Dating a Short Girl: Pros, Cons, Benefits & Helpful Relationship Tips

by John Santana

Short girls induce your inner hero vibes. They are so tiny that you just want to cuddle and spoil them. You want to be her hero and keep her safe. Underneath her angelic look, it’s a wild girl wanting to have fun.

There are so many good sides to dating a short girl. If you are interested in finding one, check out all the benefits of having a lil’ babe next to you.

Dating a Short Girl: Pros

1. It makes you feel tall and good

Men like to feel bigger and dominant while girls want to feel protected. That’s why most men can’t accept their date being taller and girls don’t want their boyfriend to be shorter either. It’s one of the human’s most primal instincts. A short girl is especially great for you if you are a shorter gentleman.

There is no better self-esteem booster than this. Dating a short girl makes you feel in power. You immediately stand out. Photos look awesome with the perfect frame. Turns out, all the gym sessions you have been hitting are not as good as finding a short girl to show off your body.

2. Sexy heels

She has a lot more flexibility in her shoe types. The sexy, pointy heels make her look more desirable. She can wear anything she wants without being a whole head taller than you. Short girls often have a wider range of clothes collections. The best part is, whatever she wears, you will still be taller than her by a margin. Hence, you will look good in all the photos.

3. She is fun and active

Short girls are usually more outgoing and fun. They do a lot of sports to keep themselves fit as many feel their body type makes them look weak. Most of the time, those that are the most active in sports and outdoor activities are short girls. You will be surprised by how strong and agile they are.

Her mini body type makes her a great candidate for various activities like rock climbing, swimming, and jumping. It’s always a blast to take her out on a Sunday trip to the mountains. She is your best companion that will probably beat you in a competition.

Dating a Short Girl: Cons

1. Her low self-esteem because of her height

Growing up, people have joked about her height, whether they are innocent or not. These jokes leave a scar on her heart. She can be really sensitive to this topic.

Even the slightest mention of height can plunge her mood to the bottom for a day. You feel you have to tiptoe around this topic. You or other people may not understand why she is so upset when you are just pointing out the truth. But for her, this will be something that haunts her forever.

2. It feels like you are dating a child

It looks pretty bad if your girl has a young face. Imagine going out with a 4ft-girl with the face of a 16-year-old. That’s one of the problems many guys have found weird. It’s uncomfortable with the look people give you, thinking you are dating a minor.

Where to find short girls to date?

  • Adult FriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Bang Locals

You can stand on the streets all day as you wish. There are plenty of short girls coming and going. But how are you going to approach them?

Thanks to the internet, now you can match with the cutest short girls without leaving your home. It’s the most effective way to date a short girl. There are so many dating sites out there. You need to know where all the short girls are hanging out.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder is the perfect place to start. Its 90 million-member base guarantees you dozens of matches every night. Girls are wild and ready for a hookup. According to its user reviews, most agree that this is the best site for hooking up. Members are chill and the whole site is scam-free.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison also provides a great place to start your short girl hunt. Dedicated more towards cougars and MILFs, you will see plenty of mature short girls on it, which is pretty alluring. Girls on it are determined. They know what they want. There’s no bullshit, just some fun and a lustful night.

The registration process is simple. You will get to match in under 10 minutes. To further protect users’ privacy, Ashley Madison is equipped with some of the best security systems in the online dating world.

WaysToMeet is another upcoming dating site on the rise. People adore its open-minded style, allowing members to post whatever they want on the site, as long as it doesn’t constitute any criminal offense. From fetishes to the newest sex toys, members are discussing all sorts of sex-related topics.

Its lenient attitude has attracted members from different backgrounds. Short girls are free to express themselves, reveal their deepest insecurities, and find support in this community.

Bang Locals

If you love how a dating site connects you with your dream girl fast, you don’t want to miss out on Bang Locals. Results are displayed according to location proximity. Those closest to you, literally, will be placed first. This is perfect for those who are looking for someone close by for a quick date after work.

Bang Locals have different filters that allow you to conduct advanced searches to further fit your requirements. It’s a very exciting site that comes alive every night. The traditional way of meeting girls does not work anymore. Picking up girls, especially ones you like, in a bar is a long shot. Go online where the opportunities are endless.

Dating Tips for Dating a Short girl

Don’t make fun of her height. It’s likely to be her insecurity. Make sure she feels sexy and wanted. Her height should not be the decisive factor in her hotness. Be more understanding of how it bothers her.

Insecurity doesn’t mean it has to bother those around her. Even when everyone tells her it’s fine, it’s still something that lingers on her mind. Compliment her about her physical appearance more often. She needs to know she is sexy and desired. Keep her mind off her height. Never say something like, “You are short but beautiful.”

It only reinforces the idea that you can’t be both. Tell her she is short and beautiful. Encourage her to try out different outfits. Short girls can carry a lot more different styles and look gorgeous. Help her out when she can’t reach for something. Short girls love it when guys take something from the shelf for them. Hold their hands when crossing the streets, getting a hug from behind, etc. It all makes her feel protected and loved.

All in all, be gentle with a short girl. They are not as fragile as their body appears to be but they are very sensitive towards their surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Short girls rock. They are fun and a bundle of surprises, a pack of dynamite ready to explode your universe. Dating a short girl is the coolest experience. Sign up to these dating sites today to find yourself a lovely one.

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