Dating a Pilot: Pros, Cons, Relationship Tips & Things You Must Know

by John Santana

Dating a jet-setting pilot sounds exciting. Especially when we imagine a glamorous life of travel all over the country and world. However the reality is that pilots don’t have it easy, professionally or in their home lives.

Being a pilot is a demanding job, which can make dating one tough. However, we have little control over who we fall for, therefore sacrifices must be made from time to time. So, what’s it like to date a pilot, and what should you know before you do?

Everyone knows that pilots fly planes. But they don’t often stop to think about the less desirable aspects of a pilots work schedule. Airline pilots can work 75+ hours per month in the air and spend numerous nights away from home each week owing to layovers and long flights.

For some couples, this kind of thing can cause problems, but for others it makes them stronger as each person makes adjustments.

Overall, there are pros and there are cons to dating a pilot. We have rounded up the positives and negatives and some key advice that any potential mate should keep in mind when they start dating a fly boy or girl of their own. Read on to figure out if you could date a pilot.

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The Pros and Cons of Dating a Pilot

Dating a pilot might come with challenges that are unique to that profession but it also comes with a lot of positive aspects too. And, no, we are not just referring to free air travel.

Of course, the most important factor in deciding to date a pilot is if you care for them or not. No pro or con is as important or valuable as love, which we all have very little control over.


What are some of the best things about dating a pilot?

They get great pay

Firstly, they get paid fairly well. For all of the hard work they put into their profession, they are rewarded with a comfortable paycheck and benefits too.

That means that if you get serious with a pilot, there is a good chance that your future will be financially secure. After several decades as a pilot, many are able to retire with a hefty retirement package that leaves them comfortable for the rest of their lives.

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They have job satisfaction and passion

Additionally, many pilots are quite happy with their profession. Millions of people become pilots because it is something they are passionate about, often from a young age.

That means that if you are dating a pilot, your boyfriend or girlfriend will probably be quite happy working. That will give them an overall positive attitude, which means that your relationship will also be happier too.

Flexible time off

While pilots definitely work very hard when they are on the clock, they get days off just like everyone else. Therefore, you and your partner will still be able to spend time together and will be able to go on vacations and attend family and personal events.

The bonus here is that you will also value those moments together even more since a pilot’s schedule often gets very tricky and busy. While that will be hard, it will make the moments together even better and more special.

You might get free air travel

It is true that the partners of pilots get to sometimes enjoy free air travel too. This doesn’t happen as often as you might think – or hope – but if you are the spouse or romantic partner of a pilot, you will be able to receive complimentary miles so you can travel with your boyfriend or girlfriend pilot, or on your own.

Pilots often have job security

Another major benefit of dating a pilot is that you can be sure your partner will have job security. A pilot can usually rely on keeping their job for a long, long time. It’s hard work but it is reliable work too and most pilots stay in their profession for decades.

The air travel industry definitely experiences its fair share of ups and downs but it is usually quite steady and that is great news for the security of a pilot’s job. When you date a pilot you can rest assured that they will probably be employed – and happy about it too.

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So what about the negatives of dating a pilot?

They are often away

Of course, the biggest con to dating a pilot is that they are gone a lot. Because of their job, pilots will be on the move for days and sometimes weeks at a time. When a pilot is on the job, they will be traveling all day and will be moving all over the globe.

This takes a lot of time, it doesn’t allow your pilot partner to come home at the end of the work day. Therefore, you will need to be comfortable and adjust to a life where you don’t get to see your boyfriend or girlfriend as much as you would like. This is hard to come to terms with for many people but it is mandatory because this is one aspect of a pilot’s life that won’t change.

They’ll miss important dates

This also means that your pilot spouse might miss out on enjoying holidays, birthdays or special events with you. While pilots are able to request days off just like anyone else, they are going to miss out on some of the big occasions that are very valuable to family and friends. You can expect that the pilot in your life will likely miss out on some weddings, parties, or other get-togethers.

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It is riskier than some jobs

Some people are very fearful of air travel and think that it is very dangerous. While flying in a plane is far more safe than driving in a car, there are inherent risks that come with being a pilot.

While you shouldn’t lose too much sleep at night if you are dating a pilot, you do need to consider that there will be some fear related to them going away to work. Thankfully, you can look at the statistics and rest assured that your boyfriend or girlfriend will be safe.

It can be difficult to communicate

A major con about dating a pilot is that communicating with them will not always be easy. Thankfully, modern phones and smart devices make it so much easier than it once was. Still, there are challenges that arise with communicating with your pilot boyfriend or girlfriend.

They have an irregular schedule

The biggest hurdle isn’t related to the type of phone your pilot will have. Instead, it is related to their tricky schedules. Pilots don’t get as many breaks as some professions receive. Additionally, they come at odd hours which aren’t always convenient. That means that when your pilot partner is able to call and talk with you, it might not be at the best time.

Don’t get your hopes up that your pilot will be able to call you right when they land or at any set time during the day. You will have to adjust to their schedule and not the other way around.

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Beyond basic pros and cons, there are other pieces of advice that you should keep in mind when you first start seeing a pilot.

Get creative with your relationship

There are some other things to remember at all times. Firstly, your entire schedule and flow of life is going to be altered. Because of a pilot’s schedule you will not see your boyfriend or girlfriend that often.

You will be a part of a long-distance relationship for much of the time. That means that you will have to find new ways to show your affection and care. This isn’t necessarily an entirely bad thing, however. When you are able to express yourself in novel ways, it can do a lot of good for your relationship.

Ignore the stereotypes

You also need to keep in mind that there are some generalizations about pilots that you’ll have to come to terms with. Many people think that pilots have girlfriends or boyfriends in every town and can’t stay faithful.

That’s just an old stereotype about pilots. In reality, they can and are just as dedicated and devoted to their lovers as anyone else is. Don’t let the silly rumors and preconceived notions of others affect you.

Show support

Another piece of advice to remember when you are dating a pilot is to always show support to your pilot boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be exhausting and draining being a pilot.

Your partner will need to lean on you for emotional support very often. Make sure to show interest in their job and make sure to root them on and lend an ear for them to listen. This will make their lives and jobs – and your relationship – so much better.


Dating a pilot can be one of the most rewarding things in your life. There are so many great things that come with a true, deep, affectionate relationship with a pilot. Yes, there are some negative things to keep in mind but they are outweighed by the positives. It doesn’t matter who you are dating. If you are with someone you love, that is all that matters.

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John Santana

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