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Dating a Gemini: Pros, Cons & Where To Find One

by John Santana

The most unpredictable breed… A Gemini has an ever-glowing mystic air surrounding their presence. Dating a Gemini will give you the adrenaline kick of a lifetime. They are the perfect lover, yet, a goofy trouble-maker.

Getting to the bottom of a Gemini will probably take you a decade. But before you date one, here are the things you absolutely need to know about.

What Are Geminis Like in Relationships?

1. They want to get to know everything about you

Germins are curious beings. No amount of questions can satisfy their curiosity. When they are in love, they want to know everything about you. Sometimes, it can come off as prying but in fact, they really just want to bookmark your highlight.

From your favorite doughnut place to hypothetical questions about aliens, Geminis will never get tired. They want to get to the bottom of you. At first, you may be taken aback by all the small talk but after a while, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much she remembers about the little things.

2. They are always initiating a conversation

You will not run out of things to talk about with Geminis. They are born great talkers. Whether it is a philosophical question or news discussion, they will have a unique point of view. They are eager to share their thoughts.

Be prepared to have your phone buzzing all the time. Whenever they come across something interesting, they will send it to you. There is always something new with them.

3. You will hang out with their friends a lot

You already knew this before you started dating. Your Gemini is a natural social glue of the circle. Their calendar is full of events. Today there is a birthday party with friends and tomorrow there is a concert.

Geminis love socializing. It melts their heart to see all their friends getting along. Instead of hanging out with each friend individually, Geminis have the power to pool people together. All their friends get along well. The good thing is that Geminis are picky about their friends too. So, if you are in love with your partner, chances are, you will adore their friends too.

4. They are spontaneous

If there is one thing that a Gemini is not, that is life-planning. They have thousands of new plans every day. There are so many things they want to do that they cannot decide where to begin. It is easy to get their attention.

Due to their indecisiveness, they are spontaneous creatures that will take you on a sudden 3 am trip to the lake. While some of their acts can be considered irresponsible, in their mind, they are doing what makes them happy. Their free spirit is contagious and they would want their partner to loosen up as well.

5. They work hard to stay attractive

Some people tend to stop caring about their looks once they are in a stable relationship. This is not a trait you will find in Geminis. They bring their A-game every time. Even after years of marriage, they will still look like they are ready to seduce you.

This is a valuable character that keeps things exciting in a relationship. Seeing your partner trying their best to impress you is enchanting.

6. They are flirtatious and wild in bed


With the person they love, Gemini can go crazy in bed. Underneath their cuteness, they are ready to try out any unconventional naughty stuff. As long as you suggest it, they will usually go with it because they are curious too.

Geminis are not shy darlings. They are flirty in public with you to show the world you belong to them. They will be working on their seduction game to get you in bed every time. Having sex with a Gemini is the best treat ever.

How to Date a Gemini?

1. Be the leader and planner of the relationship

While Geminis take pride in their care-free lifestyle, they will still panic when spontaneity does not go well for them. They rarely have a backup plan. Most of the time, they solve problems as they go.

This is when you come in. If you can show your calm approach to fixing their problems, they will be truly grateful to have you in their life. Sometimes, Geminis know their irresponsible attitude will get them into trouble but they just cannot keep their reckless spirit at bay. You need to keep your partner’s adventurous side at a healthy level. They love it when a mature person tells them what to do. It makes them feel safe.

2. Be curious about the world

Since Geminis are constantly looking for new knowledge, they love it when their partner can throw them trivial points that they did not know before. They are one of the most open-minded people in the world. Their ability to accept new ideas and things is awe-inspiring.

Take the time to learn more about this world. It will benefit your life together to know why your babe is so passionate about learning and listening.

3. Be calm

One of the weaknesses of Geminis is their big ego. They can only handle criticism when it is put nicely. When you think a Gemini has done something wrong, do not confront them harshly. This will only worsen the situation.

Despite their big ego, Geminis are eager to improve themselves when they feel respected. Communicate calmly with them to work things out.

4. Stand your ground when necessary

With their strong presence, Geminis tend to be overly pushy without realizing it. They do not mean to pressure people. They just cannot help it. It is nice to give your partner what they want but you also need to stand your ground in an equal relationship.

Fortunately, Geminis are reasonable. Once they understand they are being pushy, they will stop it. Let them know they are not behaving nicely. Spoiling them will only take the limit further back. Set boundaries so they know how to keep their bossiness in check. Do not be afraid to start the discussion as Geminis are considerate. They want the best for their partner and are apologetic if they have done something bad.

Do Geminis Fall in Love Quickly?

Geminis fall in love quickly but never easily.

In fact, it is extremely difficult for a Gemini to find the right person to fall in love with. But once they do, they are in deep. Since Geminis usually demonstrate an outstanding level of intelligence, they choose their partner carefully. They find everyone interesting because there is always something to learn from but they rarely find someone attractive. To meet their high standards, you will need to be smart, enthusiastic, and cool.

Geminis are fun-loving. They are ready to try anything anytime. If you have the same amount of energy, you will find being around a Gemini refreshing. The fast mind of a Gemini is their curse. They can get along with essentially everyone because they know how to blend in. However, when it comes to choosing a partner, it is hard to find someone worthy.

If you are lucky enough to get a Gemini interested romantically, get ready for something intense. Once a Gemini feels something, it develops at the speed of light. They invest everything immediately. They are over the moon to hang out with you. As soon as the relationship is established, they are already thinking about what you two will be doing a few years from now.

Their enthusiasm about life does not reflect their ill-intention to push you to commit. It only means they are serious and committed in the relationship. That is the reason Geminis tend to get their heart shattered. They bet all-in from the start when the other person may not necessarily feel the same way.

Nevertheless, a Gemini makes a loving partner because you can rest assured that they are committed to you. They are loyal and will not do anything to jeopardize the relationship. They always evaluate their options and take the one that will strengthen your bonding.

Where to Find a Gemini?

mobile Match

Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to pray that your love will fall from stardust. The ample online dating platforms out there ensure you have good access to connect with the perfect. For signs or Gemini-oriented online dating sites, these are the best ones on the market.

1. Adult FriendFinder

  • Extensive advanced search features
  • 90 million users
  • Fun and interactive features to mingle with a group of people at the same time

2. Ashley Madison

  • High security standards
  • Can remain anonymous
  • Female-oriented

3. Bang Locals

  • Perfect for casual relationships
  • Powerful location search
  • Useful filters and tag searches


Geminis tend to get a bad reputation for being unpredictable. They are explorers with cool ideas. They like new things but they are dead loyal to people. When your partner looks at you in the eyes and tells you they want to be with you, it means the world because they mean it.

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