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Dating a Pisces Woman: Personality Traits & Relationship Tips

by John Santana

Pisces women are beautiful, exciting, emotional, and flooded with kindness. They are great people to get into relationships with because of their ability to inspire and be inspired by others. Not only are they mesmerizing to those who love them, but they can be incredibly focused on their partners and people who are important to them.

Love is a serious emotion, and to Pisces women, it is something that comes easily. Pisces women are complex yet simple and there is so much to know and love about Pisces women. If you find yourself falling in love with a Pisces woman, you may have some questions about your compatibility with her, her traits according to the zodiac, and different aspects of who she is according to the stars.

Of course, we have the answers.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about dating a Pisces woman and more.

Pisces Women Sexuality

To begin, we will discuss the sexual traits of a Pisces woman.

She Puts Up a Shield at First

Pisces women are interesting because they like to put up a mask in the beginning. They will often pretend that they are highly free-spirited and seductive, but on the inside, she often feels sensitive, shy, and nervous.

She Wants Intimacy

For Pisces women, the exposure is not physical, but emotional. This means that while they may feel sensitive or nervous exploring and enjoying their sexuality, it is not because of their physical appearance. Becoming intimate with their inner thoughts and needs is hard enough for a Pisces woman, let alone sharing it with a partner.

She Likes Words of Affirmation

This means that Pisces women often enjoy hearing words of affirmation when they share parts of their emotional persona with a partner. It also means that Pisces women often enjoy sex more when they share emotional intimacy with their physical partners. This causes her to have a real intimacy, both physical and emotional, which allows a Pisces woman to relax more.

Once she feels like she is understood physically and emotionally, she will open up. She will become experimental and excited to try different things in the bedroom.

She is Mysterious

Pisces women often express their sexuality in a sensual yet mysterious way. There is something about Pisces women that is somewhat mysterious and nearly otherworldly. This makes them enchanting and desirable to many people, perhaps a key to their sexuality.

Pisces Women in Relationships

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When a Pisces woman is in a relationship, she will hold onto that relationship as tightly as she can. However, she will only hold on as long as the relationship is inspiring and exciting.

She Wants to be Inspired

As stated earlier, Pisces women can inspire and be inspired easily. This means that as long as she can feed into something that her partner is doing and Inspire her partner or have her partner Inspire her, the relationship will flourish.

She Likes Romance

Pisces women are often fantasizers, imagining a platonic love that grows into a magical romance. Deep down, she knows that these are unrealistic expectations of romance and relationships, but she chooses these fantasies as a way to escape a reality that she is not comfortable with, which is the vulnerability that comes with relationships.

She Fears and Craves Intimacy

She fears the intimacy aspect of relationships the most, especially before she becomes sexually involved with her partner. Again, she is not worried about her physical appearance or performance, she knows that when crossing this line of intimacy, her emotional soul will be bared as well.

She Inspires

In relationships, she is often a muse to her partners. She inspires them to reach for new heights and try new things. Pisces women give their partners feelings of belonging and purpose, as well as knowledge and talent. These are all powerful emotions that the partner of a Pisces woman receives from her.

She Can be Changeable

Yet when the inspiration runs out, she can change her mind very quickly. In addition, if she ever feels disrespected, or pressured, that she has fallen out of love with her partner, she is quick to sever the relationship and move past it.

Pisces women are always slightly in a fantasy where somebody else can love them better. This does not mean that they do not love their partners deeply, truly, and eternally, but they tend to fantasize about something better.

Pisces Women in Love

The way a person expresses their love is incredibly important to a successful relationship. Some people do acts of service to show their love, while other people buy gifts for their partners. Pisces women love deeply and tend to show their love in a variety of ways.

She Wants Romance

Pisces women want magic and wonder in their love, hence their constant fascination with fantasies and a love that is slightly better than the one they have. Her daydreams and romantic fantasies are not something that her partner needs to contend with, but rather something that entertains and interests her.

She Can Lose Herself in Fantasy

However, this can get her into trouble when she falls in love. A Pisces woman is prone to falling in love with an archetype of some fantasy, something a bit delusional or inappropriate. She loves deeply and hard, and so she tries to make her romantic fantasies a reality.

She Moves Slow and Steady

When she falls in love, she falls in love slowly and softly but moves through the turbulence of entering a relationship with fireworks and electricity. Once the smoke clears from the intensity, it is quiet and peaceful in the relationship and love.

She is Devoted

A Pisces woman will give everything she has when she is in love. She becomes highly creative and appreciative of the delicacies and intricacies of falling in love, and her emotions can overflow at the sight of the one she loves.

She is Kind

In love, Pisces women are open to receiving other people’s needs. They give all that they can and are incredibly caring to those that they love. They are easy to take advantage of because of their giving and kind nature.

She Wants Protection

When she is looking for love, the Pisces woman will be looking for someone who she feels can protect her and keep her happy. Yet not only protect her physical self but understand her emotional self and keep that safe too. Someone who can inspire her and be inspired by her. a partner who he’s able to meet her romantic delusions and turn them into a reality.

Compatibility with Pisces Women

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When it comes to compatibility with Pisces women, there are a handful of signs that are highly compatible with her. Because Pisces tend to be introspective, highly vulnerable, on the quiet side, and would rather observe than talk, they often find themselves running away or hiding from life when it becomes difficult.

Pisces women are often overlooked as well, causing them to feel like they are out of place or misunderstood. Frequently, they forget that they need to advocate for themselves and their partner is a great strength to them to help them remember who they are and that they deserve to be understood.

That being said, the signs that go best with Pisces women in relationships are Scorpios, cancers, Tauruses, and Capricorn. These signs all help Pisces to be stronger and less flowy like water. These signs help Pisces to be more extroverted, and they protect Pisces women from having their kindness taken advantage of.

Pisces are least compatible with Sagittarius and Geminis.

Overall Pisces Women’s Traits

Sensitive and Empathetic

Pisces women are highly sensitive people. They are ruled by the planet Neptune and belong to the water sign family. They have a powerful empathy end a great capacity for observation. They are often highly intuitive, almost spiritual. Their empathy knows no limits, which often gets them into situations where their kindness is abused.

Soft-Hearted and Emotive

Although they are soft-hearted people, day experience intense feelings. Regardless of the emotion, Pisces women feel their feelings powerfully. When they are joyful, they explode with joy like a firework. When they are sad, they are like a stormy sea, overflowing with blue and full of rain.

Pisces women are aware of the people who are struggling in their lives, and they take great care of those people. They are maternal, nurturing, and sentimental.

Creative and Ambitious

Pisces women dream big and bold, and they love to work on their dreams. They are creative and imaginative and have a special capacity to envision how their life and goals will happen. They are inspired by others and inspiring themselves. They work to fulfill their emotional needs, rather than their pockets. It makes them a great compassionate worker


When someone falls in love with a Pisces woman, they will tumble in head over heels, like falling into a deep blue ocean. She is full of mystery, emotion, creativity, and kindness. A person falling in love with a Pisces woman will plunge in so quickly that they may drown themselves in her.

However, the kindness of a Pisces woman will always rescue those who fall into her deep blue love. If you fall in love with a Pisces woman, you fall in love with her mesmerizing empathetic spell that feels like she has known you for centuries. To be in love and to be loved by a Pisces woman is unlike any other kind of love and is very special.

John Santana

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