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Mastering the Art of Dating an Aquarius Woman: Traits, Tips & Top Sites

by John Santana

Dating your Aquarius girl is like watching a thriller. Sometimes, she makes you feel safe like heaven. Other times, she acts out like crazy. Why is she such a drama queen? Are you mastering her love language?

An Aquarius woman is one complicated lover. She has a ton of her mind. To date her right, you need to understand what her sign says about her.

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How to Date an Aquarius Woman?

1. Handle her Tears

Your Aqua girl is made of water. She can cry over a sad TV commercial. Dating her means you need to know when to wipe her tears and when to be chill. Occasionally, when she is sad about a movie, she just needs to let her emotions out. She does not need your comfort or comment. It is upsetting to tell her, “it is not a big deal.” She is not crying for attention. Rather, she is expressing her feelings.

Despite her frequent emotional outbursts, she does need a hug sometimes. When she is crying for the bigger things about family, friends, or work, this is the moment you hold on tight. An Aquarius woman is a dependent creature that needs her spouse’s support. Ignoring her because she is always crying in these situations will break her water-made heart.

2. Express Your Frustration Strategically

An Aquarius woman is prone to taking things personally. You pretty much cannot drop a negative comment and say, “it’s not about you.” In her eyes, it is always about her. It is due to her low self-confidence level rather than her being self-centered.

Bashing her over her mistakes will not prompt a change. Relay your opinions strategically so it is easier for her to take. Instead of pointing out her mistakes, tell her the alternative way to handle the same situation. You should avoid using the word “wrong” on her.

3. Bring up Intelligent Conversations

She likes to be intelligently stimulated. Having the world’s smartest guy as her boyfriend is a privilege. If you enjoy reading, you will never run out of interesting ideas. An Aquarius girl likes abstract concepts without a correct answer. Her imagination runs wild when dealing with these intangible ideas.

She is a brilliant thinker. Dating a like-minded guy is crucial for her. You want to demonstrate your creative thinking skill to impress her.

4. Show off Your Unusual Qualities

Being just a little quirky and weird hits your Aqua girl right in the soft spot. She is not drawn to ordinary people that fit into the mold. Unique people with their own styles are intriguing.

Are you into an extreme sport that no one seems to understand? It is your time to shine and share your passion with her. Seeing how your eyes sparkle talking about your interest turns her on. She loves telling people how her man has a special thing that other guys cannot compete with.

5. Flirt with Her

As much as an Aquarius woman likes stability, she is also seeking excitement. She wants to feel like it is your first date every time. Even when you have been going out for a while, you should still flirt with her before the date, tease her about her dress, and stroke her hair during dinner.

Flirting with your girlfriend shows that you are romantically interested. Create some dirty inside jokes to laugh at. It makes her happy to have something exclusively for the two of you.

6. Keep a Little Distance

Just like a deep-sea creature, this Aqua girl is unpredictable. She is conflicted at times. She longs for security but also gets turned off when her man is an open book. Being able to read her partner all the time is not arousing for her. She wants to date a mysterious hot stud.

There are times when taking a step back is healthy for your relationship. It forces her to chase after you. Keep some privacy to yourself and maintain a suitable distance when the relationship is getting too intense.

What it’s like Dating an Aquarius Woman?

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1. She is Your Best Friend

There is a difference between being a lover and being a friend. An Aquarius lover believes both titles should go to her. She is by your side even during the toughest times. You will not find another loyal friend like her.

She makes an effort to be part of your life. Everyone around her will adore her because she does her best to leave a decent impression. Her decisions are all based on your well-being. An Aquarius girl is surely one of the best romantic partners to have.

2. She Gives You Motivation in Life

Her idealistic way of thinking makes this sunny girl an excellent motivational speaker. People should live the life they desire. Whenever you are stuck chasing your dream or sticking with reality, she will encourage you to try harder. Having the richest partner is not on her agenda. She would much rather have a partner that is brave enough to go after his dream.

Listening to her will pump you with energy. You are more empowered than ever to pick up on your long-lost goals.

3. She Encourages You to Hone Your Skills

Being in a relationship should not be the end of the road. Growing and learning together is the glue to your relationship. She wants you to take the time to hone your skills, whatever they may be.

If you are into violin, do not drop out of practice because you are busy dating her. Your responsible girl will feel ridiculously guilty to have you lose anything because of her. Seeing you master something gives her inconceivable joy.

4. She Expands Your Network

You should humbly call your dedicated girlfriend the social queen. Despite not being a born social bee, she tries what she can to network for your career. She feels the responsibility to help her partner in any sense. When she sees an event that will be beneficial to you, she will sign you up.

Because of you, she is also expanding her network. This positive influence means you are not one of those toxic couples that only have each other. She is delighted for you to meet more people, especially those that can advance your career and bring positive influences.

5. She Takes Care of the Small Things For You

A natural carer like her is very detail-oriented. She loves taking care of people without any complaint. From now on, she will handle all the laundry sessions, coffee runs, and household chores.

Taking care of the family is satisfying for her. She enjoys being the pillar of the house. Living with an Aquarius girl is the ideal setting for those who dislike these small chores. Besides, it will warm your heart to see her memo every morning reminding you to take your vitamins.

What is the Weakness of an Aquarius Woman?

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Overthinking. Your Aqua girl is among the top five Zodiac signs to overthink about everything. Her desperate need to feel safe has caused her to overanalyze each situation. She has a meticulous way of comprehending things. As long as a scenario goes out of expectation, she thinks it is an act against her.

She feels the need to satisfy everyone around her. The slightest hint that someone dislikes her will cause her great pain. It is not the first time that an Aquarius woman’s overthinking has ended her relationship.

In a relationship, she tends to worry about silly things. When you reject a family gathering invitation, she is worried that you dislike her family. And when you come home late, she suspects you might be meeting with someone. Her constant doubt and worrying are her greatest weakness.

As her partner, you have to systematically deal with this inherent issue by reassuring her of your commitment. She does not handle confrontation well. Think about it, her overthinking comes from her fear of disappointment rather than distrust. She loves you with all her heart. To support her, handle it with grace.

Does an Aquarius Lose Interest Quickly?

Due to her fear of abandonment, an Aquarius girl will pull out of a relationship upon the first red flag to avoid being hurt. To be precise, she is not losing interest, she is taking a step back. Standing at a safe distance offers her solace.

She is afraid to be hurt or be told that she is not good enough. Therefore, she will pretend to lose interest first to save face. Keeping an Aquarius woman on the hook is difficult. You need to show your interest in her tirelessly. Furthermore, she needs confidence in your commitment.

Best Online Dating Sites to Find Your Aquarius Woman

Online Dating

  • Adult FriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Bang Locals


Your Aquarius girl is the most compassionate goddess. She wants nothing but good for the people in her life. Dating her feels like a true blessing. Your kind-hearted queen is only one match away if you sign up on these online dating sites today!

John Santana

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