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Dating a Virgo Woman: What to Know and Compatibility Tips

by John Santana

If you can keep an open mind, Astrology can help you understand more about yourself and the people around you. Whether for spiritual or entertainment purposes, learning about your partner’s astrological birth chart can also bring deeper meaning and understanding in relationships.

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What Are a Virgo Woman’s Traits?

Before we can understand how a Virgo woman acts in a couple, we should understand who they are as an individual.

Below are a few common characteristics of Virgo’s:

1. Virgo is an Earth sign – Virgo women feel deeply connected and rooted in the material and physical world. This makes them present a logical, practical and systematic approach to life.

2. Virgo is governed by Mercury – Mercury is the planet of communication and messengers, this makes Virgos excellent information processors and even better communicators of fine details, clear concepts and organized strategies.

3. Virgo’s are kind nurturers – Another trait from their Earth element, Virgo women tend to be supportive, gentle and loving friends. If you come to your Virgo woman for advice, they can provide concrete, constructive, practical solutions to seemingly impossible situations.

4. In the workplace, Virgo’s can be excellent teachers, editors, musicians and healers (nurses or doctors)

5. Some famous Virgo Women:

  • Beyoncé
  • Zendaya
  • Blake Lively
  • Salma Hayek
  • PInk
  • Michelle Williams
  • Taraji P. Henson
  • Shania Twain
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Alexis Bledel

Virgo Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

What is there to love and hate about a Virgo woman? How do we understand a Virgo woman? Below we’ve explained a few key traits that make Virgo women loveable and difficult friends and lovers.

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Why We Like A Virgo Woman:

  • She is a caring and loyal friend – Virgo women want to help nurture and grow their partner and friends’ lives. She wants to help manifest the best version of you and get the credit and satisfaction of admiring their creation in your friendship and relationship.
  • She Loves to Clean and Organize – Virgo women need to constantly improve and perfect their surroundings as they are constantly looking and working towards a better life. This manifests in weekly or daily cleaning rituals, spontaneous home improvement projects and frequent decluttering.
  • She Has Practical and Material Affection – Your Virgo woman will be happiest when shown love through acts of service, gift giving and quality time. Virgos believe words and physical touch are easily given, to spoil a Virgo is to tangibly quantify your affection. If you cannot clean the house for them, buy them a coffee on a bad day or spend time running errands with them, then they might believe you aren’t as committed, supportive and sensitive to their needs.
  • She Needs Validation and Manifestation – A Virgo woman is a woman who is always hard-working and committed to a goal, which makes the realization and manifestation of a long term goal so rewarding to her. A Virgo needs a promotion, medal, certificate, celebration or form of validation after investing their energy and effort into a project. If they can’t mark a task as complete or receive the reward they expected, they can feel extremely demotivated or unsatisfied.

Why We Dislike A Virgo Woman:

  • She Can Be Overbearing – It’s a Virgo woman’s nature to support and guide their friends and partners, but not everyone wants to be told what to do or micromanaged in every task. Because of their perfectionist nature, Virgo women can appear arrogant of their own opinion and rub people the wrong way when they’re not susceptible of alternative options.
  • She Can Be Stubborn – Their Earth element makes Virgo women immovable and inflexible to change. At times it will be impossible to convince a Virgo woman that there are other options and solutions beyond what they think.
  • She Appears Materialistic – Virgo women need material objects and actions to represent another’s sentimentality and affection of them. If a Virgo woman doesn’t receive acts of service or gifts regularly they can feel underappreciated, this is because Virgo’s believe that they aren’t loved if they can’t see material evidence of another’s love. This material understanding of emotions is what makes a Virgo woman appear materialistic.
  • She Can Be Insensitive to Other’s Feelings – A Virgo woman will always have the instinct to provide advice and solutions to a given problem, this means as a friend she can immediately try to fix a broken heart instead of listening and responding to a sad breakup story. It means in any emotional and spiritual crisis, a Virgo woman might not have the ability to remain sensitive and feeling before trying to resolve the crisis first.

Are You Compatible With a Virgo Woman?

Famous Celebs

If you’re wondering which Zodiac sign perfectly balances out a Virgo woman – there are a few sings that can make a Virgo woman happy and each is for a different reason:

1. Scorpio and Virgo

Water meets Earth in this pairing – Where Scorpio loves to shower their partner with intense connection and affection, Virgo loves to strategize and commit to their lover. As individuals, both Scorpio and Virgo feel as though they cannot relax or release, but together they can be at peace.

You can find this couple taking a slow forest hike or relaxing yoga session together.

2. Capricorn and Virgo

These two Earth signs are two halves of one pragmatic, passionate and practical whole. Capricorn can be moody at times, but Virgo’s great communication skills hep ease any hurt feelings. Virgo can become anxious in their pursuit for perfection, but Capricorn’s level-headedness can bring Virgo back to earth.

Both the mom and dad friend in their friendship groups, these two come together to create the most loving and stable home.

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3. Taurus and Virgo

Two of a kind Earth signs, Taurus and Virgo have the same tastes and sensibilities which makes them a super compatible couple. When it comes to building a home and a family, Taurus loves a luxurious lifestyle but Virgo has a steady reality-check protocol. Virgo loves routine and stability but Taurus is able to keep things lively and fresh.

These two make a great parenting team – their caring natures, grounding personalities and sense of stability allow a serene and safe space for raising children.

4. Cancer and Virgo

Cancers were made and designed for dating a Virgo sign. Cancer is also a nurturing person and Virgos are attracted to fellow givers. Cancers are also big planners, so they won’t surprise Virgos with any last-minute spontaneity that they wouldn’t appreciate. Cancers love a slow-paced life that appreciates beautiful, still moments and a Virgo can relax and release in Cancer’s comfort zone.

This couple can be spotted on Instagram on their latest destination vacation that was carefully planned and scheduled by Virgo, but dreamed and manifested by Cancer.

What Does It Look Like When Virgo Women Are In Love?

Let’s take a closer look at famous Virgo females and their best match to understand more about how to date a Virgo Woman:

1. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds – Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man

Beautiful Couple

Where Blake Lively needs structure, strategy and planning to succeed in Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds’s Scorpio nature is great at supporting her. Scorpio and Virgo couples find peace in each other when the outside world is chaotic and stressful, which makes sense why this celebrity couple excels in personal privacy.

2. Zendaya and Tom Holland – Virgo Woman and Gemini Man

Teen Vogue

Air signs and Earth signs don’t usually get along, but Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury. This means they speak the same language and have compatible communication styles – fans of this couple will know that Zendaya and Tom are often seen having silent conversations or quick touches in interviews.

3. P!nk and Carey Hart – Virgo Woman and Cancer Man


As we already discovered, Cancer and Virgo have many similar qualities that make them the best match for each other. It makes sense that Virgo mega-popstar P!nk would need a sensitive and nurturing Cancer partner in Carey Hart. After long tours and screaming crowds, we can imagine P!nk coming home to the beautiful, restful and serene home Carey helped create for them.

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