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Dating a Sagittarius Man: Personality Traits & Best Matches For Him

by John Santana

Are you fantasizing over a Sagittarius man and thinking if he could be your potential boo? There are a few tips you will certainly want to learn about him before snatching him up. A Sagittarius man takes everything as an adventure. He loves life and wants to experience it in the best way possible. Are you ready to take on this journey with him?

Sagittarius Basics

Dates: November 22 to December 21
Keywords for a Sagittarian: Passionate, friendly, free spirit, romantic, straightforward, feisty
Element: Fire
Represented by: The archer
Famous male Sagittarius celebrities: Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, Chadwick Boseman, Jake Gyllenhaal Steven Yeun, Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe, Manny Pacquiao, Dan Bilzerian, DJ Khaled, Jamie Foxx

Characteristics of a Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man is a born wanderer. He keeps his energy up high every time he sees a new place and meets new people. This upbeat personality makes him quite easy to approach. You will find it stress-free to strike up a conversation with him. He is like the real-life Tom Cruise, always wearing a big smile that is irresistible if you are ready to be in the back seat of his motorbike.

What Kind of Girls Does Sagittarius Man Like and not Like?

Active and High Energy

An active girl with high energy is very attractive to a Sagittarius man. He needs someone to share a cheerful laugh with and do silly things together. At the same time, you want to be unpredictable.

Mysterious and Fun

He loves unraveling a mystery and works his way to get his love. So make sure you aren’t too dull to be around. Having a routine is the scariest idea for him. You want to be as fun and chill as possible. His outgoing personality entails his ability to take care of himself. You do not babysit him as it will annoy him.

Even Keeled

Moreover, his chill personality means he is not used to dealing with extreme emotions. If you have a bad temper, you probably want to work on it before hopping on a date. To be exact, drama queens are irritating for him because nothing is a big deal.

Appreciators of Space

Remember, your wild lover can never be chained. The more you want to keep him to the ground, the higher he wants to jump away. Give him space when it comes to personal time. Knowing how much he treasures his alone time, you should understand it is the only way to rejuvenate his spirit.

At the end of the day, a man of this star sign wants what he cannot get. He sees everything as an adventure. The thought of getting something after some hard work excites him.

Signs That a Sagittarius Man Likes You

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When a Sagittarius man initiates a conversation with you, he has got good vibes from you. He is a man that enjoys giving and being relied on. Letting him know how much you depend on him will satisfy his desire to protect.

On the surface, he may seem to be a hard shell to crack, but when he starts showing his interest, he is a marshmallow. At this point, tango with him so he does not lose interest. Let things roll forward steadily so it does not peak too soon. He will have a lot of fun chasing you around.

The Perfect Date for a Sagittarius Man

Be Impromptu! For a Sagittarius man, there is nothing sexier than a spontaneous pub crawl followed by a skinny dip in the sea. You don’t have to plan every single activity for the date. Going with the flow is the best tactic to handle this goofy bunny. He is going to have some random ideas in the middle of the date so over-planning it will only backfire on you.

You do not have to stress about making the nicest dinner reservation because he really does not mind. He will have fun eating a burger in a park with you. The company matters above everything else.

Also, be fun! Explore a place you haven’t been as well. A new spot makes it much more exciting for both of you. It is easier to exchange conversations when you are both experiencing it for the first time. If you are willing to go one step further, find a nice bar and have a drink with him. Alcohol gets him to open up quicker.

Best Matches for a Sagittarius Man

Leo (July 23- August 22)

You two will be like peanut butter and jam in a relationship. A Leo is the best-matched sign of all. Both of you are not uptight. Live free is your life motto. Finding each other is like finding a twin you did not know existed. Besides, you will not doubt your future sex life because both of you are explosives when it comes to an intimate time. There are lots of new tricks to try in bed and you are not afraid to suggest them.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

It is in a Gemini’s nature to be close to a Sagittarius. Since the two share similar characteristics, getting to know each other feels effortless. You can almost understand each other without words. However, there can be a small danger in lacking stimulation in the relationship as you two are so comfortable with each other.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Potentially, an Aquarius is a soulmate material for a Sagittarius. The two of you complement each other very well, both spiritually and emotionally. An Aquarius’ sensitive side keeps a Sagittarius grounded. Your man is more considerate because of you.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

An Aries has so many things in common with Sagittarius. Both are intelligent, passionate, and adventurous. Aries is a great fit because a Sagittarian needs a constant source of inspiration, someone who can be self-entertained and also lighten up a gloomy day. Both signs are very charismatic and will for sure become an attractive couple that your friends will adore.

Bad Matches and How to Deal With it

A Woman Looking at Her Partner while Crumpling a Paper

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Like water and oil, Capricorns don’t go smooth with a Sagittarius. In essence, they are just too vastly different in the way they view life. His impulsive risk-taking is too reckless for a Capricorn. It might even get to a point where both sides will annoy each other with their presence. To make things work, you need to loosen up and allow a Sagittarius to show you the good things in life.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Two positives do not always make another positive. Your similar free-spirited minds reflect your inability to solve conflicts and differences on time. You pile up your grudges because no one brings them to the table until it is too late. Then, it is like a volcanic eruption that no one can stop. Take your partner’s hand and learn to slow down together. You do not have to do everything in one night. It is okay not to do anything but just talk.

Best Online Dating Sites to Find Your Sagittarius Man

  • Adult FriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Bang Locals


Dating this adventurous beast allows you to experience life differently. Learn how to love him right and you will live the best life with this caring man. Meet your destined one on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals today.

John Santana

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