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Here Are The 5 Five Best Dating Sites & Apps For Disabled People

by John Santana

When you are disabled, there may be limitations to your dating game. You may not be able to travel as far or hit the pub quiz night as easily. But there is a whole world thriving online for disabled dating. On these platforms, you will meet a healthy mix of abled and disabled people looking to date and share their insight.

Whether you are looking for friendships or relationships, these places have got you covered.

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From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Our List : Dating Apps & Sites For Disabled People

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Excellent mix of users from different backgrounds
  • Fun live streams or speed-dating events
  • Perfect for both casual and serious dating


  • Ads

With 24/7 customer support, Adult FriendFinder has garnered the love of 90 million users. The majority of these users are US-based with an excellent mix of backgrounds. Although the app is not specifically made for disabled dating, its diversity means there is a place for every type of dating. Upon searching, you will find loads of disabled people looking for some fun.

Adult FriendFinder offers a wide range of live streams, allowing members to interact with each other freely. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can even stripe down in front of a live stream. Everyone can be themselves here.

As for finding love, Adult FriendFinder nurtures both casual and serious relationships. Even if you are just looking to get laid, you will find millions of members with the same goal. Or if you are looking to settle down, there is no shortage of family-oriented members too.

The only downside to Adult FriendFinder is the excessive amount of ads when you are a free member. Understandably, that’s how the platform is able to provide you with its services for free. But the ads do interrupt your experience a lot. To solve this, you have to upgrade to be a paying member.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Explicit content is allowed
  • You can date anonymously
  • Fetish and kinks can be openly discussed


  • Fake profiles

Ashley Madison is a place of lust and love entwined together. Explicit content is allowed so members can fully convey their messages in any format they want. Members respect each other’s boundaries and will not push for more content unless you want to.

If you are feeling a bit shy, you can date anonymously here. All payments and profiles can remain untraceable. Only the dates you meet up with physically will know who you are. Fetishes and kinks are also frequently discussed here because this is the place where there is no taboo.

Ashley Madison does not ban any sexual-related topic. You are free to embrace any side of your body. Making a connection is easy since everyone is so genuine about discussing their preferences and experiences.

However, this trending giant is struggling to get rid of fake profiles. Users will run into plenty of bots while on Ashely Madison. The best you can do is only to report it to the team. Its anonymous feature seems to be attracting scammers to use it as a loophole in finding prey.

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3. Bang Locals

Bang Locals Logo


  • Perfect for getting laid
  • Detailed geographical search
  • Active members are prioritized in search results


  • Online security needs improvement

There is no judgment for wanting to get laid. Bang Locals is the perfect place for a no-strings-attached relationship. The name does not fool anyone. You should not expect to find yourself a happily ever after here. But, sit tight as you are guaranteed hot dates after hot dates.

To give users a more powerful geographical search, all the search results are categorized by proximity. The top results are usually the closest to you. You may even find a match living in the same building if you are lucky. Its detailed geographical search saves users a lot of time as opposed to a traditional radius search.

Also, active members are prioritized first to make sure users are engaging with other active members. The more you go online, the higher your visibility is. Having high visibility means your profile could be seen even if it is slightly out of someone’s search scope. It is beneficial for you to have more audience to browse your profile.

It boosts your chance to secure a date and be the popular match on the site. It also adds to your credibility when your profile has been liked by many other members.

Unfortunately, Bang Locals has had some underlying security issues over the years. Its detailed geographical search may give out unwanted personal details that can cause trouble for users. The data storage also needs to be strengthened on the platform to eradicate any data leak if a member’s address is easily accessible.

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4. Disabled Dating 4U

Disabled Dating 4U


  • Minimal ads
  • Simple and direct features
  • Popularly used in dating shows


  • Most members are overseas

Used as the primary dating tool on various reality TV shows and series, Disabled Dating 4U contains minimal ads for everyone. Although the landing page is quite barren and the whole site does not offer any spectacular visuals, the content is direct to the point.

Features are clean without any unnecessary fuss to suit the needs of some disabled people. Each button and menu is designed with the needs of disabled people in mind. The thoughtful design gives this otherwise ordinary dating site a big golden star.

Site navigation can be done entirely with a keyboard. You don’t need a mouse to jump from page to page. There is no useless animation to slow you down.

Due to its popularity in TV shows, you will occasionally run into celebrities and influencers on Disabled Dating 4U. It is also a great place to form friendships and have a support circle. Members are all well-education and well-mannered and often provide insights into different treatments and disabled dating tips.

Despite having an impeccable design, Disabled Dating 4U seems to work the best only if you are looking to date internationally because most of its members are overseas.

Originally, the site was launched in the UK and was later introduced in the US and the international market. Hence, its members are scattered across the globe. It does not have a huge member base in each country for it to thrive.

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5. Meet Disabled Singles

Meet Disabled Singles


  • Fast-growing platform
  • Profiles are visible on other dating sites as well
  • Free features available for members


  • Features are laggy and need an upgrade

Meet Disabled Singles is a fast-growing platform with thousands of new members every day. Upon signing up, your profile is automatically synced with its affiliated dating sites to gain visibility. So, your profile can reach a much more diverse and wider spectrum.

Most features are free for members. You don’t need to pay for a subscription to browse, message, and search for profiles. If you want unlimited messaging or to check out others’ full profiles, you will need the premium package to unlock these features.

For new members looking to give it a try without much investment, Meet Disabled Singles could be a good spot to dive in as you can still do plenty without paying.

The interactive features are limited, but the interface is simple to navigate. Even those with mobility issues can go on the site. Most of these disabled dating sites are decently built with all the main features cramped under the same menu. It allows for easy browsing and searching for those that struggle with recognition and physical mobility.

That being said, you have to be patient to endure its super slow and laggy features. The system is not powerful enough to support the rate it is growing. Therefore, the site freezes and is down for maintenance frequently. It can get annoying, especially when you are a paying member.

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Dating Tips When Your Partner Is Able-Bodied


Romance with an abled partner is certainly viable. Love should not be restricted by any physical conditions. An abled-disabled couple has to make an effort to understand each other’s needs. For the abled partner, you must remind them to respect your privacy.

It is in your hands when and how to give answers to your condition. Whenever you refuse to disclose details of your disability, they have to back off.

You Deserve No Judgment

It is important for the abled partner not to judge your condition and the treatments that you are receiving. Sometimes, the ableist language is embedded in people’s minds and they may not realize their choice of words to be offensive and hurtful.

They need to use appropriate filters so they don’t come off as condescending and uncensored. As for you, you can help them understand what is ok and what isn’t by communicating clearly.

Allow Them Freedom

Be careful with your words and actions so your partner does not feel morally restricted with their freedom. You should understand that although you cannot participate in many activities with your partner, there is no reason to stop them from doing them on their own.

For example, since you cannot join them in the marathon, you should not get upset that they are practicing vigorously. Your partner is not morally obliged to be by your side or spend every minute with you. They have the freedom to explore and live life even though you may not be in every part of it.

Create An Accessible Home

If you are living together, you need to discuss precisely the living arrangements to avoid conflicts and troubles. Raise your concerns on how to decorate the house to make it accessible for you.

Remember, your abled partner may not know your conditions well enough to decide what arrangements will suit you the most. Cut them some slack if they make mistakes. Be patient in teaching them about your needs.

Dating Tips When Your Partner Is Disabled

Dating Tips When Your Partner Is Able-Bodied

When both you and your partner are disabled, it is a blessing to be able to express yourself without an effort. Dating a disabled partner means a lot of things go without saying. You both know how to respect each other’s privacy and will never force information out of the other to feed your curiosity. Even if you do want to open up, it flows naturally because you can skip most of the explaining.

Some challenges will present themselves, whether you have the same type of disability or not. Living with someone sharing the same disability means you have a partner that fully sees your struggles and brilliance. At the same time, you may have difficulty living daily life as your partner will not be able to give you a lifting hand.

Arrange Accessible Living

Special living arrangements and more compromises have to be made. You may consider pulling your funds together to hire a helper a few times a week to take care of the household chores.

Or you may need a driver to transport you to various doctor’s appointments. On the plus side, it is financially economical if you can attend the same therapy session, support groups, and medical appointments together.

Learn About Your Partner’s Disability

If you and your partner have different disabilities, take your time to study their condition. Try to avoid comparing your condition to theirs because it should never be a competition. Saying your condition is better or worse than your partner creates a toxic environment.

Ask For Their Input

Ask your partner to write down the specific requirements they look for in the house if you live together. Compare their notes against yours to see if there are any contradicting points. If so, bring it up to see how you can work around it. The home should be accessible for both parties. It is crucial to settle on a place you are both happy with.

Lastly, giving your spouse recognization in an inseparable part of a tight relationship. Appreciate their effort in both providing the best life for you as well as working on themselves. Receiving support is the best mental boost they can ask for.


The disabled dating landscape is not skewed at all. It is blossoming with colors and rainbows. Look at the right places and you will find plenty of options. Find your perfect other half on these recommended dating apps today and live out your fairytale fantasy.

John Santana

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