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How to Date a Russian Man

by John Santana

So you’ve found someone to date–and he’s Russian. It could be quite intimidating to date someone with a different culture, but if you know the how-tos of dating a Russian man, you can definitely adjust well sooner or later.

Dating in Russia is somewhat different than in other cultures. In Russia, they see dating as a starting point for a long-term relationship, rather than just casual hookups. Russian men do use dating sites, but they’re not there to just mess around.

Dates are often prim and proper, much like formal dates in romantic films: the man picks you up, treats you to a fancy restaurant, gives you flowers, and brings you home. Russian men are mostly dreamy, but there’s more to discover when dating a Russian man– their beliefs, backgrounds, and behavior. 

Characteristics of Russian men

Russia is a patriarchal society, so it goes without saying that Russian men are the head of the household or the main breadwinner. Russian men are mostly family-oriented, and in a house setting, men are more likely the providers.  As cultural studies David Morley put it, at home, Russian men are mostly portrayed as explorers, venturers of the public sphere– more global than local, which is more a role for women. 

Russian men project hypermasculine behavior; they are more dominant and more assertive. They also have a strong sense of national pride as seen in their national and patriotic education. But behind these macho Russian men, there are sweet romantics. Surprisingly, they’re generous in romantic gestures, grand or not. 

Understanding Russian dating culture

Chivalry isn’t dead in Russia. If you love affection and attention, dating a Russian man may just be the right one for you. Russian men love to shower the ones they love with sweet acts that make them feel special. They love giving gifts– be it paying for a meal, buying a bouquet of roses, or surprising you with an out-of-town trip. If a man is interested in you, they’ll exert effort and straightforwardly tell you they like you. They’d get your number, text you right away, and ask you out on a first date. And while you’re on your first date, you’d easily swoon over his acts of chivalry. Dating a Russian man is such a romantic experience one could ever dream of, especially if you are a fan of sweet gestures. 

Tips for dating a Russian man

If you want to pursue dating a Russian man, you also have to do your part. It can be quite challenging, but there are tips to help you navigate the course of your situationship or relationship. For example, learn their language. You don’t have to master the language right away, but even just knowing some Russian phrases when speaking with him would already make him appreciate you.

Also, show interest in their culture– cooking simple Russian dishes will definitely put you at an advantage. Plus points if you learn recipes of their beloved baboushka (grandmother) too! As mentioned, Russian men are family-oriented. So if he invites you over for family dinner, make an effort to converse with his family members so he knows you can get along well with his loved ones. By being close to his family, you can also get to know him better. 

Challenges of dating a Russian man

Of course, there will always be challenges when dating a Russian man, or any other culture different from yours. And the number one hurdle, you ask? Communication. Misunderstandings may arise especially if you don’t speak the same language. There will be misinterpretations along the way. Russian men are known to be blunt, which can catch you off guard. Their being straightforward can get you taken aback, especially if you still want to test the waters first and he looks like he’s already going to propose in no time. You might have different expectations in relationships, and it might not go well if you don’t have open communication with each other. 

Another challenge you’ll eventually have to face would be his family. Russian men being naturally family-oriented can put a strain on your relationship. Since you’re someone of a different culture, some values and beliefs may not align with them. And though it’s not your fault, sometimes dating a Russian man with a family who’s heavily involved in their relationships might not work out. His family may have an influence on your relationship, whether you like it or not.

Dating a Russian man: Is it worth it?

There are so many things to love about dating a Russian man. You get the affection you deserve, the little and grand romantic acts that you’ve always dreamed about, and not to mention, the qualities you’ve looked for in a man. It’s easy to fall in love with affectionate gentlemen like Russians, but you must also consider that you have to make an effort to make your relationship work. It’s always a two-way street in every kind of relationship. So if you really want to date a Russian man, keep in mind that you have to embrace his culture–even the parts you don’t seem to understand yet. In no time, you’ll understand why people love to try interracial dating– especially with Russian men. 


John Santana

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