Dating a Turkish Man

Dating a Turkish Man: How To Impress Him?

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

Turkish men are masculine and sexy. The moment you lay eyes on your man candy, you know you are in for a treat. The traditional Turkish culture is fascinating, yet complicated. As someone new to the dating norms, you need this dating guide to smooth out any bumps you may face in your new relationship.

Navigating a romance with a wild stud like him is not quite easy. There are things you need to know about before making the sacred commitment.


How To Impress a Turkish Man?

1. Emphasize Your Foreign Origins

Generally speaking, Turkish people are curious-minded about foreign cultures. They endorse spectacular traits from you that cannot be found anywhere in their culture. As proud as they are of their traditions, they are exceptionally well at listening and learning about others.

To impress a Turkish man, emphasizing your origins is a good start. It is intriguing for them to meet a foreigner, particularly one with stories to tell. All your life stories about traveling to different places and meeting people from all around the world are like fairytales for them. Even if they are just as well-traveled, they will always be attracted to foreign girls more because they crave exotic elements.

2. A Good Dark Sense Of Humor is Preferred

Turkish men are known for their hilarious sense of humor. Their jokes will keep you laughing until you can’t breathe. Yet, some of their jokes are often deemed inappropriate. They enjoy a dark joke without any ill intention.

Anything can be a good laugh for them. What’s the point of life if you can’t laugh about things? They frequently mock themselves for a good laugh as well. You should not take their jokes personally. They tend to label those with no sense of humor a “snowflake.”

3. Take Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Compared to other cultures, Turkish men are way more straightforward about approaching a woman. They are not afraid to initiate with a girl they like. However, they like to tango a bit before they get their target to feel like they have earned it.

With your man, you can take two steps forward and one step back. It arouses him to see you going slightly back and forth. It acts as a motivation for him to try harder. They never back out when a challenge presents itself. If you have said yes to three dates in a row, be a little cheeky and reject his idea of hitting a pub. Have the next date your way so he knows you are the boss.

4. Be Independent and Considerate

In the modern Turkish dating book, independent women are sexy. They have an irresistible appeal to men. Having a stable job and lots of social activities show your charm. They fall for strong women easily.

That being said, most Turkish men have a bigger ego than usual. Hence, they struggle to maintain a relationship with a dominating woman. While they don’t try to tame you, they do prefer a partner that is considerate of their feelings instead of bouncing off whenever she feels like it.

5. Demonstrate Your Skills and Knowledge

Being a professional in a specific field takes years of practice. Intelligent people can strike up a conversation at ease. Turkish people are attracted to the elites with insights to share. They love getting a lecture from their date.

When you are skillful at something, it insinuates stability. Turkish men crave security in a relationship. Besides, having a partner they can look up to is the secret to long-lasting love.

6. Have a Political Debate

Talking about Turkish politics shows more than your presentation skills, it also shows how knowledgeable you are about the country. Politics is a big thing in this Mediterranean country. Everyone has an opinion on it.

Let them express their stance so you can construct your argument on it. A friendly debate is welcome. It will blow their mind to see how much you know about Turkish history and political environment.

How Do You Know If Your Turkish Man is in Love?

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1. They Message You All The Time

There is no personal boundary when a Turkish man is in love. They will message you all day and all night. Keeping a distance is not a sign of love. You are the first person they want to text when they wake up and the last person they want to talk to before bed.

Even if you don’t reply, they will write a thread in the chatroom as if it is a diary. At first, it can seem frightening when you are not familiar with their culture. But once you realize it is their way of showing their care, you can relax and not stress about receiving hundreds of messages a day. They are not pitiful about not getting a text back as they know you might be busy.

2. They Post About You on Social Media

If it’s not Instagram-official, it’s not official. Turkish people have a way of announcing the happy news. Posting photos with you on social media platforms indent their loyalty. Anyone that clicks through their profile will see that they are happily in a relationship.

Furthermore, they love spreading joy. They want the whole world to know you are the love of their life. Once you are in this relationship, they will never post another photo with another girl again.

3. Their Wallpaper Is a Photo Of You

The more cliche, the better. Although Turkish men are not the type to think outside of the box when it comes to romantic gestures, they do go over the top to insert your presence. Gestures that you find cringy are thoughtful in their minds.

Using your photo as wallpaper keeps them at bay. Whenever they feel frustrated, all they have to do is to look at the beautiful memories you have created together. All the worries evaporate as soon as they see your face.

4. They Have a Nickname For You

Nicknames are the cutest way to address your babe. In Turkish, people have nicknames for their close ones. It is usually a variation of their name. Your man will create a nickname for you even if you don’t have a typical Turkish name.

Calling each other by this secretive nickname is a love language only you and your Turkish partner will understand. It is the love potion that strengthens your love.

5. Their Promises Are On The Papers

Giving verbal promises is not satisfying as anyone can back out from them. The Turks know how to give solid promises. A marriage certificate is not the only paper that solidifies the sacred commitment.

For example, when they invite you to move in together, both of your names will be on the lease, electricity bills, and tax forms. It may not sound romantic but having both of your names on the same paper shows their willingness to be a loyal couple.

Occasionally, they will insist on having both of your names everywhere, even when it is not necessary. That’s because they believe couples should be in everything together. They will not hesitate to add your name to their existing plans to show you how important you are.

Things To Avoid In a Relationship With a Turkish Man

Turkish Culture

1. Don’t Criticize Their Culture

In every culture, there are elements that you resonate with and dislike. It is quite impossible to have a culture with only good or bad sides. That being said, you should be sensible when bridging cultural differences.

Turkish men are naturally proud of their traditions. Voicing out your dislike for their norms can be hurtful and insensitive. You should word your thoughts carefully so it doesn’t come off as criticism. When you run into customs you don’t quite agree with, think twice before you voice it out. There are times when your critical opinions can stay with you.

2. Don’t Reject Gatherings With Their Family

Family is a big component in their life. They place everything else below their family. If you want a healthy relationship with your Turkish man, you need to attend their family gatherings as frequently as you can. Turkish families are usually big with dozens of cousins, aunts, and nephews. Learning everyone’s name is a delicate way to show your respect without going over the top.

Remember to always show respect for the elder. There is no room for disrespectfulness in a Turkish household. Even when you don’t agree with what the elders say, it is important not to oppose it directly, especially since you are still considered an outsider in the family. Arguing with the family will be seen as discontent.

3. Don’t Forget to Celebrate All The Important Dates

Your boy loves a fancy celebration. A milestone should not go unnoticed. Turkish men are not the type to quietly spend the anniversary at home. They go all out. On your birthday or big promotion at work, they are going to take you to the wildest club in town with friends to congratulate you.

You are always surrounded by a crowd when you date a Turkish man. They are sociable with a bunch of friends just a phone call away. With your lover, you will never be alone as you reap dozens of quality new friendships. You don’t have to wait for your partner to hang out with their friends. It makes them happy to see you going out with their friends even when they are not around.

4. Don’t Make Out in Public

Turkey is considerably an open-minded country. Still, people are not used to the idea of showing affection in public. They find it unsettling to see couples making out in plain sight. It is a disgrace to the family if your man is caught kissing you passionately on the street.

Hold your temptation with physical intimacy. Holding hands and a gentle kiss on the cheek is accepted. These acts are not as vulgar as exchanging your saliva. It is understandable if you have a strong opinion on this matter. But bear in mind that your partner has his family to answer to so he has to play by the rules.

Will Your Turkish Man Want to Get Married?

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Tying the knot is the ultimate goal for every Turkish man. They all want to settle down at one point. Despite that, it has become increasingly more common to have flings and casual relationships. Still, Turkish men are not the type to fool around by lying to their partners.

While they may not announce it upfront their expectations for this relationship, they will give a precise answer when questioned. Ask your man whether he is looking to commit. Even if they are not seeking a serious relationship at the moment, they are usually open to the notion.

Typically, their willingness to get married correlates to their age. Turkish men don’t quite want to be tied down when they are only in their early 20s. At this stage, meaningless sex and flings have a higher appeal than commitment.

However, once they hit the 30-mark, they will start to seriously think about getting married. Hence, if you are dating a young Turkish man, chances are, you will wait for a while until they feel grounded. On the other hand, if your man is more mature, they will start talking about settling down early on in the relationship.

Can You Trust Your Turkish Man?

Most of the time, Turkish men give out an impression of being extremely flirty. They are rarely honest from the looks of it. This is utterly wrong as they are loyal to their true love.

In the beginning, it can seem like your man is still browsing through the catalog. Indeed, their flirtatious nature means they will still try their chances before your relationship is stable. That should not be a concern since you are new to this. They are exploring other possibilities to increase their chances.

After a while, you two will have a better idea of how compatible you are. At that point, they will start making more commitments to the relationship. That’s when you know your Turkish guy is ready to be loyal.

You can’t tame a Turkish man. They will settle down when they are ready to. The good thing is, when they give you a promise, they keep it. Any married Turkish guy will dedicate the rest of their life to serving the family. They will do whatever it takes to protect and cherish what they have.

Perfect Date Ideas With Your Turkish Man

Couple enjoying drinks while dating

1. Wine Tasting

Despite certain restrictions on alcohol in Turkey, most Turkish men are fans of fine wine. Whether you are currently in Turkey or dating a Turkish man overseas, take him to a wine-tasting experience.

Hit an island to try out some local wine. Stay for dinner to enjoy a calm evening on a balcony overlooking the city. It is going to be memorable and peaceful, which is right up your partner’s alley for the best date ideas.

2. Homemade Turkish Meals

Why head out for a date when you can have the best one at home? The smell of a homemade Turkish meal is salivating. It’s time to bring on your cooking game to create the signature doma and merchimek.

The thought of you trying to cook his home food is the sweetest. Ask him to prepare the meal with you if you have any questions. Cooking together is a romantic date night he longs for.

3. Hit a Dance Club

Music is to die for in Turkish society. Your man knows how to get it moving and grooving. Check reviews for the best dance club in town. Attend a festival with him so he can show you his best moves. The bigger the party, the better.

You will see your boy’s active side. He can dance all night without a break and take you to have breakfast straight after the next morning. His endless energy comes from his love for expressing himself through music.

4. Travel to Some Turkish Destinations

You must have heard a ton about the enchanting destinations in Turkey by now. Hearing about these places is never as good as seeing them in person. Whenever he is visiting home, he is going to ask you to join. Take the opportunity to suggest a trip around the country.

This prolonged date idea is the best chance for you to get to know him. Through traveling in Turkey, you will gain a deeper understanding of his culture and his character. Besides, you don’t want to miss out on the extraordinary nature that most tourists are unaware of.

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