Dating a Romanian

Dating a Romanian: What It’s Really Like?

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

Are you taken aback by your Romanian date’s charming appearance? How can someone so perfect exist? Romanians are said to be natural beauties, with many of them winning all kinds of beauty pageants.

Dating a Romanian can be a little bit different than what you imagined. Romanians have their unique dating styles and culture. To make the right move, here are the tips you need to follow.


How To Impress Your Romanian Date?

1. Pick Up a Few Romanian Words Before Your Date

First things first, you should never confuse Romanian for Russian. Through their decades of troubles, the last thing a Romanian wants to hear is how cute their Russian is. Romanian and Russian belong to two completely different language groups, albeit both share some influence under the Slavic languages.

Pick up a few Romanian words or slang before you meet your date. It shows your respect. Moreover, it is impressive for your date to see someone taking the time to learn some basics about their culture before the date.

2. Keep Your Sarcasm To Yourself at First

Romanians are shy people. They hardly get comfortable with a stranger immediately. Having an instant click is unlikely. Showing up and cracking all kinds of dirty jokes is not impressive. On the contrary, it will drive your date away thinking you are a lowlife.

That’s why Romanians often give out the cold vibe. It’s not that they don’t want to have fun. They just need some time to ease up so they can feel relaxed with you.

3. Talk About Your Culture

As much as they are eager to share their culture, they are also thirsty about hearing yours. If you don’t start talking about yourself, they will take it as a hint that you are not interested in telling them your life stories. In that case, they will not pursue further.

Therefore, you must take the initiative to share things about yourself. They are curious about the world and people’s way of life. You can talk about how there are some noticeable differences in your dining table manners. Perhaps it turns out you are both the same regarding family drama.

4. Mix Your Friendship Groups Together

It is common for Romanians to form a strong bond with their childhood friends. Their friendship circle stays roughly the same throughout the years. So, their best friend today is the same as in kindergarten.

Their loyalty to maintaining friendships means they want you to get along with their friends. They want you to have a good time with their close circle. In return, you should introduce them to your inner circle as well. It shows you are ready to let them break the barrier and get to know the real you.

5. Stay Fashionable

Despite being a sophisticated bunch, Romanians believe a person’s appearance reflects their seriousness about life. A sloppy person indicates a lazy attitude whereas a well-dressed date represents respect.

Traditional beauty standards are not what Romanians are after here. Regardless of how hot or unimpressed your looks are, there is still room to stay fashionable. Even when you are just going on a coffee date around the corner, drop the t-shirt and flip-flops at home.

6. Emphasize Your Family Values

Romanians are family people. Unlike in some other countries where each family member is seen as independent, Romanians tend to have a close relationship with their family and will be there for them no matter what.

Once Romanians start working, they will send money home to provide for their parents. It is a common practice that often gets labeled as “mama’s boy” or “daddy’s girl.” For them, this stigma is rather nasty. It cuts deep into their heart.

They don’t believe there is anything wrong with loving their family. So, if you want to impress them, you must show that you don’t share those shallow opinions about running away from your family once you turn 18.

Things to Avoid With Your Romanian Date

Belittle Romanian Culture

1. Don’t Belittle Their Culture

For ages, former Soviet Union countries have suffered from a bad reputation. Most of them are associated with poverty, barbarism, and ruthlessness. These are not pretty names for those from these Slavic countries. The misconceptions have caused them to be sensitive about it.

See their culture through their eyes. It’s time to get rid of all the stereotypes you have about Romanians and see for yourself how noble this species is.

2. Don’t Say No to Their Family’s Kindness

In other cultures, it may seem polite to reject the kind gestures from your partner’s family as you don’t want to trouble them. That’s now how it works with Romanian families. They love hosting people, especially the partner of their beloved family member.

Their kind gestures to offer you food and gifts show they want to welcome you into the family. It is quite rude to reject them. They don’t think your rejection is a way to not trouble them. Rather, they perceive it as you don’t want to be part of the family.

3. Don’t Exaggerate Your Achievements

Although being a millionaire is appealing to most people on its own, it’s not how things work with Romanians. Due to their national pride, they rarely think it is an honor to date an extra-rich. They prefer to spend their hard-earned money so they can be proud of it.

Bragging about your achievements is off-putting. It makes them think you are shallow and there is nothing underneath it. Having the best looks and assets is not everything. A pure heart is above all.

4. Don’t Judge Their Feelings And Thoughts

Since you two probably grew up in different environments, the beliefs and education you received have not been similar. There are times when you feel the urge to stop their speed because it sounds ridiculous. You struggle to see things from their perspective.

Likewise, they may not understand your views either. It takes time for couples to figure out a comfortable way to be together without starting a fight every two days. It is wise to avoid all kinds of sensitive topics in the beginning when you know they will lead to an argument.

In the end, even if you are still having major differences in certain political or cultural views, you will find a way to express your opinions without your partner feeling hurt. Meanwhile, you can try to take a look at their childhood and the environment they grew up in that contributed to their beliefs.

5. Don’t Interrupt Their Speech

In most cultures, interrupting someone’s speech is impolite. In the Romanian culture, it is extremely ill-mannered. When you are out with their friends, take turns to talk about your side of the story on any topic.

Don’t cut into the conversation even if it is relatable. They will think your poor manner is a reflection of your character. Freedom of speech is highly valued. Hence, they do not interrupt other people’s opportunities to deliver their speeches.

6. Don’t Condone Their Wrong Behaviors

Whenever you see a behavior that requires correction, voice it out. Romanians are routine-oriented. They follow a known set of rules in their world that has always been correct. Giving them a free pass will only condone their behavior.

Unless you are certain about being able to live with their bad habits, it is important to stand your ground. They have to know how their small habits are bothering you. Nagging works in correcting their manners. They are generally understanding and have the intention to change. Perhaps they are too used to their way of life, change doesn’t happen overnight for the Slavs.

7. Don’t Talk About Things You Don’t Know About

Sometimes, your ideas about Romanians are wrong. It is important to keep your mouth shut unless you know what you are talking about. For example, a lot of Romanians get pissed off when their date refers to them as “Gypsies.” Or when they get mocked about practicing voodoo and worshiping vampires.

These remarks are insensitive and untrue. The “know-it-all” attitude is unpleasant. When they hear these assumptions, they will walk out on you immediately. A better way to approach these topics is to ask them about them in a calm manner.

Instead of accusing them of being Satin worshipers, you can ask about how these practices have an influence on their culture or if it is simply a big misconception. They will happily address your questions as long as you keep an open mind without any snobbish remarks.

Are Romanians Good To Date?

Couple enjoying drink while dating

Dating someone from a different background means there is some adjusting to do. While Romanians are not notoriously terrible matches, you do need to understand their way of dating.

You may not want to take their promises too seriously. When they are in love, they will give you all the roses and big commitments you dream of. From the bottom of their heart, they truly mean them. Unfortunately, they have no intention to follow through with their promises most of the time.

A relationship with a Romanian progresses gradually. When the time is right, they will move forward and act on the commitments. Until then, all their words are nothing more than fancy phrases to get your heart. Once you understand this about them, it will save you a lot of unnecessary arguments about them not moving forward with the original commitment.

Once you get the hang of the techniques to date your Romanian lover right, everything flows smoothly. They are loving people that are loyal, smart, and caring. It is an honor for them to drive their partner to work and to home every day. There are no household chores too demanding for them. They are happy to take care of the household if you will be the breadwinner or vice versa.

Everything has to be an open book with a Romanian. Addressing a problem promptly is the only way to fix it. Once the moment is gone, they will be baffled by your action to bring it up to destroy the relationship. They believe that only a transparent relationship with nothing to hide will last forever.

At What Age Do Romanians Get Married?

Photo by Trung Nguyen from Pexels

Ten years ago, the average age for Romanians to get married was 23. Today, the number has bumped up to 28. Romanians are getting married later and later. Due to their ambition and career-driven attitude, more and more Romanians see marriage as a fruitful result of stability.

The foundation of marriage should be built on stability. Marriages are an elevation of relationships. Only having the element of love is not enough. Being a husband/wife comes with responsibility. Furthermore, it comes with stability.

Romanians refuse to settle down until they feel they are in a stage where they can provide for the family. They don’t treat marriages as a game. Marriage is the ultimate goal of a relationship. So, they will consider this option when they are both mentally and financially ready.

Don’t feel frustrated if your partner is not ready to tie the knot. There are lots of things they want to achieve in life. Before they can proudly say they can run a household successfully, they will be hesitant about signing the papers.

The good thing is, once they are married, they are ready to cherish their partner and fulfill the responsibility. You will rarely be disappointed with a Romanian partner. As the old saying goes, Romanians may not be the best at relationships but they are exceptional in marriages.

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