The Pros & Cons of Dating a Marine – Ultimate Guide

by John Santana

Who can resist the charm of a marine officer in uniform? They represent authority, yet they are smart and brave. There is so much you can learn from them.

Dating a marine is a wonderful experience. Get to know more about what it’s like, pros and cons, and where to find one to light up your life!

Dating a Marine: Pros

1. It’s a sexy profession

You can’t deny the sex appeal of someone in uniform. Policemen, firefighters, soldiers, those in uniforms are instantly more attractive. The thought of dating a marine is alluring. The tough training they have gone through makes them the perfect star of your fantasy.

They can be dominant, yet gentle at the same time. You can’t help but dream about them. The spark never dies.

2. They are financially independent

Being a government employee, they are looking at a decent pension and stable income. They don’t have to worry about retirement or financial stability. It’s a great thing to be with someone stable who knows what they want.

A lot of couples break up over financial issues. It is a real burden if one of you, or both of you, can’t afford to pay for a meal. Having a good job is a big plus.

3. They are disciplined

Same for anyone in the military, they are trained to be disciplined. Their habits are admirable. For example, they are never late to a date, they take people around them seriously, offer critical analysis to situations, and use logic to process their feelings.

It is calming to be with someone with excellent critical thinking skills. You will never have to deal with unreasonable screaming and shouting.

4. You feel protected

They don’t even have to physically be next to you or do something to make you feel protected. Just the thought of having a marine officer supporting you instills the courage you need. Looking at the glorious tasks they do for the country, you want to be braver and kinder as well.

Walking next to them feels comfortable. It’s a sense of safety that cannot be found elsewhere. Marines are often very loyal and stick to their word. You know how committed they are to serve and keep promises. Dating a marine means you do not have to wonder if they are playing with your heart because they are usually very straightforward with their thoughts.

Dating a Marine: Cons

1. Their life is at risk

Although a marine usually faces less risk than a soldier, they still face death on a daily basis. Depending on where they are deployed, some areas are extremely dangerous. It’s no news that every day a family loses a loved one serving as a marine for the country.

Dealing with the anxiety of knowing your partner can die any day is not for everyone. Some people can’t handle the thought of that and would rather break up than thinking their partner would die one day.

It’s not about how much you love and respect their job. It’s also about what you can accept for yourself. Never think it’s your fault if you are paranoid about their safety. Being with someone who may not return home can be mentally draining.

2. They may be deployed for a long time overseas

Most marines don’t get to choose where they are deployed to. They can voice their preferences but in the end, they will have to obey. You may not be able to relocate with them either. So they will have to be away for a year or more.

The distance is heartbreaking. You don’t know how they are doing and it’s not feasible for you to give up your life to move with them every time either. Besides, you won’t even have the option to go with them if they are sent to a war zone.

3. They may suffer from PTSD

A lot of marines or people in the military suffer from PTSD and long-term damage from their time at war. It’s not something you can relate to. Professional help will alleviate the symptoms but they will have episodes from time to time.

No matter how much you want to be there for them, you just can’t get them to put their past behind them. It has already permanently scarred them. It’s a frustrating situation for you both. After a while, you will start to feel the responsibility of having to deal with their intense actions as a result of these traumatic experiences.

Some patients may develop violent tendencies as well, threatening those around them. It’s a self-defense mechanism. They can’t decide who is here to hurt them. So they choose to take down a threat first. Marines’ families have expressed how their loved ones accidentally harmed them, thinking they are the enemies.

Where to find a marine to date?

  • Adult FriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison

Marines care about their privacy a lot. You will not find them on just any dating site. To date a marine, sign up on Ashley Madison and Adult FriendFinder, the two most popular sites trending.

Ashley Madison stresses the importance of privacy. All the messages are encrypted and can be self-destroyed after a while. Its low-maintenance layout makes it the perfect site to use while at work. No one will notice you are on a dating site.

Members are chill and easy-going. The whole platform is filled with happy souls looking for some fun. There are plenty of marines on it seeking some casual sex with the possibility of something more.

If you have a thing for marines, don’t be shy. Write it on your profile. Members of Ashely Madison appreciate honesty. Don’t waste each other’s time. Your wishes are well-respected. Say you want to date the hottest marines in town and they will flock to you since they know you are interested.

Adult FriendFinder is another platform marines hang out on. With over 90 million users, you will be sure to match with dozens of marines every night. The site is not your ordinary dating site. It’s a community. That’s why it attracts those in the military who have a strong sense of belonging.

You can start an interest group calling for all marines to join. Then, participate in group calls to get to know more people. Adult FriendFinder offers a comprehensive structure for creating casual friendships and serious relationships.

Its features are one of a kind in the online dating field. Join a forum to ask about the best places in town to take a marine. You will love how helpful members are.

Meeting a marine does not have to be up to the universe. There are many ways you can find one and online dating sites are the best ones yet. Make sure you sign up on these sites to get to know the coolest marines that will take you for a ride.

Tips for dating a marine

lady with a marine officer

1. Be prepared to lose them

Sadly, this is something you never want to deal with but have to be prepared for. It’s not a bad thing to mentally prepare yourself for an adverse situation like this. It puts things into perspective and makes you cherish the time you have together more.

Every time you think about what you would do if something was to happen to them, you become more mature and ready to go through the highs and lows in the relationship with them.

2. Be the caretaker of the family

If you start a family with a marine, you may have to be the stay-home one. As mentioned, marines may get deployed overseas unexpectedly and can’t spend a lot of time at home. The responsibility of taking care of the household naturally falls on you.

Don’t blame them for not contributing if you decide to be with them. It’s almost impossible for someone like that to spend that much time with family. It’s a trade-off you have to deal with.

Understand that they are doing something great for the country. Take care of your family so they can return home stress-free.

3. Check in on her mental state

Since mental health crises are common, study more about it so you can keep a close eye on their mental state. Once you notice a change in habit, notify their medical team so they get instant treatment.

Be patient with them. With what they have gone through, it’s a miracle that they are still alive. Listen to their story and try not to overreact when they are having an episode. Never make them feel bad for their condition.

A healthy relationship should be about support. Ask them what they need and how you can provide it. Read about mental health so you can pick up on the little signs that something is off.

Final thoughts

Dating a marine puts you on a pedestal. You are with someone so courageous. They make you proud and push you to be a better person. Find your marine matches on Ashley Madison and Adult FriendFinder today.

John Santana

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