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Dating a Taurus Man: Personality Traits, Behavior & Are They Loyal?

by John Santana

Your Taurus man can make you laugh and cry at the same time. His sign describes him perfectly. He can be stubborn as a bull, but he will defend you till death if you are ever threatened.

Dating a Taurus man is quite an unexpected journey. Beneath his cold surface, there is a warm heart waiting to blossom. Here is everything your Taurus man did not tell you!

How is a Taurus man in a Relationship?

1. He Throws You Romantic Gestures

Despite the popular belief that a Taurus man is incapable of being romantic, he is actually quite a charmer. Pragmaticism is the motto he lives by. People mistakenly think he is cold when in fact, he does not do the little guessing games before you are dating.

For him, he can only be certain of your likes and dislikes after dating you. Throwing you surprises beforehand without knowing your preferences is rather silly. Although people will argue about how romantic a Taurus man is, it is undeniable that he is the Romeo to your heart once you are together.

2. He is Independent

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A Taurus man is perfectly capable of taking care of himself and functioning outside of the relationship. He is not the type to cling to you all day. He needs his personal space, mingling with his friends, and activities to do by himself.

Being trapped in a relationship is a nightmare for him. What he wants is an equally independent partner that can take care of herself. He enjoys the time you spend together but that does not mean you are the sole purpose of his life. Developing your interests and hobbies is a mature move for your Taurus man.

3. He Gives You a Lot of Freedom and Expects the Same

Fairness is all he lives for. His sign dictates his eagerness to live free. He believes every healthy couple must be able to do what they want to stay happy. You do not need his permission or even discuss with him most of your decisions.

He will not grill you about the friends you make, your night out, or your text messages. Unconditional trust is important. There is no reason for him not to believe in your judgment. In return, he expects the same courtesy from you.

It is unacceptable for him to reveal personal matters. For him, trust is given in any relationship. He does not feel responsible for asking for permission to drink with his friends or go on a weekend trip. Asking too many questions or restricting his freedom will cause him to act out and rebel.

4. He is Always There For You

Your boyfriend is irreversibly loyal. It takes an extended observation period for him to decide who is close in their lives. Once he has decided, the list will only be longer because he does not remove people from his life.

His virtue of being there for his loved ones makes him stubbornly loyal. Even if you throw a tantrum on a bad day, he will still be there without blaming you or getting angry. He is there through thick and thin.

5. He is Determined

You never have to worry about your man slacking off. He has the will of a bull to achieve anything in life. When he wants something, he will make a plan to get it. Hardship will only motivate him to dream higher.

Due to his strong-willed personality, you are almost guaranteed financial stability since he will likely focus on work. He is determined to be successful and respectable at work.

6. He Likes Things a Certain Way

While his intentions are never evil, a Taurus man and Taurus woman can come off as possessive since he is not good at expressing himself. Although he does give you a lot of freedom in your life, he also likes things a certain way.

His comfort zone is where he feels safe. Seeing you out of his comfort zone antagonizes him. He does not want you to act out of habit. To be blunt, he is not an adventurous person. He is content with his stable life.

7. He Wants to Know His Worth to You

Your man may be independent, but he is definitely a sweetheart. Your daily dose of sweet talk will give him a boost and the headstart of the day. He wants you to constantly remind him how important he is to you.

As cheesy as it sounds, your man loves the cliche texts. It puts a giant smile on his face seeing how you compliment him. In addition, his competitiveness will make him crave recognition that he is the best guy you have ever dated. It consolidates his ego.

Do not worry. This is not a one-way street. He will remind you of your beauty by telling you how you light up his life.

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What Does a Taurus Man Want in a Relationship?

1. He Wants to Achieve Something Together

A relationship should go forward. Your Taurus man wants to grow with you. He looks forward to sharing something with you, whether it is physical or not. Sometimes, his expectations can be unrealistic. For example, in his mind, you will be saving up for a house in the next three years and advance in your career.

These expectations may not reflect reality. Love can cloud his judgment. And his stubborn nature makes it almost impossible to reason with him. If you cannot attain his goals, he will get frustrated.

2. He Wants to Progress in the Relationship

Dating a Taurus man means you do not have to worry about him playing with your feelings. A Taurus man does not mess around when it comes to relationships. He is not dating you to pass the time. If he is looking for something casual, he will announce it left and right.

Likewise, if he labels your relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, he is serious. In time, he wants you to be his fiancee, wife, and the mother of his child. A relationship should lead to a fruitful life.

3. He Wants You to be on the Same Page

Since negotiations with a Taurus man rarely work out, he will only want to be with someone that sees things eye to eye. Even though the end goal for him is to settle with you, he does not necessarily agree with your pace.

Depending on his current life stage, it can take him a long time to be ready for the next stage. Rushing him into marriage is repulsive for him. He enjoys his own pace. While he is willing to compromise and adjust to a certain degree, he will not bend his major rules.

4. He Wants to Lead the Relationship

In every relationship, there is a more dominant figure. In your case, it is your man. He thrives on being in control. He is born a leader. Being the dominant one in your relationship gives him confidence as he knows exactly where it is going.

Ease your mind before you think you are being tied to a dictator. This does not accurately reflect his leadership. He is delighted to discuss plans with you so you are both working towards the same goal. You have a say in every discussion. Just that your man will want to lead the execution to ensure everything is going the right way.

Things to Avoid When Dating a Taurus Man

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1. Saying Yes to Everything

As said, a Taurus man can come off as controlling due to his behavior. The last thing you want is to condone it. To give yourself an advantage, reject him to establish your authority when the time is right.

Indeed, you will likely lose most arguments with him. But saying no to him sometimes reminds him how stubborn he is. A bull needs to be disciplined. Agreeing to everything he says will spoil him. When he is becoming possessive over you, stand up for yourself to win your seat back in the relationship.

2. Using Negative or Nasty Words in an Argument

Despite his arrogant vibe, he is incredibly sensitive about people’s comments. Hearing his loved one calling him bad names or portraying him negatively will hurt him deeply. If you want to tell him he has done something wrong, do it gently. It should be easily acceptable.

Rephrase your comment so it does not come off as demeaning. Your guy responds positively when he is given proper motivation. Instead of telling him that he is wrong, tell him perhaps another method can achieve better results.

3. Rushing Through Sex

Your man knows how to enjoy the good things in life and that includes sex. Rushing through sex is unappealing. He treats sex like a 3-hour fine dining experience. Both parties should leave feeling satisfied and want to come back for more.

Foreplay is important to set the tone right. He wants you to get into the mood and feel his energy. He will feel unaccomplished if he cannot arouse you. Also, it takes him some time to get ready for the game as he is so cautious about making everything right.

4. Betraying His Trust

If you have a problem with him, discuss it. Going around his back to deliberately do the things he dislikes will effectively end your relationship. Your lover is notoriously rigid to his scale, meaning once the rule is broken, you are out.

He is not good at giving second chances, nor does he intend to change that. You can never do something for the sake of “showing him how it feels.” It is guaranteed to backfire on you horrendously.

5. Playing Mind Games

Never test your man’s loyalty by playing games with him. He is straightforward and does not appreciate the detour to question his heart. Testing him with mind games is a sign of distrust for him. If you have something to say, say it.

Besides, his direct personality means that 99% of the time he will be unable to pick up your hints anyway. Playing any game on him is a waste of time.

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Do you find your Taurus man annoyingly adorable? He can get jealous like a little child. At the same time, he is sturdy like a bull. It doesn’t matter where or when; as long as you need him, he is here for you. Once you have figured out the best way to tame your Taurus man, you are yielding the best relationship in your life.

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John Santana

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