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How to Date an Italian Man

by John Santana

Picture this: you’re meeting a guy in Rome, and he asks you out on a date. He’s literally drop-dead gorgeous—tall, handsome, and impeccably stylish. You’re going to a romantic candlelit dinner with a smooth jazz sound playing in the background. You bond over seafood pasta and white wine. That’s what a perfect date looks like when you’re dating an Italian man.

Italian men are so effortlessly cool. They’re some of the most well-dressed people in the world, and they’re incredibly groomed. But beyond these physical characteristics, there’s more to love about Italian men—they’re naturally romantic, passionate, and family-centered. Here are all the things you should know about dating an Italian man.

Understanding Italian Culture 

Italians are big on family gatherings. Since they’re very family oriented, they often live together even as adults, sometimes including extended families. If not, they make it a point to meet frequently during the weekends to dine out. They’re big on socializing and gatherings, whether it’s for birthdays, Easter, or Christmas. 

Close family ties are part of the Italian culture and almost everything they do centers around family. Italian men, in fact, are so close to their mothers that there’s a term for them—mammoni, or mama’s boy in English. In a Eurostat survey in 2018, 72.7% of Italian men aged 18 to 34 still lived with their mothers. A lot of Italian men rely on their mothers for household duties, too. They like consulting their moms for a final say when making decisions. And honestly, when dating an Italian man, you’d easily notice how they love talking about their mothers. You’d know they were raised with so much love by how well they treat someone they like.

In romance, dating an Italian man will most likely sweep you off your feet. Aside from their attractive appearance, most Italian men know how to handle dates pretty well. They’ve mastered the art of flirting, and they know how to have fun. Dating an Italian man would revolve around spending time together and bonding over food and drinks. 

Meeting Italian Men

If you’re in Italy, then there’s your advantage—meet new friends, join social events, or go to nightclubs and bars to increase your chances of meeting “the one.” But if you’re on the other side of the world, you can always find an Italian man through dating apps. There are even Italian dating apps that you can download. This way, you can get to converse with them and get to know each other before agreeing to meet them and eventually going out on a date.

Now that you’ve learned how good Italians are on a date, it’s time for you to impress him. Since you already know that Italian men like to dress up, match that with a fashionable outfit too. On your first date, wear a cute dress or something appropriate for a first date. Also, on your date, it’s best to be prim and proper. Be your truest self, but don’t go overboard by being painfully shy or too flamboyant. Italian men like funny and confident people because they like to socialize a lot. Impress him by learning his language. When dating an Italian man for the first time, it’s helpful to learn conversational phrases so he can appreciate that you’re trying your best to communicate with him. But if you’ve already gone on a few dates with him, flirting in Italian can make him swoon.

Dating Italian Men

Dating an Italian man is one of the best romantic experiences you can ever have. Italian men are a jolly lot; you’ll never have a dull time with them. Expect that you’ll go on lots of dates because they like to meet personally instead of over the phone. You’ll mostly go to cafes, bars, parks, or anywhere where there’s food! Also, football is life for almost all Italian men. They can talk about it for hours because they’re just so passionate about the sport—it’s a way of life, as they say. It’s important to know his interests, likes and dislikes, and values so you can build a connection with him. By getting to know him, he’ll appreciate you more.

Romance and Relationships

Italian men are passionate not only about sports but also about romance. They often compliment the one they like and show lots of affection through actions and words. When they’re in love, you’ll easily know because they’re very expressive. If they like you, there’s no second-guessing. And if you feel the same way, you must keep the romance alive by spending quality time with him. You might want to be a bit flirtatious to up your romance, even in public. Go on adventures with just the two of you. And most of all, never let him feel jealous. Italian men like to feel loved and important. 

Dealing with Cultural Differences

Interracial dating can be quite hard, but if you learn how to navigate the foreign dating culture, it should be easier for you. Some cultural differences you may notice when dating an Italian man include affection. In Italy, they’re into physical contact. Don’t be surprised if you see people kissing and hugging all the time because it’s their way of showing affection. That doesn’t mean you should just go with the flow, though. For example, let him know if you feel uncomfortable with public displays of affection. If you communicate your feelings, you can understand each other better. Another thing that might be an issue in your relationship is living together. Italians still consider “moving in” taboo, especially for unmarried couples. They also don’t like to rush things, so it might be better to keep things steady and slow.

To deal with these cultural differences, it would be helpful to adapt to their culture. And it’s not just by learning their language. Knowing their cultural norms and etiquette, you have to understand, adjust, and compromise with how they live. In no time, it’s La Dolce Vita for you.

Dating an Italian Man: Is He the One For You? 

Expect to have a lot of fun when dating an Italian man. They’re one of the most fun, passionate, and sociable humans on the planet. Dating someone will make you more open-minded to new beliefs and customs you’ve never been exposed to before. But if you want to make it right, just be yourself and respect his culture, especially his family. Get along with his family, show interest in his passions, and be confident and fun to be with. By doing these three things, falling in love might just be around the corner.


John Santana

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