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Dating A Teacher: Pros, Cons + Relationship Advice

by John Santana

Your phone chimes to alert you to a new match on your dating app. At first glance, everything looks great, but when you scroll down to the profession…they are a teacher. Having never dated a teacher before, you instantly begin to wonder what that is like.

There is a lot to know about dating a teacher and all the unique intricacies the profession brings to the dating game. Teachers are celebrated and revered, making them modern-day saints in the eyes of society.

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10 Key Things to Know About Dating a Teacher

1. The day doesn’t end when the bell rings

While teachers may be “at work” during school hours, that doesn’t mean the work ends there. After they finish teaching for the day, they are then responsible for grading assignments and planning future lessons. Additionally, they are often required to attend school events or host clubs after school.

2. The schedule is not as flexible as it seems

Most people cite the perk of being a teacher as having off on all holidays and the entire summer. No work equals no pay, so teachers often have to find secondary sources of income over the longer breaks.

3. They love their students

Teachers generally love their students and want to talk about them. Be prepared to listen to funny stories, frustrations, and the day-to-day happenings of the classroom.

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4. They adapt with ease

Kids say the darndest things, and teachers hear all of it. A teacher is quick to roll with the punches and adapt to whatever the situation dictates.

5. They wake up early during the week

Teachers have to be at school before the students, and in some cases, that can be as early as 5:00 am! This could impact their ability to stay out late during the week. Dealing with 20 kids is hard enough without a hangover and 5 hours of sleep.

6. Teachers are local celebrities

Don’t be surprised if your date is interrupted by current or former students or coworkers. Everybody loves teachers and will want to say hi! Also, don’t be surprised if you are on a date and they suddenly duck under the table. Sometimes they don’t want to engage with parents in their off time!

7. Teachers are kind and caring

There is a reason they chose this profession, and teachers tend to be extremely caring individuals. Everybody has a teacher they love!

8. Teaching is trendy

Teachers spend all day around pop culture magnets, so they are exposed to all of the latest trends. Don’t be surprised if they bust out with lingo you don’t understand. They are killer at trivia- date night idea!

9. Children are the future

Approximately half of all teachers have children, making them an ideal choice if you have your eye on becoming a parent.

10. Storytime

Teachers spend all day around naturally funny small humans. After years in the profession, they probably have a treasure trove of stories they can share. No worries about the content getting old because they are around fresh material daily.

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Pros of Dating a Teacher

Stability and Dedication

A teacher writing on the board

Teaching might not be the most lucrative profession, but teachers are always in demand. Teaching is generally thought of as a stable position, with shortages almost guaranteeing job availability. There is an added layer of job security, as teachers’ unions often protect them.

Teachers also have to obtain specialized degrees, training, and certification, which speaks to the level of dedication they possess. Dedication is a great quality in a prospective partner, and this is where teachers can really shine in the dating scene. They are incredibly consistent and know how to stay focused and on task.

Responsibility is another hallmark of teachers. They are expected to be role models to their students and in the community. Dedication, stability, and responsibility make a great foundation for a potential partner.

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Schedule, schedule, schedule

Perhaps the biggest pro of teaching is the schedule. While it won’t work for everyone and can make dating challenging, there are serious perks to the teaching profession schedule.
In addition to their paid vacation and sick days, which they accrue, teachers have a very generous working schedule.

Though a pro-tip, do not tell teachers how lucky they are to have off all summer. They really, really hate being told that. Teachers have off on all major holidays, so they can celebrate Memorial Day without worrying about requesting it off. Teachers also have off for around two weeks over the winter break, which means they never have to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve. Surely that is a reason to celebrate. There is another week off around Thanksgiving and an additional week over spring break.

None of those breaks even compare to the big one: summer. Teachers have off around eight weeks in the summer, which makes for perfect travel plans. As noted above, teachers often find other jobs in the summer to offset the lack of income.


Teachers tend to be kind and caring individuals. Part of the reason many people become teachers is that they love children and teaching. Dating a teacher means they will probably be patient and a great listener. Another word to describe teachers is selfless. Teachers routinely place the needs of others above themselves, arguably five days a week.

Family Orientated

Not that a profession is a surefire indicator of lifestyle preferences, but there is a good chance that those choosing to work with children are open to having their own families. Certainly, it is worth an additional conversation, but teachers have a lot to offer if you have your heart set on parenthood.

Parent Approved

What could be more wholesome than bringing home a teacher to meet the parents? Teaching as a profession is looked highly upon, so instant brownie points there. Teachers also are skilled at dealing with parents, so they are sure to charm mom and dad with ease.

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Cons of Dating a Teacher


There are two sides to every coin, and as amazing as the teaching schedule can be, there are some potential drawbacks. Teachers have very early mornings (especially at the high school and elementary level), so they tend to go to sleep relatively early. This is cited as a major barrier when talking to teachers about the struggles of dating.

Teachers are often ready for bed when people are still out to dinner. Making sure the schedule is compatible when dating a teacher is crucial, as it will not change much the further the relationship goes.

While the entire summer off and weeks of holiday break is a lovely perk, taking off on a random Monday can be challenging. Teachers do not have a ton of flexibility with missing classroom time, so long weekends away are not always feasible.

The Work Comes Home

Clocking out for the day doesn’t really matter in the teaching world, as they tend to still spend their time out of school working. Between planning for other lessons and catching up on grading, most teachers report bringing home hours of work per week. Teachers spend, on average, five to ten hours grading work outside of the classroom.

This further reduces the potential for weeknight dates, as they will be catching up on work and setting themselves up for tomorrow’s success.

More Than Math

Think the only role teachers have is in the classroom? Nope! Teachers often tutor or run after-school clubs, requiring more time. They might be required to travel for competitions or come in on weekends for events. Teachers also have a multitude of other potential obligations, such as writing letters of recommendation for students going to college and parent-teacher conferences.

Sharing is Caring…

Except when it comes to germs. Working with children brings with it lots of germs and sickness. A teacher is exposed to a lot, and that means so are you! Stock up on vitamin C and Lysol spray.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to dating someone who is a teacher, there is a lot to consider. While deciding to date an individual based solely on their profession is shortsighted, ignoring the realities is a surefire way to set yourself up for failure. Teachers are largely kind, caring, patient, and selfless. They love children and probably want families of their own.

The early morning nature of the profession makes late-night dates hard to pull off, but the weekends are usually a great time to get to know them. Happy hours also are a fun compromise and can save money with the drink specials! Teachers have great schedules if they can afford not to work in the summer, making for easy vacation planning.

A big takeaway to remember is that teachers often take work home with them, so if they are grading papers on the couch during the movie, don’t be surprised. Those essays won’t grade themselves.

If you are looking for a responsible partner with the ability to adapt to new situations, dating a teacher might be the way to go.

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John Santana

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