Signs You're Dating a Schizophrenic

Dating a Schizophrenic: A Helpful Guide

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Identifying the root problem for your partner’s changed behavior is not easy. Sometimes, couples shrug off the warning signs as a temporary thing without realizing it is something much bigger.

Has your partner been demonstrating strange behaviors that you can’t wrap your head around? Do the signs remind you of schizophrenic symptoms that you read about? Are they capable of loving someone?

While you should not play doctor and diagnose someone yourself, there are signs to look out for to help you determine if it is time to take your partner for a checkup. A mental disorder does not have to be a death sentence in love. There are plenty of ways you can tackle this and let your love blossom.


Signs You’re Dating a Schizophrenic

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1. They Are Distancing Themselves From People

Social withdrawal is a classic sign of schizophrenia. Your partner rejects every opportunity of meeting others. The fear extends beyond meeting people they know. They are reluctant to be observed in public by others eyes. Whenever you bring up any weekend plan, he is in excruciating pain.

Depression is interlinked with social withdrawal. Schizophrenia leads to the patient distancing themselves from the outside world as interacting with other human beings is too intimidating. They refuse to do simple tasks such as grocery shopping and picking up the mail. Leaving home is a big challenge for many patients.

2. The Frequency of Their Irrational Fears and Suspicions Increase

People with schizophrenia often experience surges of irrational thoughts. The fear depicts plausible but unlikely events in life. They will also become increasingly suspicious of your every move. For example, if you do not pick up a call at once, they will think you are out cheating. Thus, they will act out and start an argument.

Their accusations do not have solid foundations to back them up. They are all in their mind. Occasionally, their irrational fears will lead to mental breakdowns as if the scenarios are real. The inability to separate fearful thoughts and reality is another telltale sign.

3. They Are Not Expressing the Right Emotions

Although inappropriate reactions and emotions are often considered symptoms of schizophrenia, the emotionless trait is also a big sign that you are dealing with a schizophrenic patient. They are unable to react to the situation properly. You will notice them laughing inadvertently at a funeral or showing a stone-cold face at their sister’s wedding.

They cannot perceive emotions normally. It causes them to block out emotions around them. Hence, they cannot be influenced by other people’s emotions and react accordingly.

4. They Stop Taking Care of Themselves

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A drop in self-care is a big sign that their condition has gotten worse. Typically, schizophrenic patients lack the motivation to take care of their lives. Their depression runs deep, causing them to lose hope and faith.

Self-grooming is a positive sign of self-recognition and awareness. Unfortunately, if your partner is losing faith in self-value, they will no longer care for their living condition. You will see dirty dishes piling up in bed and garbage on the floor. The low hygiene standards are severely impacting their quality of life but they fail to realize it.

5. They Become Delusional in Their Speech

At first, it looks like they are having a tough day at work. After a while, you start noticing the delusional speech they deliver. They may curse someone over the smallest things or get unreasonably angry at hypothetical scenarios in their mind.

Confusing imagination with reality is typical for schizophrenic people. They are losing a sense of the real world as they submerge into their delusion.

6. They Can Get Physical

Getting physical is not the most common trait of schizophrenic people but it can happen sometimes, especially when their frustration boils down to pure anger. During an argument, they may flip the table or break some items. In some rare situations, they will even direct the anger at their significant other.

Although getting physical is likely a combination of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, the consequences can be daunting. Under any circumstances, you should leave immediately if your partner shows signs of physical violence. Contact the respective authority if you feel threatened.

Are Schizophrenic People Capable of Love?


Research shows that people that are diagnosed with the condition when they are single tend to stay single. However, the marriage rate of those that get diagnosed while they are in a relationship remains high. Having schizophrenia is not a dealbreaker for most as partners tend to stay loyal and supportive.

Schizophrenic people get labeled as incapable of love because of their unstable temper and emotionless outlook. That cannot be the furthest away from the truth. With the proper treatment, schizophrenic people can perceive love and care as anyone else. They are perfectly capable of returning the love and being an outstanding partner.

As their partner, you need to make sure they are getting medical support. It helps them integrate into society and function as normal folk. Outbursts may happen from time to time but it does not undermine the effort your partner is giving.

With proper treatment, they can be brilliant partners as when you first met them. The condition does not take away their potential to be loving partners. The bumpy road only attests to your love and relationship.

Can a Relationship Trigger Schizophrenia?

To this day, the causes of schizophrenia remain unknown. Scientists have been battling this draining mental illness with research and experiments to help patients live better.

If your partner was in great health and had no prior history of mental illnesses, it is understandably more heartbreaking to find out they are schizophrenic. More often, people start asking themselves, “Am I causing this?”

It is widely believed that schizophrenia is caused by a combination of genetic, physical, and environmental factors. The development of schizophrenia can hardly be attributed to one single element. Therefore, it is unfair for partners to blame themselves if they believe they have done anything to trigger the condition.

While schizophrenia can manifest at any stage in life, love and support from the patient’s significant other can prove to suppress and maintain the symptoms tremendously. Patients with adequate support from medical professionals and loved ones are able to handle the condition much more effectively.

How to Nurture a Relationship With a Schizophrenic Lover?

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1. Tell Them How Much You Love Them

A schizophrenic lover has too many negative thoughts circling their mind. They have low self-worth and identity. Reinforcing a positive image helps them get back on their feet. Remind them how much you love them with a morning text or a homemade lunch box. Any kind gesture will be greatly appreciated.

2. Ensure They Can Access Quality Medical Help

As caring as you are, it is best to leave the medical profession to access your partner’s conditions regularly. The schizophrenic symptoms are not always black and white. There are times when they look fine when something much more severe is going on. It takes a specialist to identify that correctly.

Encourage them to attend their therapy sessions on time and take their prescribed medicines. You should not condone it if they refuse medical help. Untreated schizophrenic patients can have devastating behaviors that are physically dangerous to others.

3. Communicate With Their Family and Friends Regularly

Maintaining a good relationship with people around him is healthy in order to construct a stable social circle. Since they can be unwilling to socialize, keeping up with people around them can be difficult on their own.

Step up and invite people over. Once he gets the social train going, he will feel more comfortable and start reaching out to people without your help. Besides, it is always good to have extra pairs of eyes in case something goes wrong. People that are close to him can identify various distress signs that you may have missed.

4. Control Your Anger

Sometimes, hurtful comments appear in heated arguments. Emotions run high and you both end up saying things you don’t believe in. Usually, you can dial down after the heat of the moment.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for a schizophrenic person. They will drown in negative thoughts and irrational fears that you hate them or you are planning to harm them.

The best you can do is to take a step back during an argument. Even when you feel you are logically correct, conveying your message with anger rarely gets the results you want. Let the emotions disperse before revisiting the topic. Your partner will not absorb any constructive criticism when they are filled with anger.

5. Discuss The Progress Periodically

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Having schizophrenia is not shameful. It should not be a topic couples avoid discussing. In fact, couples that can openly discuss the impact brought by the condition and how to handle it can maintain a much healthier relationship.

Whether your partner has been making impressive progress or the condition has gotten worse, talking about it gives time for both of you to reflect on it. Besides, seeing the matter from each other’s perspective builds mutual understanding.

6. Recognize Their Effort

While you are giving all your can to support your loved one, you have to see their sacrifices and effort as well. The road to recovery is a two-way street. Glorifying your sacrifices alone will overshadow the dedication they have been making.

Give them the recognition they deserve by praising them. Let them know their hard effort is appreciated. Bragging about your efforts will eventually sound like you are simply doing charity, as if the relationship means nothing. Finding the right balance to recognize the effort from both sides is vital.

7. Be Firm About Their Treatment Schedule and Appointments

Some people tend to leave their schizophrenic partners alone when they refuse treatment. This is the most toxic act as you not only expose them to harm but also your own wellbeing. Be firm about having your partner attend their medical appointment.

Keep a calendar with all their appointments clearly marked down. After each visit, write down the progress made and the follow-up actions required. Remember, their refusal of treatments will directly impact the people around them. Putting your relationship as an ultimatum is a protection for your safety.

8. Putting Yourself First

Dating a schizophrenic lover should never feel like a burden or a responsibility. At the end of the day, you do not owe anyone to take care of them. If the stress starts crumbling down, you should take a step back and evaluate how the relationship will affect you.

It is not your fault to want to pull out. You are in no position to care for other people’s wellbeing if you are unable to take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to leave if it starts affecting your mental health.

What every schizophrenic partner must know is that you are not the miracle pill to heal them. They need to see a doctor. You are not obliged to stay as you should always put your welfare first. When you can no longer keep it as a functioning relationship, it is best to let go and leave it to capable hands.

One day, someone that better fit their needs will show up. It is the best approach for everyone involved so you should not feel guilty about it.

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The thought of dating someone with schizophrenia can be frightening at first. With the right help, people with this brain disorder can love and be loved just like anyone else. The most crucial step is to identify the symptoms.

This guide offers several key elements to dealing with a schizophrenic partner so you can guide your partner accordingly. The challenge you face will only strengthen your love and consolidate your relationship.

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