Dating An Actor

Dating an Actor: The Benefits & Downsides Explained

by John Santana

If you are someone who is dating an actor or considering it, there’s a lot you need to know. This guide will cover the benefits and downsides of dating one. They may be someone getting started, on the rise, or already famous.

Pursuing an actor who is already famous will be a challenge from the start. That’s because it’s more of an accessibility thing. With that in mind, let’s take a look now at what you need to know about dating an actor.

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Benefits Of Dating An Actor

There are plenty of benefits to dating someone who acts on TV and in movies.

Here’s a list of what they are so you know what they are:

You’ll Get ‘behind the scenes’

You might be observing a film shoot and you’ll get a live look at the actors at work. Including the one you are dating. You will also get a behind-the-scenes look at how the actors, film crew, and everyone else works together.

You might get to learn the ins and outs of the production process. Will you be attending film sessions every time? That may depend on the powers such as the directors or producers.

If you are granted access, you might not want to interfere with the process. Words about actors can travel fast. If you’re associated with them, and people get a negative vibe from you, people will know.

You’ll Meet New People On a Regular Basis

These include the directors, production team, and other actors, among others. Your actor or actress partner may be the same, but the other cast and crew members are different. So you might get a chance to meet people who you might meet again on future projects.

So it would be ideal to leave a positive and lasting impression. As mentioned before, treating people with negativity can hang like a dark cloud on an actor or actress that is trying to make a living with their acting talents.

And a negative reputation will always lead to less work. The last thing you want to be is a liability to the actor or actress you’re dating.

You May Get Famous Instantly

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This will depend on how famous your actor or actress partner is. So you will be getting more attention than ever before. This can be daunting and intimidating for most.

That is unless you love the attention yourself, then that might be a plus. With that newfound fame, it’s important to know how to use it. Try to keep a positive image and reputation.

Don’t leverage it to a point where it gets to your head. You don’t want the words constantly out of your mouth to be, ‘do you know who I am?’ A lot of people may not care.

Don’t expect people to bend over backward for you because you’re dating an actor. And believe us when we say that people will resent you for it if you do.

You’ll Be Telling a Lot Of Stories

Dating an actor or actress will give you access to a lifestyle that not everyone will have access to. No one outside of that exclusive circle will be aware of what’s going on. It can also mean that you have so many stories to tell.

You might talk about experiences during a film shoot. You might also have something juicy about an actor or actress and the way they behaved at a party. You know – the stuff that would create so many headlines in the tabloids?

You might have a lot to talk about. It may be enough to put together a memoir (when it comes time to write one). Keep in mind that the things you say could carry negative consequences.

We’ll talk more about this when we talk about the downsides of dating an actor.

Life May Feel Like a Movie

Let’s face it, living a lifestyle of the rich and famous would feel like living in a movie. You might be living the dream life that people will see on TV and in movies. They may be fantasizing about it right now.

And you might be living someone’s fantasy. Don’t panic and don’t ask someone to pinch you. It’s reality and it will feel quite surreal to someone like yourself.

They Are Excellent Communicators

If there is one thing that makes a relationship solid, it’s communication. Actors and actresses have great communication skills. So they’d be easy to talk to.

They may also try to understand where you’re coming from. Their communication skills may switch to ‘acting’ mode when the cameras are on. But when they’re off, the concepts and frameworks of good conversation remain the same.

Ask interesting questions, try to solve a problem, or even have a conversation that will keep going for a long time.

You Get To Travel

Stylish couple embracing near private jet

Whether it’s for a film shoot or if it’s an actor’s time off, you’ll get to travel to wherever they’re going. It could be somewhere in Europe or someplace you’ve never seen in the United States. You’ll get a chance to go anywhere and everywhere.

In the film industry, there are people who will scout out areas for potential shoots. The film is a green light, but where to shoot can be a challenge. The actor or actress will be tagging along with a crew to see which place will be perfect for filming.

And you just may be along for the ride. How cool is that?

They Are Spontaneous

If you love spur-of-the-moment, last-minute adventures, actors are those kinds of people. They may come up with something almost out of thin air. They’ll enjoy whatever it is with you.

It’s unplanned and it happens out of the blue. It just might be one of the best experiences you’ve had in your life. Whatever it may be, the mystery unravels minute by minute.

It could be a trip someplace out of town. Or eating out at a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try out.

They Are Thick-Skinned

If someone is thick-skinned, it means that they can handle criticism and negativity. That’s because they have experienced rejection after dealing with multiple auditions where they didn’t get the role. It happens.

They accept this and they get tougher with experience. They’ll have that level of stability that you’ll be happy with. However, this is a benefit that might not be the case for some actors (as we’ll discuss later on).

They Look To You As An Inspirational Figure

An actor cares about their work. They may see you as an inspirational figure (or a muse). They can rely on you to help them out when it comes to preparing for an audition, an upcoming scene they need to film, and more.

Who knows? They may seek you as the perfect rehearsal partner. We know what you’re thinking, you might not have the best acting skills.

But hey, it’s also fun to do. Especially when an actor’s role may involve a potential love interest. Nevertheless, you are someone who will support them every step of the way.

Downsides Of Dating An Actor

While there are benefits, there are also downsides to dating an actor. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what they are:

The Attention Can Be Overwhelming

As mentioned earlier, if you’re dating an actor who is already famous, you’ll be instantly famous yourself. The attention you’ll receive will come in like a huge wave. That alone can be daunting and intimidating.

Plus, there are the fans. Some of them will go out of their way to do ridiculous things. All to get the actor’s attention.

It can get to the point where you’d want some peace and quiet with the actor you’re dating. The media will have their eyes on them (and even you) most of the time. Find a way to handle it as best as you can.

Some Actors May Have Insecurity Problems

A Woman in Cream Sweater Behind a Person in Black Vest

Self-image is a huge thing for actors (and those in the entertainment industry). Yes, we’ve mentioned that they have thick skin. However, it’s not 100 percent assured.

They may notice something that may seem off about their self-image. They may fear that they are gaining weight. They may feel like someone is judging them negatively.

It can get to a point where it may stress them out. They could also develop issues such as substance abuse, addiction, or even eating disorders. As the romantic partner of an actor or actress, you’ll want to do your best to support them.

If they go down a dark path, make sure they get the help they need. They’ll have you to thank your efforts to turn their life around. In addition, don’t blame yourself for any negativity that happens.

Financial Management May Be An Issue

Not all actors will be good at managing their money. They may blow it on ridiculous things. Yes, they could get paid a great deal for a project (especially a high-budget movie).

They might spend it on all kinds of things. Maybe to show off or keep up with someone who may be trying to one-up them. We’ve heard so many stories of actors and other entertainers going broke after their careers wind down.

You might not be someone that should be controlling someone’s finances. However, you should kindly suggest to them ways on how they can manage their money. It doesn’t take a financial expert to talk about what’s good or bad in terms of spending their hard-earned cash.

They Have Demanding, Always-Changing Schedules

Actors don’t work a set amount of hours like most workers. Their schedules are all over the place. Long hours, last-minute changes, and so much can happen at the snap of a finger.

This can make a mess of things in terms of dates or other plans that you two may have. So expect cancellations to be a common thing. You’ll want to be understanding of this if you want the relationship to last between you and your romantic partner who is an actor or actress.

Trust Issues May Exist

You may have heard stories about actors and actresses regarding infidelity. And yes, there are times when an actor or actress may be involved in a kissing or a sex scene. This may be uncomfortable for you as a romantic partner.

So it may be a good idea to communicate with your partner about such scenes. It may be a difficult topic. Yet, it’s important to get an understanding from an actor’s or actresses’ perspective.

Yet, you can do your part to continue meeting an actor’s needs. Also, do your part to make sure that the actor or actress you’re dating stays faithful to you and doesn’t cheat on you. Continue to do things that will make you more attractive to them.

Trust between you and your partner can be preserved by communications and actions. Nothing more, nothing less.

Their Moods May Not Be The Best At Times

A Couple Arguing

If they are an actor starting out, they may be feeling bad about another failed audition. They may have had a long day as well. So it would make sense to understand that they might not always be in the best moods at times.

This means they’ll need their space if they don’t feel like talking to anyone.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone planning on dating an actor, it may be a good idea to know the upsides and downsides. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to pursue or even maintain a relationship with someone who people will watch all the time.

The attention can be overwhelming. The behind-the-scenes life can be chaotic at times. And it can take determination and understanding to make a relationship work.

It won’t last if you are someone that will handle the attention of your romantic partner. Or their demanding and changing schedule. Otherwise, it’s important to be prepared for it and know what comes with the territory.

John Santana

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