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10 Best Dating Apps & Websites for Divorcees – Date Again!

by John Santana

Getting a divorce is not the end of the game. After some time dealing with hard emotions, it is time to get back into the playing field. As a divorcee, meeting someone is not always easy. It could be years before you last went on a first date.

The dating tactics are changing. What was working before is not working anymore. Ditch the old beliefs that you need to meet others the old-fashioned way. Embrace what the internet is bringing you.

Online dating platforms are the most convenient channel for divorcees to hang out and meet. It gathers people with similar backgrounds and interests so you feel comfortable chatting them up.

If you are ready to date again, check out these top dating apps for divorcees.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Dating Apps & Websites for Divorcees – Our Recommendations

1. Adult FriendFinder

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  • 90 million users around the world
  • Members are active and open-minded
  • Comes with a community forum to start a discussion on different topics


  • New members are harder to get a match

Adult FriendFinder (AFF) is a household name in the online dating world, for very good reasons. It has 90 million registered users around the world. Its members are open-minded and active on the platform. Every night, thousands of members come online in your region. You are guaranteed to get matched frequently.

Given its diverse background, members are very welcoming towards the dating style. You will find Adult FriendFinder to be extremely encouraging and supporting. Going through a divorce can be mentally draining.

Go on to the community forum to post about your struggles. The platform facilitates a deeper bonding among members by creating a forum where everyone can start a thread. This way, you have a broader reach and a higher chance of meeting someone you are compatible with.

However, being a new member, you may find topping the search results quite a challenge. The algorithm of the platform is not disclosed, but from user experience, it seems that the site prioritizes active members that have been using the site for a long time. This makes it hard for new members to come up top on search results and be seen.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • Many members are going through relationship troubles or a divorce
  • More suitable for the mature audience
  • Explicit photos are allowed


  • You will receive a lot of promotional emails

Ashley Madison has successfully established itself to be the fun online dating platform for the troubled and confused, in absolutely every best way possible. At first, the site was designed for married people to have secret affairs. Nowadays, it is a heavenly escape place for those too timid to try their dating game elsewhere.

Plenty of members on the site are going through some relationship troubles or a divorce. You will find comfort in listening to other’s stories and sharing your own. Since Ashley Madison caters well to divorcees, you can expect the audience on the platform to be slightly more mature. You will find a trustworthy lover that understands you and shares your values.

To further showcase your alluring body, you can upload as many explicit photos as you want. Ashley Madison has a lenient policy on photo-sharing.

Despite all the perks, Ashley Madison dating platform does come with a little drawback that members are not entirely happy with. The site sends out multiple promotional emails a day to users. You can choose to turn it off, but that will also turn off the notification emails when you match with someone or receive a message. There is no win-win on this.

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  • Has a powerful search engine that filters profiles accordingly
  • Simple registration process and setup
  • Its fast-matching feature is time-saving and effective


  • A lack of proper security protocol

Being a divorcee is not the only prerequisite to date. You have plenty of other qualities and requirements you want in a partner. has an impressively accurate search engine that will locate the one you seek instantly.

Its advanced search engine can correctly identify various search filters. No matter how picky you are, the site will satisfy your needs. Besides, signing up to the platform is easy. You can complete the whole registration process in under 15 minutes including the profile creation part.

There are profile templates that you can play with, which is fantastic for those new to the online dating world. Based on your profile and preferences, the site will automatically present profiles that you might like without performing a search. This saves time for busy members to browse around to set filters.

Although is great for first-timers, it comes with a security concern. The security protocol is not as tight as other online dating sites. Some users have expressed concerns over security leaks a few years ago. Since then, there have been upgrades on the security system, but to catch up with other big players, some work still needs to be done.

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4. Hinge


  • Unique profile setup
  • Clean and sleeky user interface
  • Quality video chat


  • No desktop version
  • Very limited interactions can be made for free members

Hinge is another dating app taking over the divorcee world. It’s easy to navigate around with a smart interface. The control is intuitive and perfect for everyone to use.

Upon registration, you are asked multiple questions that demonstrate your personality traits and sense of humor. Some of these questions are seemingly random. You are not expected to give an academic answer. Just use your wit. Your answers will be shown on your profile when others swipe through. There are lots of combinations to how the answers are displayed, making each profile unique and fun.

If you really like someone, there is no point in waiting. You can call them immediately with Hinge’s high-quality video feature. Unlike most other platforms, the video is not pixelated. It is quite a joyous experience connecting with others.

However, there is no desktop version for Hinge, which poses a huge inconvenience for those who do not use their smartphones often. And that is not the only limiting flaw with the app. Free members almost have no right to initiate a conversation or to like a profile because the site is restrictive. You will be forced to upgrade if you want to continue the conversation or meet someone.

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5. Single And Divorced Dating


  • All essential features are free
  • Interactive chat features
  • Prompt suggestions are shown for every new match


  • The location search is often inaccurate

According to the reviews by Apple users, Single And Divorced Dating scores 4.5 stars out of 5. The app is free to use. You are allowed unlimited searches and although it comes with limited messages per day for free users, the limit is high enough that it is not a concern.

Its interactive feature gives users the chance to send gifs, virtual gifts, and stickers to “wow” your date. It is a romantic gesture to put effort into your first move.

When you match with someone, different prompts are shown. You can choose how to initiate the conversation. It is a gift for the shy ones who always struggle to come up with a clever conversation starter.

A disappointing feature is the location search on the site. Location search is probably the most important thing for an online dating site. But Sing And Divorced Dating often get the filter wrong. When you are searching for profiles in Montana, don’t be surprised if profiles in Mexico or Alaska come up. It happens all the time and users have to manually screen through the profiles themselves.

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6. eHarmony


  • All results are based on your compatibility score
  • The gender ratio is evenly split
  • Good for serious dating


  • Expensive pricing

After a failed marriage, the importance of being with someone that you are compatible with seems more relevant than ever. That’s when eHarmony comes in. Specifically designed for serious dating, the site has multiple features that support its goal.

A questionnaire is sent to you upon registration. To activate your profile, you must complete the form. The long list of questions gives a score that is calculated in the system. The system will assign you profiles based on your personality traits. For years, eHarmony has connected 2 million couples thanks to its intelligent compatibility system.

The gender ratio is evenly split, giving everyone a fair chance to meet someone. Since the registration process takes effort, you can rest assured that members on the site are serious about dating. There are seldom fake profiles or scammers as well.

eHarmony surely is dedicated to making the platform clean and brilliant. And that comes with a cost that is fully reflected in the membership fees. You cannot get far with a free membership plan and the cheapest paid plan starts with $35.9 per month with the regular ones at $65.9 per month.

The price is way higher than average. Once you commit, you cannot cancel your plan without paying a fine. Therefore, you have to think carefully before you commit to it.

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7. Zoosk


  • Diverse member profiles
  • Accurate location searches
  • Members are active on the site


  • Not for serious dating

Zoosk is growing in popularity in North America. The only dating site is shifting to accommodate divorcees and others from different backgrounds. Members are friendly and accepting towards everyone’s sexual preference.

It is a breath of fresh air to be on a platform where everyone can openly discuss topics like divorce, kinks, and fetishes. Zoosk promotes harmony among members and allows the exchange of ideas. You can start a thread on the best kinks to try in bed and others will be excited to join.

Its location search is also impressively accurate. It filters down members by the district. If you are feeling too lazy to drive to town for a date, you can just find one living in the same block to hook up with. Members are loyal to the site so there are thousands of active members all the time.

Zoosk is cute to get your first taste of dating after a divorce, but it will not be the place to find your next love. The site is mainly for hookups only. Members are not interested in anything serious as most of them are still healing from their last heartbreak. It is unlikely that you will encounter someone romantic who wants to settle down.

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8. Elite Singles


  • Members are all well-educated professionals
  • It caters well to the mature audience
  • A friendly community where you can mingle with others without the intention to date


  • The site supports only a few messaging channels

If you are looking for someone with the same professional background, Elite Singles is the right place for you. When you are connected with someone who understands you, it feels so effortless and everything flows smoothly.

Members on Elite Singles are well-educated with good career prospects. They want someone who speaks their professional language and gets along well in both their work and private lives. The site is predominantly filled with people the age of 35 to 55.

Even if you just want to observe the field without the intention to date, Elite Singles is still a great choice. It is a community that supports your emotional needs. You can check out the blog and forum to see what others are up to. You only have to join when you are comfortable.

However, if you stay with the site, you might be disappointed by the few messaging channels available. You can only text your match and the chat room is plain and dull. Elite Singles needs to build proper messaging channels so members are not tempted to take the conversation off-site.

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Should You Disclose Your Marital Status on Your Dating Profile?

Lady busy using dating app

It is nobody’s business that you have just gone through a divorce. You do not have to publicly disclose that information. Your dating profile should contain information that you are comfortable sharing with the public. Any personal or sensitive detail should stay with you.

Your divorce is in the past and there is no need for you to write that on your profile unless you believe it is important that you mention it. That being said, once you match with someone, it is polite, to be honest about your past.

You do not owe it to anyone to further explain the details of your divorce but you should always inform a date if things are becoming more serious. The other person deserves to know, especially if you have children or are still in conflict with your ex-partner.

How to Build an Eye-Catching Dating profile as a Divorcee?

Take some good profile photos. A divorce means you are embracing other opportunities. Get ready to dress up and look stunning again. Online dating sites are mostly visual. Take some gorgeous profile photos so you can capture the attention of other users instantly.

Write a smart one-liner about yourself. Most users cannot be bothered to spend time reading your entire profile. So it is crucial that you have a one-liner that makes you interesting. The one-liner should reflect who you are and your sense of humor. It can be related to your job, your hobbies, or your previous achievements.

You can still add the details on your profile, but it should be after a short introduction. A large percentage of users will match with you based on your first paragraphs. Only a handful will take the time to read the whole profile.

Your photos should match your profile. If you are claiming to be a horse lover, put some photos of you on a ranch. Putting the right photos gives the visual elements and helps members to picture you as a person.

Include something relevant to your personality that helps members to get to know you better. Be personable. At the end of the day, you are setting yourself up for a date. You are not selling yourself.

Aside from the hot body, be you. Tell others what you like to do in your free time, what is your favorite TV show, and what is your dream travel destination. By adding these topics, you can start a conversation easily with others.

If the platform comes with a forum or a discussion board, make sure you participate. The threads are a great way to meet people. You are getting to know those who share your interest in the same topic. A lot of times, you will meet more compatible people in a group chat than in the search results.


The dating life as a divorcee is certainly an interesting one. You know how to date, but at the same time, you are out of practice.

Regardless of the situation, you will find the best-looking dates for a fun ride on these best dating apps for divorcees. Sign up now to get the butterflies in your stomach again when you meet an eye candy.

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