Dating a Russian Man

Dating a Russian Man in 2024: 10 Things You Must Know

by John Santana

Aside from world-class vodka and the long winter nights, Russia is also the home to millions of sexy men. Russian men are the standard benchmarks of western beauty. Their blonde hair and blue eyes give them the cold prince vibe.

Deciphering their love language is simple once you get into their dating landscape. There is so much to learn about dating your Russian man.

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What Are The Personality Traits of a Russian Man In a Relationship?

1. He is Generous

A Russian man in love will give everything he owns to his partner. His generosity will exceed your expectations. Also, his generosity extends beyond the materialistic sense. He takes care of you by giving you a morning call, delivering a lunchbox, picking you up from work, and more.

He is not asking for anything in return. You can reciprocate by showing him how much you value his presence. He is being kind because he wants you to be the happiest girlfriend.

2. He is Ambitious

Whether it is about his career, body shape, or personal goals, a Russian man tends to be much more ambitious once he is in a relationship. When he was single, he would not think twice about going on spontaneous trips for months away from home. Jobs and a six-pack are also not on his priority list.

However, it all changes when you enter his life. Now, he wants to be at the top in every aspect so you can be proud of him. Russian men thrive on recognition from their partners and peers. If you can proudly tell others about your Russian man, it means they have succeeded in life.

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3. He is Curious

Sometimes, you receive random texts from him asking about your childhood or favorite movie. These messages don’t go with the flow of your original topic but his mind is going wild about you. He wants to know all your life details to feel closer to you.

At times, he will seem like a frustrated child because he could not be in your life sooner. He wants to experience every step of the way with you. You should be patient with all his questions because that is his way of telling you how much he loves you.

4. He is Open

Before you get into a relationship, your Russian lover may tango with you back and forth. He enjoys the thrill of chasing the girl he loves. But once you are together, he is an open book and playing games is not fun.

He is an open book to his lover. All his emotions are written on his face. You don’t have to be confused about the meaningless mind games as your guy will only be honest with you. Of course, honesty is a two-way street. He wants to be able to trust his partner. You need to earn his trust if you want to receive the same treatment from him.

5. He is Modest

Bragging about his intelligence or stunning appearance is not on his agenda. Instead, he lifts his partner by complimenting your success. During the initial courtship, he may boost himself a little to be more attractive. But when you are in a stable relationship, he is a humble folk that only wants you to see the real him.

He doesn’t go around telling everyone about his big promotion at work. You are the only person he relies on and shares his good news with. Even when he has done an exceptional job, he is still modest about it.

What are Russian Beauty Standards?

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Traditionally, Russian beauty standards align with most of the western world. It emphasizes being slim and tall. Having fair skin and blonde hair are seen to be the typical beauty benchmark. Within the country, most people are born with ashy blonde hair and light skin color. It would cause people to assume that most Russians are uninterested in dating others outside of this beauty realm.

Thankfully, the traditional beauty standards no longer apply to modern dating. People are becoming more diverse in choosing their partners. There is no such thing as “standard beauty” as personal taste can be vastly different. More and more people in Russia adore brunettes and those with a tan. These traits are seen as healthy and active.

Aside from physical looks, men and women are also less bound by the traditional gender stereotype. Women are not expected to wear dresses and skirts only and men do not have to be well-dressed in suits all the time. Both genders can freely wear whatever they feel like and still be as attractive.

There is not a single guideline to Russian beauty standards anymore, for good reasons. People tend to penetrate through the surface to see the crucial element of their partner.

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How Do You Know If a Russian Man Likes You?

1. They Want You To Get Into Their Culture

Dating foreigners is not quite a hype in Russia. Due to their strong cultural identity and fear of not getting along with foreigners, most Russians don’t consider marrying a foreigner. But there are always exceptions.

When your Russian man is in love despite all odds, he will want to include you in his culture. From teaching you how to cook Russian cuisines to the traditional dances, your man wants you to feel comfortable in his culture. He is proud of being a Russian. Therefore, he needs a partner who shares his value.

2. He Pays For The Bills

In the typical Russian dating scene, men will pay for the bills on dates. This gentlemen’s gesture shows their intention to be in a relationship with you. In addition, he will also pull the chair for you and open the door for you.

It sounds like a cliche but in Russia, men are expected to do more of the chores for the ladies. It shows that they are compassionate and thoughtful. Girls get to sit back and enjoy the perks. That being said, you should not be greedy and get the most expensive items on the menu. Men will use this as an opportunity to identify the gold diggers as well. If you want to have something expensive, it is good to suggest paying for yourself.

3. He Can’t Keep His Eyes Off You

Russian men are all about appreciating physical beauty. When your man is in love, he will think you are the most beautiful girl on the planet. The way he shows his affection is simple. He will stare at you for the entire date. It gives him an incredible joy to see you smile.

Oftentimes, he can’t stop complimenting your looks to his friends. He is genuinely blown away by how gorgeous you are. You can tell you are different when he is constantly talking about you.

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4. He lets You Set The Pace

Out of respect for his partner, he will let you set the pace for the relationship. Russian men often come off as pushy and dominant, which is an inaccurate image regarding their attitude toward relationships.

They are afraid that their cold aurora will give off the wrong signal. Hence, they are usually patient and let you decide when to proceed. You can tell your man anytime you feel the relationship is going too fast or slow. He is an excellent listener and action taker to solve problems.

5. He Wants to Move In

Even when you are one month into the relationship, your man is thinking about moving in together already. Physical intimacy is much needed for him. Instead of meeting up after work and sleeping over during the weekends, he wants to come home to you and wake up next to you every day.

It makes him feel safe to be with the one he loves. Moving in is a sign that this relationship is blossoming. He needs that reassurance to truly feel he is in love.

Russian Men and Marriages

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Same as in most Slavic countries, Russian men take their family as their utmost priority in life. On average, Russian men get married in their mid-20s. The fact Russian men consider getting married young means they tend to treat every relationship seriously.

Each relationship comes with a lot of calculations for them. As much as it is about living life to the fullest, they are also thinking about how compatible you will be as husband and wife. It is not uncommon for Russian men to end a relationship because of differences in future goals.

Early on, they will notice the signs of a good marriage. It includes a number of factors such as personality, career, and living environment. After evaluating all the factors, they follow their instinct to choose the perfect wife for themselves.

Since family plays a big role in their life, they will seek approval from their parents before marrying the girl they love. Hence, you should learn to pull on the heartstrings of your future in-laws.

You seldom have to worry about a Russian man failing his husband role. They are naturally good at it. Fulfilling the responsibility is a motto they have been taught since they were a child.

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There is so much you didn’t know about dating a Russian man. Beneath his cold surface, there lies a warm heart that is ready to treat his lover like a princess. Being loved by a Russian man is the best feeling. Time to find your Russian prince on Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

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