Dating a Libra Man: What It’s Really Like?

by John Santana

Being represented by the scales, Libra is always associated with balance, harmony, and justice. He is obsessed with creating an equilibrium in all aspects of life, especially in his love life.

To attract a Libra man, you first need to understand their personality. He takes good care of his appearance, which can be misunderstood as superficial. Getting a Libra man to fall in love with you is a piece of cake once you know all the secrets to getting them aroused.

Libra Basics

Birthdates: September 23 – October 22
Keywords: Balance, harmony, justice
Element: Air
Represented by: The scale
Famous libra men: John Krasinski, Matt Damon, Will Smith, Bob Odenkirk, Hugh Jackman, Donald Glover, Sting, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Eminem, Zac Efron

How Does a Libra Man Act in a Relationship?

Your Libra man is more gentle than anyone else you have met. He takes care of every aspect when he falls in love. He takes pride in organizing the little things for his partner.

However, it goes both ways. He is analytics. A Libra man likes playing detective and seeing if the effort is mutual. There are times he will overthink your actions and analyze your motive. It is not the most comfortable feeling but he does it to evaluate if his efforts are being rewarded fairly. He will only try as hard as the next person.

Naturally, a Libra man is quite private about what he is thinking. This is a typical trait among the air signs. It will take a while for him to warm up to the relationship and share his secrets with you. On the plus side, he has a willful soul. Once he makes a decision, even if the whole world is against it, there is little chance to change.

Besides, a Libra man is all about finding equilibrium in life. If his partner always interferes with his social and entertainment freedom, he will build up resentment after a while, even if he does not bring it up.

In his books, loyalty is above all. He despises anyone lying to his face. Honesty is a big part of how he values his relationship. He wants to be honest with each other, neither in a humble nor arrogant manner.

His sharp eyes can spot a stinky fish from afar. He is a man of instinct for good reasons. Most often, his intuitions are correct. He can often grasp the key points at a glance. When choosing a partner, the first impression matters a lot for him. If he gets a good vibe from you, he will want to continue to see what happens.

What Does a Libra Man Like in a Woman?

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1. Being fashionable

Since he is high on looks, being fashionable is critically essential in catching the eyes of a Libra man. The woman he brings along must be as presentable as he is. He will not want to show you off to his friends if you do not take care of your appearance. He believes maintaining a good look is not superficial but respectful.

2. Being passionate about your career

Knowing how determined he is about going for the best life, he is likely working a decent job with good prospects. His strong career path enables him to be somewhat choosy about his partner. When a woman with equal strength shows up, he instantly feels this relationship is going to be equal, which is exactly what he wants.

He is dedicated and enthusiastic as soon as he falls in love. However, physical attraction will wear off easily for him. Only admiration and success will be cheered.

3. Showing your differences

As you can probably tell from his desire to be the best-looking guy in the room, he is all about being at the top. Finding someone with strengths he lacks is indescribably alluring. He has a figure to look up to and fight for the goals together.

He wants to be with someone different. Find a quality that makes you stand out in the crowd and show it to your Libra man. He loves showing off how cool and unique his girlfriend is.

4. Not being clingy

Women who pursue their dreams and work diligently in their spare time are so attractive to a Libra guy. Just because you have a good time together doesn’t mean he wants to stick around 24/7. His obsession with finding a balance makes him unable to dedicate the majority of his life to one thing.

Your relationship is only a part of his life. There are many things to do for him. He can’t afford to waste his time taking care of a clingy girl. Being independent is a big advantage that will capture the heart of a Libra guy.

5. Having a lot of friends

Indeed, a relationship with a Libra man is rarely about the two of you alone. Your social circle is an indicator of how popular and decent you are. The more friends you have, the more trustworthy you are to him. Having a lot of friends shows your social capability. This makes him more willing to take you out on social events and introduce you to people he works with.

How to Make a Libra Man Fall For You?

1. Give him genuine compliments

Everyone loves being flattered but never to the same magnitude as your Libra lover. He lives for genuine compliments. If you are dating a Libra, be generous about giving him compliments that are specific to him constantly.

He appreciates an observant partner that can spot their good qualities. Pay extra attention to their outfit as they probably took a while in front of the mirror before meeting up with you. Never omit the small chances to throw him a courtesy hat. It doesn’t cost you much to compliment him but you will get a lot in return.

2. Be calm in difficult situations

Equality is his motto. He strives to always live in equilibrium. He wants peace and to avoid as many fights as possible. Think before you speak, be gentle, and keep your voice calm. Disrespecting his need for equilibrium will not get him to listen. He will only block your voice out because it is disrupting his peace. Instead, communicate calmly with him so he has the mental capacity to listen.

3. Be the planner

He loves it if you make plans. You don’t have to do all the work but just make sure you are the one to take the lead and give a brief direction. He is not a picky person as he tends to appreciate the effort you make. But most of the time, he wants you to plan the date because he wants to see you are putting in the effort as well.

4. Don’t be pushy

No means no. A Libra man hardly changes his mind about anything. Even if you have the best reasons in the world, he will only be understanding without agreeing. Pushing him to commit to something he is against is not cool. He will think you are controlling and keep a distance.

5. Give some space

Since a Libra man can function independently, he needs some alone time to recharge. As his partner, you should give him suitable space. Giving personal space is healthy in a relationship. It gives him time to miss you and text you.

Perfect Dates Ideas With Your Libra Man

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When you are making date plans with a Libra, it will never be a miss to find one that cultivates your independent and confident image. His attention always ends up on the most romantic girl with the biggest smile. He wants to know you are not relying on him to be happy. You should already be happy on your own. Whether you are taking him on your first date or you have been dating for a while, these are the best date ideas for you.

1. Explore his artsy side

Ruled by Venus, your creative man loves everything about art. He has the sense to appreciate different forms of art. Take him to a gallery and he will have a blast. He is an intelligent man who believes knowing how to appreciate art makes him a superior creature.

Go along with his hobby. Find out the latest artsy thing in town. You know how much he likes showing off so he will never say no to criticizing other people’s artwork. Alternatively, take him to create his art. Join a pottery class together. You can share some intimate moments together while exploring the artsy side of each other. At the end of the day, you have an art piece to bring home for decoration.

2. Try out new activities

His explorer genes manifest when tackling new activities. The need to conquer everything makes him eager to try new things. He is open-minded about whatever you have for him. Take him to a brewery and challenge him to make the best beer.

Sign up for a flying lesson to see how your man does in the sky. Don’t be afraid to humiliate him because of his huge ego. When dealing with new things, a Libra is seldom embarrassed. Failure is the path to success. This is the only time he is happy to fail.

3. Show some romantic gestures

Your boyfriend is a sucker for romantic gestures. Roses on the bed and candlelight dinner are his soft spots. He can never get upset in a romantic setting. If you have done anything to upset him, there is no better way to apologize than arranging a romantic date night.

Inviting him over to your place is the simplest gesture that shows a great amount of love. It shows trust, intimacy, and passion in the relationship. When you design a romantic date for your partner, he will reciprocate and throw you something even bigger in the future.

What is the Perfect Gift For a Libra Man?

Picking out the perfect gift for a Libra man is difficult. Despite your best effort, he will bluntly tell you the gift is not up to his standards. His direct attitude can be heartbreaking. In general, he prefers special gifts. Cliche gifts like a wallet are not quite appealing to him. He wants to feel how unique he is from the present you choose.

If you truly want the perfect gift for him, the best way is to take him to a mall and let him pick it out himself. You have no idea how much he values picking his own gift. After all, no one on earth knows him better than he does. However, if you are keen on choosing the gift, here are some unusual gifts that a Libra man will like.

1. Lego

Legos are the weakness of all men alike. Regardless of the age, Legos guarantee a fun time. No grown adult is expecting to get Legos from his girlfriend. Yet, the little boy in his heart is dying for some.

Get him the latest Star Wars Lego or anything he might like. He will spend hours completing the puzzle. Being able to build a sturdier castle than when he was young is also a mission for him. He has to win at everything in life, including beating his younger self.

2. Record player with a nice vinyl

He is a man of class. There is nothing that says elegance more than a traditional record player with vinyl. If your budget allows, this is undoubtedly the cutest gift. You may find some affordable ones in a garage sale.

Put on the music in the background and dance with him. He loves listening to classic music while holding his lover’s waist and jazzing. His classy taste means he knows when something is valuable or not. If you are going to the record player, you should make sure it is an authentic one.

3. Hourglass

Having meaning in life intrigues him. He craves sharing spiritual bonding with his partner. An hourglass is a neat gift idea that will put a smile on his face. It may not look like much, but it says a lot. Staring at the hourglass is serene. It coincides with the balance he seeks.

You can take the idea one step further by filling it with the sand you have gathered. Collect some from the beach you went together. Or better yet, volcanic ashes are the most awesome material for the hourglass sand. Volcanic ashes are limited to the time and place. Yet, by putting the ashes in the hourglass, you have put eternity right there.

Best Matches for a Libra Man

Man And Woman Kissing

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

You two are both modern and intellectual constellations with pleasant communication skills. Geminis can be a bit more stubborn with their beliefs and unwilling to change. But Geminis are also versatilely absorbent.

Being around a serene Libra will tune down a narrow-minded Gemini’s ego. The two’s energy perfectly balances out each other. The charismatic Libra and the intelligent Gemini are the perfect blends of honey and tea.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leos are love fanatics. They are always fantasizing about living the greatest romantic novel. Libras are drawn to their sexy vibes and confident charisma while Leos are attracted to the logical side of Libras. Your relationship with a Libra will be so diverse and complex, which may take a lot of brain power when you are dealing with the negative sides. However, once your relationship is stable, you will almost never have rough patches again.

Virgo (August 23 – August 22)

Virgos stand for the virtues Libras need. Their honesty and loyalty are unmatched. A Virgo’s strong presence is irresistible. Although Virgos can be too soft at times, their precious virtuous character helps Libras to overlook all the small flaws. Libras wish to be as compassionate as Virgos, which makes them a couple that can learn from each other.

Libra (September 23 – October 23)

Libras together are all about peace. There will never be a loud fight. Whatever hiccups you face, you will deal with them with grace. There is nothing that cannot be solved with a discussion. Furthermore, you know what the other person wants because you are the same. You can plan for the best date, comfort him, and support him as he needs. Having a doubleganger in a relationship can be surprisingly grounding.

Best Dating Sites for Meeting Your Libra

  • Adult FriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Bang Locals


Your Libra man is a sweetheart that never raises his voice. While he has his opinions on most things, he is respectful to others. If you want to join his circle, you need to be as zen as he is sometimes.

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John Santana

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