Dating an Italian

Dating an Italian: What It’s Really Like?

by John Santana

Italy is not only home to a long list of Michelin restaurants, but also a paradise for hot chicks and studs. Italians are known for their sexy expressions and enthusiasm for life. They are a top companion for enjoying the good things in life together.

If you are dating an Italian or are looking for an Italian partner, then you will need to read everything about dating them. More importantly, you will want to know where to find the perfect one for you!

Italians in love & Relationships

Italians are the most outspoken breed in the world about their feelings. Whether they love you or hate you, it is as clear as day. They will vocally tell you their impression. Their direct attitude fully reflects their views on relationships as well. When an Italian is in love, there are several things they will do.

1. They Will Repeatedly Tell You How Gorgeous-Looking You Are

Italians are visual beings. They have an eye for sexy babes with no shame to admit it. Your Italian partner will repeatedly tell you how attractive you are. They mean it from the bottom of their hearts.

Although looks are not everything, being self-critical to stay fashionable will give you an edge. Show up in different outfits consecutively to impress your baby doll. They will not stop looking at you.

2. They Will Cook For You

In this pasta kingdom, everyone is a chef. It is not a myth that all Italians are born to be great chefs. They have a passion for delicious food. Filling their partner’s stomach with tasty food is their biggest satisfaction. Each day, they are studying new recipes for their love.

Coming home and seeing a table of full plates spell “I love you.” It is their romantic way of expressing how much they care about you. Words and actions go hand in hand in this country. People don’t confess their love for you with the intention of getting into your pants. They say it because they mean it and intend to act on it.

3. They Are Direct About Their Criticism

Annoyingly, Italians are not the best at sugarcoating their criticisms, which can hurt your feelings sometimes. To think about it from their perspective, there is nothing to hide as lovers should be the closest to each other’s hearts. They will not perceive it as hurtful to criticize their partner. On the contrary, they think honesty improves the relationship.

Sometimes, the words may sound a bit harsh. They do not intend to hurt you. Rather, they hope to cut to the chase and solve the issue. On the other hand, they are respectful even when you stand your ground and refuse to accept their criticism. As long as you have your reasons, they will not push it further.

4. They Take Things Slow

Opposite to their vibrant lifestyle, Italians tend to take things slow in a relationship. During the first stage of your relationship, they will not be glued to you 24/7. Rather, they carry on with life as usual with you gradually adding more influence in their life.

Over time, you will grow to be an inseparable existence in their circle. They will want to hang out with you all the time. Italians like taking things slow because they know the risks if things don’t work out. They are unwilling to sacrifice other things in life, such as their friends, for you. Therefore, they take the time to see if you are the right one before they invest more time in the relationship.

How To Date An Italian?

1. Maintain A Good Relationship With Their Family


Family members have a heavy weight on their heart. They are sentimental about being there for them. Don’t confuse an Italian for a mama’s boy or daddy’s girl. They don’t feel the toxic need to stick with family all the time. But, whenever they are free, they do want to pay everyone a visit.

The best way to convince them you are marriage-material is to get their family to like you. Take the time to attend their family gatherings. Italians love a good crowd. The more times you show up, the faster they will consider you as part of the family.

Learn to understand their hobbies and birthdays as well. Italian families love celebrations. Helping out with their birthday parties bumps you into the inner circle and VIP list in the family.

2. Practice Your Cooking Skills

In Italy, it is a major shame not to be able to cook. Cooking is a basic life skill, regardless of your status and background. Takeaway and dining out are never as romantic as a home-cooked meal. Oftentimes, relationships with Italians end because they believe partners that can’t cook are not made for commitment.

To capture their love, you will first need to capture their stomach. Flip through a few cookbooks to check out the latest trends. Be innovative and try out fusion cuisines. Even if you don’t manage to match his standards, your effort already counts as you are trying your best to run the household. You can make simple pancakes for breakfast to give them a full charge of the day.

3. Tease Them A Bit

Woman Kissing a Man

Italians enjoy a little bit of the chase. It gives them the thrills to go after someone they like. They will try harder if you make them work for things. Don’t give away your affection too easily. When they do lovely surprises for you, compliment them and appreciate the gesture. Other times, it’s okay to tease them about not trying hard enough.

When they get teased about it, it wakes up their inner desire to be recognized. It motivates them to chase you down. Getting someone they love is not torture for them. Instead, they enjoy the chase, especially the moment when they finally get you. The feeling of being superior as they have worked their way up to win you over will forever stay with them.

4. Don’t Get Jealous

The Italian culture is friendly and lively. They can make friends while waiting for the bus. Gender is not a criterion in friendship. Making friends with people of different genders enrich their life. If you are the jealous type and don’t want your partner to hang out with the opposite sex, you are in trouble.

While Italians adore their lover, they never want to choose between their lover and friends. For them, hanging out with the opposite sex is not a crime. It is so normal that they will not see your reasoning forbidding them to do so. In their books, it is fine to hang out with anyone alone at night to grab drinks and party. These people are friends to them.

If you want a stable relationship with an Italian, that is something you need to get used to. You can never tame them to be the nerd that only has same-sex friends.

Will An Italian Want To Get Married?

Woman in Wedding Dress Holding Flower With Man in Black Blazer

Most certainly. In the beginning, they will be hesitant to commit to a serious relationship as they are still exploring their chances. They believe in attraction at first sight but the attraction doesn’t have to lead to a successful marriage. Taking things slow gives a better perspective on your compatibility.

It can be frustrating seeing your Italian partner still weighing on their options after a few months. At that point, the relationship may seem solid to you. This attests to their firm attitude on marriage. They don’t do it lightly. When they truly want to marry someone, divorce is not on the table. Hence, they take every measure to guarantee the right one is you.

Once you pass their evaluation, they will immediately stop browsing around. Their loyalty is never under question as soon as they are down for commitment. You will know when it is the right moment. They don’t lie about their feelings. Therefore, you always know when they are still casually seeing you or when they want to commit.

Italians are natural family people. The thought of raising a bunch of kids in a medieval house with a big garden is sweet. That is the life they want. You don’t have to worry about them doing fewer chores or leaving home to rave.

They love staying home and taking care of the household. Running a family together is the most romantic thing. They are a sucker for love. They can’t resist a good romantic novel written with their love and affection.

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Italian is the synonym for sexy and fun. Dating an Italian means you will never live a day without laughter and joy. They are so much fun to hang out with. Relationships are big for them. They treat their lover like the rarest diamond in the world. With them, you will finally know what love is.

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John Santana

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