Dating an Arabic man

Dating an Arab Man: Personality Traits, Pros & Cons

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

In the Arab world, dating etiquette is exceedingly different. Arab customs and traditions might be completely new experiences. Arab men are exotic, energetic, and protective. They are the guard that is ready to die for their love.

At the same time, there are some stereotypes surrounding Arab men. These stereotypes are often untrue. Dive into the Arab dating world to find out if your Arab guy is the right one.


How Do You Know If an Arab Guy Likes You?

1. He Dresses Up For You

Looks are predominantly the first factor to dictate attraction in the Arab world. Men are drawn to the sweet-looking ladies. They are also ready to put on a nice tuxedo even for the most casual dinner date.

Occasionally, you will find his behavior a bit awkward, especially when he shows up at a restaurant overdressed. In his mind, maintaining a sharp appearance impresses his potential lover. Don’t be alarmed if his outfit seems out of place. That’s when you know you have got his heart.

2. He Brags About His Achievements And Wealth

It is not the same as the obnoxious bragging about his inherited wealth from the family. He is eager to show off his achievements at work and assets to reassure you of his financial stability. It comes from his most profound belief that men should provide for the family in a serious relationship. His ability to offer the best living standards to his lover is his greatest goal.

He is not shy about dropping hints. You will hear how he plans to give you the best family life in the future with his wealth. His flaunting is in no way trying to belittle his date. It is his way of showing his stability and maturity.

3. He Wants To Be With You All The Time

Physical intimacy is crucial. The law of attraction means he wants to stare at you whenever he can. He will want to hang out all the time. It doesn’t get boring for him to just sit and do nothing with you. Your beauty is his muse.

Arab guys are fairly understanding when it comes to intimacy. He wants to be close to you, which naturally leads to sex. But he is also respectful and will not push things if you want to wait further. He is happy to meet up and get to know you.

4. He is Unapologetically Flirty

When an Arab guy is interested, he will turn everything into a flirting game. He seizes every opportunity to flirt with you. This direct approach shows his interest clearly. He is not afraid of being called out as the cheesy guy. Whatever gets him the girl he likes, he is in.

Being his romantic interest, you will never have a void in your heart of being neglected. He will remind you how much you turn him on daily. His flirtatious manner will put you on a pedestal. You are the princess of his life.

5. He Teaches You His Language And Culture

Arab men are proud of their heritage and culture. The thousands of years of flourishing history enriches his culture. He will excitedly share his language with you, teach you about the traditions, and bring you to some celebrations.

Inviting you to gain a better understanding of his culture is his way of expressing his love. It speaks love louder than any word can describe. Likewise, he will try his best to learn about your culture and way of living. It is a romantic gesture your Arab man gives when he is in love.

6. He Learns New Things To Impress You

Being competitive is oddly not repulsive at all in Arab men. He is competitive in an endearing way. A beauty like you will get dozens of guys coming after you. He feels the need to stay on top by improving himself. Every now and then, you will hear him talk about picking up a new skill or changing his looks. He is doing this to show that he is the best man for you.

His eagerness to please you means you will never see your partner slacking off in a relationship. He is always working on himself. Over time, you may even feel that he is so far ahead and you need to catch up.

How To Date An Arab Guy?

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1. Save Face For Him In Public

In his culture where male influence is heavily imposed, you must respect him in public. Although most young men do not share the belief that they are superior, it is still highly condemned if you start an argument in public. Harmony is sought after in a relationship. Any trouble you are facing should be dealt with privately.

Furthermore, if he is trying to show off with some slight exaggeration, you should not correct him in front of his peers. It is humiliating to be corrected. It is rooted in the long tradition of men being in a higher position in the hierarchy. Despite his firm approach to gender equality, he still needs to save face so others look up to him in his circle.

2. Respect The Elderly

The Arabic hierarchy runs in the family. You must show respect to the elder members of his household. Careless girls that do not speak to his elders respectably are an instant turn-off for him.

Whenever you visit his family, make sure to greet his parents. Be polite with all your responses. They are the wise and honorable members of the household. You should avoid treating them as your friends because they are your seniors.

3. Be Understandable If He Puts His Family First

Family is everything in the Arab world. Oftentimes, there will be complaints about him spending too much time with his family. This kind of complaint will unlikely harvest the change you want to see. For him, spending time with his family or even putting them first is logical. He may not be able to comprehend your frustration.

If you want the relationship to blossom, you have to understand his responsibility to be there for his family. That means he can take off during a date to help his brother fix his car or for something trivial.

4. PDA Is Not His Thing

PDA (public display of affection) is not common in a relationship with an Arab man. Most Arab men connect intimacy to their religion. Hence, they believe intimacy is a private matter that should not be shown in public.

Demonstrating PDA is forbidden in some Arabic countries. Your man may not be comfortable with the idea of kissing and making out in public. The moment you are out of sight, he will display his affection with love.

5. You Need To Keep Some Distance From Your Male Friends

Unlike the western dating style, Arab guys are weary of their partner’s male friends. Although he treats both genders equally, the deep-rooted belief that men should hang out with men and vice versa still thrives.

There will be unpleasant questions if you go out alone with your guy friends. He may get jealous. Moreover, he is not going to like it if the majority of your friends are men.

6. Don’t Ever Use Separation As a Tactic in Arguments

“Why are you with me then?” This type of passive-aggressive argument is the last thing you should throw at an Arab guy. He takes relationships very seriously. Anyone that even slightly hints at breaking over the smallest things is manipulative.

He does not appreciate using the “let’s take a break” excuse as a way to control him. Couples should solve arguments through peaceful discussions and compromises. These mind games are a death sentence as he will not hesitate to end the relationship with a girl like that.

Are Arab Guys Possessive?

Arab Man in White Thobe Sitting while Holding His Eyeglasses Arab guys being possessive is a major stereotype. The image of a man being in power comes from the century-long tradition of a male-dominated society. This generalization could still hold five decades ago. But today, Arab guys are hardly as possessive as people think they are.

While you need to save face for your partner in public to protect their image in front of others, guys are no more jealous than any other average boyfriend. Indeed, it may seem that an Arab man gets tipped off more easily by jealousy. He probably has a more conservative boundary when it comes to social norms. However, his standards will never penetrate deep enough into possessive behaviors.

He will raise his concerns as much as you can defend yourself. He doesn’t demand you to obey him. In every healthy relationship, there is bound to be some jealousy. It signals love and passion. There is no reason to label an Arab guy for his jealousy because of his background.

If he shows any abnormal behaviors that cause you to feel uncomfortable, bring it up so you can solve the issue. Behind closed doors, your man can be the most attentive person. Discuss your thoughts openly so he can make appropriate changes.

Do You Have To Convert To Muslim For Your Arab Man?

First of all, this is a big misconception many have about Arab men. Being Arab does not equate to being Muslim. There are plenty of Arab men that are either atheists or have other religious backgrounds. Connecting Arabs to Islam is not fair.

Second of all, regardless of his religion, forcing a partner to convert is an outdated tradition that many still mistakenly believe to be true. Granted, there were a lot of religious Arab men back in the day that would force their non-religion significant other to convert. But that practice has gradually died out as society evolves.

Nowadays, it is rare to find an Arab man that still holds on to this unrealistic stance, especially among international Arab men that have been living overseas for years. You don’t have to worry about your man pressuring you to learn about his religion. The situation of forcing you to convert almost never exists. If it happens, it only shows you are in a relationship with a toxic guy.

That being said, taking an interest in his religion never hurts. It shows him your interest in getting to know him. For religious people, faith is a big part of their lives. Studying and getting to know his practice is a sincere way to get to know the real him.

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