is up to members to help keep the community clean and exercise safety caution when talking to someone new. Never fully trust someone at first.

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Final Thoughts

POF is not the only dating site dominating the online world. There are so many fantastic options that perform way better. They offer more diverse features and cater to different audiences. The top 10 POF alternatives will surely get you dozens of matches every night.

Whether you want a sweet married life or a memorable one-night-stand, these dating sites are the solutions. Sign up today to get the best results.

John Santana

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