Dating a Taller Woman

Dating a Taller Woman: Expert Tips and Date Ideas for Success

by John Santana

When you picture a couple, the man is always taller than the woman. It has been deeply imprinted in our minds that a perfect couple has to look this way. Thanks to society becoming more open-minded, couples no longer have to fit the mold to be considered “perfect.”

There is nothing shameful about chasing a taller girl. In many ways, it creates a much better harmony in the relationship. In this article, we will walk you through all the deets about dating a taller woman.

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Star Couples With a Significant Height Difference

1. Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya is 5’10” and Holland is 5’8”

2. Tiny Fey and Jeff Richmond
Fey is 5’5” and Jeff is 5’2”

3. Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish
Hart is 5’4” and Parrish is 5’7”

4. Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke
Radcliffe is 5’5” and Darke is 5’7”

5. Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt
Dinklage is 4’5” and Schmidt is 5’6”

How Do Women Feel About Dating Shorter Guys?

Tall woman dating a short guy

There are only two scenarios when you are dating a taller woman. You should already assume that she is not against the idea if she is going out with you. A woman that is strongly against the notion will not respond to you at all.

The first scenario is your girl loves dating shorter guys. It may contradict the popular belief that women seek taller men to feel protected and sheltered. In fact, a majority of women either don’t care about height or don’t care enough for it to be a deal breaker. There are quite a few reasons women prefer to date shorter guys. It relates to the motherly instinct a woman has. She wants to be the guardian of the relationship.

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Women are diverse in their tastes. Some women prefer their partner to be shorter or less masculine as they crave to be the strong figure in the relationship. Women can only fall in love with a taller guy is a myth. Besides, in the case of a tall girl, dating a shorter guy doesn’t mean he is actually short. He is only shorter in comparison. Most tall girls love dating a shorter guy as they find it weirder to date someone taller.

The second possibility is that your girl does not really care about height. Some people just don’t care about height in romance. It doesn’t have any impact on the relationship. A love relationship is about compassion, which is a feeling for the other half and the joy it brings. Physical appearance is somehow at the back of the line as it doesn’t last forever.

When they are thinking about a serious relationship, height is not a determining factor. It does not add to how good you are nor does it help your future household. Height is literally just a number that does not contribute anything to the relationship. Therefore, most girls tend to look past this and focus on other aspects. Your girl is a keeper if she does not mind others’ physical appearances. It shows how mature she is.

How to Date a Taller Woman?


1. Don’t Fear Rejection and Ask Her Out

As people say, you only miss the shots you don’t take. A lot of guys don’t even dare to ask a taller girl out as they think the girls will turn them down anyway. In reality, most girls don’t find the height difference to be a major problem. So don’t be afraid to ask somebody out even if they are bigger.

Most of the time, you will find out that your desired partner doesn’t even care about height at all. Girls care more about the overall cleanliness of a guy rather than the ability to dunk without jumping. How tall you are is way less important than how you present yourself.

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2. Don’t Feel Emasculated

So what if you are shorter than her? Let’s say you are on your first date with this taller girl and the conversation is slowly tipping towards physical appearances. You should show your confidence because there is so much goodness in you.

Girls are more attracted to your confidence than your height. If you feel emasculated about it, there is nothing stopping your girl from looking down on you. When she feels that you love your life and are unbothered by your height, she will be impressed and start focusing on your other advantages.

3. Wear Height-Increasing Insoles

Although looks are not everything, there will still be times when you want to reduce the height difference. There are some great height-increasing insoles that A-class Hollywood stars use. You’d be surprised the number of times Tom Cruise wear them to look taller than his co-stars.

There is no shame to it. It is like using makeup. People don’t necessarily wear makeup because they are ashamed of their faces. They use it to feel more confident and sharp. It’s the same with the insoles. However, you might want to show your real height to your girl first so she is not surprised when you take off the shoes.

4. Don’t Talk About It

Height is not a typical conversation starter anyway. It is unnecessary to bring up the height difference. There are a lot of things to talk about to make the conversation informative and fruitful.

Talk about the food you are having, about music, weekend plans and movies. There is no need to bring up how tall you think she is or how short you are. Indeed, some things don’t exist if you don’t talk about them. Stay away from this topic if it pains you.

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5. Show Her Your Kickass Qualities

Girls like a man of all trades. Having a few skills up your sleeves will impress your date more than your height. Being confident about your qualities is a lifelong lesson. Everyone is born the way they are. Even if you are 6ft tall, bragging about your genetics does not showcase your achievements. Your inherent qualities do not reflect your life skills or your hard work.

Try to show her your other qualities. Maybe you are a humorous fella or play five musical instruments. Plan some dates with her that can show off your skills or knowledge. If you are an intelligent guy with solid reasoning skills, take her to a pub quiz night or an escape room.

There are plenty of activities to bring your girl along that will expose your good side. She will forget about your height in a heartbeat as soon as you start becoming a giant in her heart in other fields.

6. Work On Your Body

Compared to height, having a masculine body seems to be much more attractive. Skinny guys tend to be less attractive than short guys. It could be because women seek comfort in their men. Having a strong body shows you can defend the family. Keep a healthy diet and work out after work to maintain a good body shape. This is the most effective way to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Besides, it can boost your self-esteem tremendously.

If your height is the source of your insecurity, getting jacked is a nice way to overcome that. Although you can’t change your height, you can choose to enhance your body shape. Get a personal trainer. Or better yet, there are informative Youtube channels that teach beginners to train their bodies at home. It will be a great start to your body transformation.

7. Don’t Lie About Your Height

Lying about your height is the most embarrassing thing you can do to your date. The only way to not get caught is to never have a second date. Your lie will not get you anywhere. Imagine her confused looks when she finds out you are several inches shorter than she thought. If there is full transparency, height doesn’t matter. Lying about your height is a disgrace that may cause your match to run away.

Date Ideas With a Taller Girl

A Couple in Extreme Sport of Bouldering

1. Bouldering

A very popular activity these days for bringing your dates to. When you are high up the wall, you seem significantly taller and more masculine. Also, by taking her to a bouldering gym, you can wear some cool slim-fit workout shorts to display your well-trained physique. Physical strength is a good way to impress your girl.

2. Bowling

You can plan your future dates at a bowling alley. Its warm atmosphere with music and food can easily cover up the fact that you are shorter. It is also a sport where height doesn’t matter. When you bowl, you are constantly bending your body low so no one can notice your height. Bring some friends along as well and you can have a friendly match together.

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3. Cooking Class

Gourmet meals prepared by a loved one elevate your love in every way. This super romantic date idea can guarantee a good time for your date. The only preparation you need is to find out her dietary preferences and needs beforehand. It would be quite embarrassing preparing her least favorite dish that she is allergic to.

Some cooking classes allow for a personalized itinerary. You can discuss with your instructor about the best dishes for your date and they will get all the ingredients ready.

4. Wine Tasting

If you are nervous about meeting up, wine tasting can be a fun date night idea for you. Design a theme, whether it is Champagne in France or keeping it local. You can then dress up accordingly. After choosing the theme, pick wines that complement it, it can be all reds, whites, or a mix of everything. It is easier to loosen up after a few glasses so you don’t feel nervous about dating someone much taller.

5. Karaoke bar

This is a great budget date idea. For the price of a few drinks, you can get a whole night of free entertainment. It is not for the faint-hearted because you will be going up to the stage. Pick songs that aren’t too cheesy or difficult to sing. Easy songs can lift the whole bar’s atmosphere. This is a night where you want to look hot and comfortable.

However, if you two are a little shy, there are private karaoke rooms where you can have the place to yourself so you don’t have to perform in front of a crowd.

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Dating a taller woman is the same as dating anyone if you play it right. All you need is a dose of confidence to win her over. She loves a masculine man that knows what he is doing. Get up and match your perfect woman on Adult Friend, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals now. Don’t miss your chance!

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John Santana

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