Leo Woman

Dating a Leo Woman: Personality Traits & Best Matches For Her

by John Santana

A Leo woman is a tad unreasonable, but undeniably cute. Once she has found her passion, her enthusiasm can melt an iceberg. On the other hand, her indifferent attitude can plant the seeds of doubt in your head sometimes.

Ordinary men can never tame a Leo woman. This loyal breed is here for the worthy ones only. Winning her over is like playing a chess game. You need to take a step back to win the round. Read about what she is thinking and how you can pamper this lovely chick.

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Leo Woman Basics

Birthdates: July 23 – August 22
Keywords: Playful, charismatic, dominating, prowess
Element: Fire
Represented by: The Lion
Famous Leo women: Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Dua Lipa, Cara Delevingne, Halle Berry, Kylie Jenner, Charlize Theron, Amy Adams

How Does a Leo Woman Act in a Relationship?

Leo is the most contradictory constellation out of the signs. At first glimpse, a Leo girl gives the impression of being quiet and serious. However, deep down, it is the exact opposite. They put on a mask with people they are not comfortable with.

You Will Feel Her Interest

As soon as they feel in tune with the conversation, she will start showing a different side of her. She will never stop talking if she is interested in you. Unfortunately, if your lion girl feels really awkward, there is not much you can do to salvage the situation.

She will fade away in the conversation or even feel too distraught to stay. Leo women are born with an imposing manner, which isn’t pretentious at all.

She Has Passion

Man and Woman Dancing

She has a genuine passion for things she loves. She is also a firm advocate for her moral boundaries and values. When something touches her bottom line, she will not back off. Instead, this fearless lioness will let you know what she feels.

She Does not Bear Grudges

It is not in her nature to be calculating and devious. Generally speaking, she does not hold grudges for long after any arguments. She settles any debate at the moment. Once the heat dials down, she is back to the snuggle babe that she is. Her carefree style allows her to look after others’ feelings quite well.

She is Proud

Leos are natural-born pride queens. Crushing her self-esteem is the most humiliating act in this world. To be a lover with her, you will learn how to save face for her. She can’t take teasing that goes way beyond the line. In fact, she is not a big fan of mockery. Constructive criticism does not have to be based on sarcasm or jokes.

She Has Energy

At times, her energy level cannot keep up with her surroundings. She becomes drowsily lazy when she is out of battery. She can’t be the social queen all day. Your lioness wants some time to rest. Lucky for you, she is fine with resting by herself or with your company. She is not picky about personal time as long as she gets to recharge and relax.

What Does a Leo Woman Like in a Man?

1. Being Confident

Confident men are the most charming. Lions are born to be kings and queens. Therefore, a lioness is always looking for a king that empowers her. A masculine presence ensures a sturdy future. She craves stability. Losing her throne is an unbearable thought.

She needs a man that will stand his ground in any situation. That being said, she wants to be your teammate. Going against her is treason in her book.

2. Giving Her Respect

Pride Leos never lack admirers. If she can’t gain respect from you, she will leave. She is loyal to you because you are giving her what she wants, which is recognition. Once she feels it is no longer the case, she will not hesitate to find someone else.

At the same time, she is a private person. She refuses to share her life details. Giving her respect to retaining her secrets shows compassion. Eventually, she will repay the respect by opening up to you. It is only a matter of time.

Although she is independent, she wants support from her other half. It does not require any physical effort. Sometimes, a few words of compliment and encouragement will suffice.

3. Being Passionate About the World

A proud creature like her loathes anyone that works for money and not passion. It is a sin not to be passionate about life. She is born to explore the wilderness. Having new stimulants intrigues her.

There is nothing more masculine than stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering the unseen with her. Leo women admire bravery. You can almost see her heart-shaped eyes when you bravely take on any challenge. If you take her cliff diving, make sure you have the guts to do it because chickening out is a deal breaker.

4. Being Playful

You can be childish. There is nothing shameful. Her motherly nature will want to nurture the inner kid in you. She finds adults with innocent hearts adorable. Having fun is her life motto. Whether it is jazzing or playing computer games, she is always in.

Be your best self and invite her to your hobbies. If you are an avid Lego collector, show her your collection and the most unique piece. Invite her to come over to build some cars and buildings. She will not find it boring. Playing games is her favorite way to kill time.

5. Being Romantic

Man And Woman Kissing

Beneath her tough aura, she is a sucker for love. Throwing romantic gestures at her will make her blush. A lot of people mistakenly think Leos are unappreciative of romantic dates. That is not true at all. She is reserved with people she is not interested in. Once she gets into the relationship vibe, she wants you to shower her with love.

Anything small like a surprise breakfast in bed will cheer her up. Take her to a nice tasting menu from time to time. It does not take much to keep her entertained. Better yet, she locks the appreciation in for a long time.

6. Strong and Secure

As you already know by now, your queen will never settle for someone weaker. It is a constant competition to prove your worth. As capable as she is, you must be as
adequate in providing for the family.

Apart from the materialistic needs, she needs your support on the emotional side. Destroying a lioness’s self-esteem is hard. But if life ever crushes her, she is in that rabbit hole forever. It is your responsibility to help her out and put her on her queen path again.

How to Make a Leo Woman Fall For You?

1. Stepping Up and Making a Decision

Dating a Leo girl is like driving a car. You need to be the driver to take the steering wheel and control it firmly. A lioness will follow you to the end of the world but will not enjoy being the leader.

Putting the pressure of making decisions on her is repulsive. It shows you are not determined enough to bring happiness to the unit. Your lion girl has plenty of opinions on her own. She does not lack the brain to judge. Instead, she wants to know her partner has the integrity to make the judgment for the two of them.

That’s why she wants you to handle things.

Next time when you are on a dinner date, book the reservation beforehand and study the menu. A simple gesture like recommending dishes already implies your thoughtfulness.

2. Finding Your wow-factor

Whether it is your bank statement, intelligence, or physical strength, a Leo woman wants to be impressed by her partner. She is a quick thinker. When she spots the details about you, she knows if she can spend the rest of her life with you.

If you are insecure about your own future, chances are she will shun you pretty quickly. While you don’t need to have six-packs of abs or one million in the bank, you do want to be confident and ambitious.

3. Ruling Her in the Bedroom

Couple kissing on Bed

When it comes to sex, her lioness is more like a kitty. She enjoys being ruled by her man. Rough sex is exciting and enjoyable. The traditional missionary style turns her on the most as she feels the most physical contact.

Any position that inserts your dominance is the most orgasmic. She is not big on foreplay because her sex drive comes from seeing your masculine side. Even if she is the one to initiate, she still expects you to climb onto her to finish.

Sex toys are not necessarily her favorite move in bed. Deep down, she feels it takes away the intricate soul bonding and interaction you have. Still, she is willing to give it a try to see how it works. Introduce this section gradually with the tamest toys.

Perfect Dates Ideas With Your Leo Girl

1. Classy Dinner Date in Style

There is no five-star restaurant too imposing for her to handle. She will proudly handle any situation at ease. Showing up at a fancy ball party gives her to chance to shine. Her radiating glow will stun the crowd.

Book a dinner in an elegant charity ball or Michelin restaurant. She will dress up to steal the spotlight and expect you to do the same. If you want to be a little extra, learn your wine name to pair with your dish just to show off.

2. A Karaoke Night and Hitting the Dance Floor

She likes being at the center of attention. Handing her a microphone is the best way to put the tiara on her. She is a natural performer with no stage fright. It is not too demanding to take her for a karaoke night as she will happily join the crowd and show off her skills. Signing her out and waking up with a sore throat the next day is the proof of a great night out.

3. Photoshoot Date

If it didn’t happen on Instagram, it didn’t happen in real life. You may consider it a bit vain but your lion girl loves sharing things in her life, especially how naturally photogenic she is.

She is a big fan of social media. There are constant updates on her accounts. One of the best dates with your Leo girl is to go for a photoshoot. Go online to find the cutest photo spot in your area and bring your equipment. A goddess photo of your queen will secure your seat in her palace.

4. A Friendly Competition

There is nothing wrong with having a friendly competition with your Leo girl. She is confident and will not mind going head to head with her partner. Date ideas such as air hockey in an arcade, ping pong, board games, or even laser tag float right in her boat.

Despite her eagerness to win, she is not usually a sore loser. She is graceful in accepting defeat as long as it is a fair competition. It will only trigger her desire to keep fighting until she wins.

Happy young multiracial couple hugging while resting in cafe

Best Matches For a Leo Girl

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Interestingly, for a Leo girl, impulsiveness is not a flaw at all. It shows you are living your life without care. An Aries man’s typical impulsiveness is quite a turn-on. She likes aggressiveness as well. An Aries man will fight for her love, which makes her feel valued.

Basically, all of the typical flaws of Aries attract Leo so much. She feeds on jealousy and attention. The two of you are like gasoline and fire. The relationship gets heated up so quickly once it begins. There is no stopping it.

To the outside world, the love they have is toxic. But only because they don’t see how much they push each other to reach for higher standards. An Aries man wants to protect his Leo girl while the lioness wants to see her king succeed. She can’t handle a small family guy. She needs her man to be out there fighting and winning.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Being an air sign, a Gemini man compliments the weaknesses of a Leo girl. The harmonious side of Gemini gives the right amount of respect that a queen needs. There is never a bitter argument because the two can articulate their points logically.

At the same time, her boldness can balance out Gemini’s unstable emotions. Gemini is sensitive to others’ emotional energy. It works great to detect Leo’s subtle mood swings. Having a yin and yang combo in a relationship is comforting for each other.

Libra (September 23 – October 23)

Leo and Libra have so much in common. Their relaxing attitude, love for hosting friends, and desire to dress up bring endless topics. It is easy for the two people to enjoy every simple moment together.

When these two are together, real fights are rare. A bit of bickering around is fun but it will never escalate to arguments. Their explorer sign also keeps the freshness in the relationship.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Why bother finding someone pretending to be a lion when you can have the real deal? A Leo man is macho. He likes to make his own decisions about everything, while a Leo woman is all about finding her king. You two are easily the best match of all.

Still, you should be careful not to stretch your dominance. You are dating a lioness in modern days. Being too controlling is not attractive but scary. There is a fine balance you need to discover with your partner. When she feels your dominance is affecting her self-esteem, she may move on to the next king. Your leadership should not be built on her confidence.

While you should take the lead, you will need to take into account her feelings. It is not king-like to rule with fear. Make suitable comprises so your girl knows she is an equally valued member of the kingdom.

Sagittarius (August 23 – August 22)

Transparency is king. When it comes to love relationships, a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man see stars in each others’ eyes. They are often so in love that they want to be together all the time. There is no need to hang out with other people. They are both expressive people that do not like hiding their feelings.

A Leo girl will always know how loved she is because a Sagittarius man is not cheap with his words. The outspokenness will capture her heart quickly. It makes things easier when she knows what he is going through.

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Taming a feisty girl takes strength. You need to be a stronger man to get your Leo girl under control. She loves being ruled by her man. Instinctively, she is a team player and will make decisions for the relationship rather than being selfish.

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John Santana

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