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Dating Colombianas: 12 Etiquettes To Know Before Dating A Colombian Woman

by John Santana

What is it like dating a Colombian woman? Latin American culture is known for being passionate. There will not be a dull moment when dating a Colombian woman. In general, they are famous for being family-oriented. Colombian women are known to be fun and enjoy life. Dating Colombian women can be exciting. They love to travel around the world and experience what other countries have to offer.

As we said, most Colombian women want to travel, but visiting is all it is. It can be a challenge to find a Colombian woman that does not want to move back to her beautiful Colombia.

Colombia is a breathtaking country with a lot of attractive Colombian women. Colombian ladies are known to be feminine and love to talk. They are easy to meet and have fun with. Latin America has been known to be an extremely social culture.

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Colombians are Generally Family-Oriented

Most Colombians come from large families. It gives them their source of identity, community, and support in their lives. The family will also set up most socializing, especially for a Colombian female. Generally, there is an expectation that family comes first.

Colombian culture in South America relies heavily on the bonds of family and community. In times of hardship Colombians will fall back on family, close and extended family to support them. In times when the family does not have the means to support them, the community will step in.

Godparents (Padrinos) play a huge role in the life of a Colombian woman. They act as second parents and play an active part in their lives. This shows the importance of the whole family. It is often in Colombian families that the elderly are taken care of at home.

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Grandfather with Grand Daughter Walking

12 Essential Colombian Dating Etiquettes

1) No Offensive Jokes

There is nothing attractive about making fun of Pablo Escobar. Or of the Colombian culture in any way. Colombians are extremely proud of their culture. There are many jokes about the Colombian accent. About the drugs and about the lifestyle in Colombia. It is up to us to not bring any of those up. We need to be respectful of this woman we have chosen to love.

During a lively dinner conversation with friends, a group of people shared various anecdotes and jokes about different cultures. In my opinion, there is nothing attractive about making fun of Pablo Escobar or the Colombian culture in any way. Colombians, like my friend Ana, are extremely proud of their heritage. While I understand that jokes may be made with harmless intentions, I believe it is important for us to be respectful and considerate of the woman we have chosen to love. We should refrain from bringing up jokes about the Colombian accent, drugs, or the lifestyle in Colombia. By doing so, we can show our appreciation for the culture and avoid perpetuating stereotypes. Ana’s courageous intervention inspired the group to be more mindful, creating a space where we could share laughter without inadvertently causing harm.

2) Have Manners

Colombian women are brought up to be ladies and want to be treated as such. Make sure not to burp or be rude. We definitely want to bring our good manners with us when dating. Showing people respect and kindness is a huge plus if we want to date a Columbian woman. As the community is so important it is essential to show that we care about those around us.

If we treat strangers badly then how can a lady expect us to treat her well in all situations? If we behave like respecting humans she will love us like one.

3) Flirt, flirt, and flirt

A woman wants to feel beautiful and sexy. It is important to make sure we do not engage too much with other women while on a date. A Colombian lady will wear high heels and dress up for us. Make sure to take notice and treat her like the beauty she is. She will put a lot of effort into her appearance. She will want to look and feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

It is up to us to show her that she is. Make sure that we notice her hair, clothes, and makeup. We need to make her feel seen and appreciated. Openly flirt with her and make her feel special. She will soak up all of the attention that you have to give her.

4) Get Up and Dance

Having a Colombian girlfriend means that we will need to learn how to dance. It is a major advantage for western men to be able to dance. It can be an issue in the western world to find foreign men who can dance well. Make sure that you do not dance with other girls.

Dancing is a way to be social. It is a way to have fun and enjoy a party. It is also expressive in that we can show love and passion for someone.


5) Listen to Her

Once she has started talking we need to make sure we listen to what she has to say. When dating Colombian women there are no brakes. And we will be the perfect match if we can remember what she has said in previous conversations. If she mentions that she likes wine, plan a surprise wine tasting.

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6) Time for Spanish

If we want to keep dating a Colombian girl we will need to learn her language. Colombians are passionate and so is their language. Learning to communicate in her mother tongue will go a long way for us. Her friends will also be impressed that we are able to speak to them in Spanish. It is a good idea to spend time with our Colombian lady and her friends so that we can develop a relationship.

Even if we experience a problem talking in a new language in public. It will make a huge difference in building a stronger relationship. Showing that we are willing to immerse ourselves into Colombian life.

7) Do Not be Late

A Colombian woman is notorious for being late. It is something that we will have to learn to deal with. That being said, we must never be late for a date. Colombian women do not take kindly to having to wait.

8) Who Pays

Colombian ladies will offer to pay at the end of a date. Do not take this seriously, she is just being polite. When it comes to money, Colombian females expect men to be able to take care of them.

9) Thank Her

When dating a Colombian woman always thank her after the date. It goes a long way to let her know that we enjoyed her company and the effort she put into looking good.

10) Take Her Home

As forward-thinking as the world is Colombian women believe in chivalry. She wants to be looked after. Just because the date went well does not mean that she will have sex with us. But she might allow us inside for some wine. This is the decent and respectable thing to do at the end of an evening. Make sure that she gets to her front door and into her home safely before leaving.

By showing that we have manners we will be respected more. This will help build trust between us.

11) Get to Know Her Friends

For Colombian girls, it is important to know that we as boyfriends or husbands are interested in their friends within our relationship. This can provide Colombian girls with a sense of home and love. Girls love it when their partner is actively involved in their lives.

Friends can say a lot about the people we are. They are a reflection of what we think of ourselves. It is important to spend time getting to know all of the people in your partner’s social circle.

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12) Bring Our Sense of Humor

We would be stepping into a culture of humor. A way to cope with the negative side of life is to look at the lighter side of things. Try not to take life too seriously. It is helpful to be able to make jokes, even in a tough situation.

That being said, Latin Americans tend toward being emotional people. They feel all of their emotions all of the time. And they are happy to express themselves whenever and wherever they are. This makes for an exciting, open, and passionate relationship. We need to make sure that we are able to express ourselves. Being able to talk about the good and the bad is important.

Frequently Asked Questions


Dating and Marriage to a Columbian Women

You will need to make sure that you have found true love before deciding to commit to a Colombian lady. Marriage is something that lasts for life among Colombian people. There are a few questions you will need to address when dating a Colombian woman.

Be prepared to become a part of the culture of our Colombian women. She will not be changing to western culture. This is something that we will need to be happy doing.

Which Country?

Living in different countries for Colombian women and their families can be tricky. It can be difficult for Colombian women to live in a foreign country permanently. There will be a strong desire for Colombian girls to want to live their lives close to their families.

Deciding as the husband which course to take in deciding which city to live in is a huge challenge. It is always a good idea to visit Colombia. This provides us with an opportunity to meet the locals.

Getting to know our Colombian girl’s culture, city, parents, and friends are essential. For example, we can make the compromise of merging cultures. We cannot expect our Colombian woman to leave behind everything she knows to live in a different country.

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This is the most important aspect of a Colombian woman. Her family is more important than anything else. We will need to understand that they will have a huge role in our marriage and over lives.

It can be loud and overwhelming. So it is essential to find a balance and understanding early on. Seeing a Colombian woman will show us a way of living that we never knew we could have. The bond of a family happens quickly and once they accept us there is no turning back.

Once a Colombian family has a relationship with us we are always going to be welcome to their country and to their home. It is however also important to be able to express ourselves within the family. We need to be able to say what we want for ourselves. For our wife and our children.

When joining such a large family it is essential to learn how to engage. How to be loud enough to be heard. This can be a daunting prospect, especially if we come from smaller western families. Colombians tend to live more loudly with a lot more opinions. They are not afraid to speak their minds. And because their families are so close they feel that their opinion always matters. Generally, they are correct.

As someone joining all the families it can be a challenge to have so much external input into a relationship. We would need to find our place early on in the relationship so that we do not get lost amongst the voices.

Kids sitting on the Floor


We can expect to have attractive kids when dating a Colombian woman or marrying one. Of course, our children will need to be brought up with aspects of Colombia whether we decide to live in a Western country or in Colombia.

We can expect to have a lot of involvement from the families living in Colombia. There is a lot of importance for Colombian influence in our children’s lives. Many Colombians are traditional in their roles. Many women want to stay at home and raise the children. It is not to say that that is what all women want. This is a conversation that needs to be had before children arrive on the scene.

Some other questions will be about religion and how that will affect our families. The children would definitely need to learn Spanish. Which is widely spoken in many Western countries already. We can also be assured that there will be many people to look after the children so that we can enjoy a night off.

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Where to Meet Colombian Women?

The big question is where do we meet Colombian women? There are many places to meet Colombian women but most probably on a dancefloor.

We need to make sure that we improve our dancing skills. Dancing is a massive part of socializing and takes place at all social events. Whether we are attending a birthday or going out for dinner.

Places where local girls hangout

Meeting such a señorita in Colombia is the easiest place to meet single women. Colombia produces beautiful and feminine women. Just by numbers and culture, and family connections it is simpler to meet Colombian women in Colombia. We will need to bring a good sense of humor with us when meeting Colombian ladies. Dating any woman comes with its challenges.

Be warned that once we meet a Colombian girl there will be no room for any other woman in our lives.

Online dating platforms

There are pros and cons when it comes to dating women online. Meeting a Colombian girl who actually lives in Colombia is a possibility. Dating women online opens up the world if we are open to traveling to meet our person.

A fantastic place to look for a lady from Colombia through online dating is On the absolute dater site, you will safely be able to find a Colombian girl who is actively looking for dating prospects.

Colombian vs Western Girls: What’s The Difference?

Western girls are completely different from girls from Colombia. A girl from the West seems to have very different expectations from dating.

It seems that most women from the West prefer the men she is dating to have their own place. Where women from Colombia understand the importance of families. A woman from Colombia would not be put off by a man that is living with his parents. In Colombia, it is a large part of the culture to look after each other.

This will be seen as an endearing trait from a woman from Colombia. Western women have also been known to have sex a lot sooner than women from Colombia when dating. In general, there seems to be a large divide in expectations between Colombians and the West when it comes to dating norms.


Dating a Colombian comes with its ups and downs. But all in all, it sounds like a fun and loving relationship. There will be a lot of dancing and eating. There is much room for being social, whether with families or friends. You will not be bored.

There are a lot of celebrations and amazing food to go with them. Colombian food is delicious and always generous. Make sure to be passionate and that we are ready to enjoy every moment. There is a lot of living to be done when you have Colombians in your heart.

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John Santana

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