Dating a Football Player: Pros, Cons, Reasons and Things to Know

by John Santana

Footballers are hot. They are sporty, strong, and everyone’s eyes are on them. They are usually sociable people who like to have fun, so dating one can be a riot.

Dating a footballer doesn’t have to be an unrealistic dream. It can be easily achieved if you look at the right places.

But dating a football player can come with downsides too. Before you dive into a relationship with an athlete, read everything you need to know about their lifestyle first!

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Dating a Football Player: Pros

1. You will have plenty of opportunities to travel

Professional footballers travel across the country or even the world. Oftentimes, they will bring their loved ones along the trip. As their plus one, you will get tickets to places. One of the best parts about dating a football player is being able to travel for free with the team.

Everything is organized for you. Although they will be working, you can have the time to explore new places. The quality will be superb as it’s paid for by the team. Athletes get excellent accommodation when they travel for a game. The luxurious lifestyle is sought after and makes dating a footballer desirable.

2. You will make a lot of new friends

There are always events going on in a football club. Team bonding is essential. Therefore, they develop a close relationship with their teammates. When you date them, it’s like you are getting a second family in the club.

Everyone will welcome you with a warm hug. They are all your brothers and sisters. Through their club activities, you will widen your horizons and meet lots of new people. It’s a rewarding experience to expand your network.

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3. Free tickets to games

Isn’t this the best part for any football fans? Not only will you get to go to all the games for free, but you will also be able to attend other games in the same league.

You never have to sit at home to watch the live broadcast because the tickets are all sold out again. They can even get you good seats in the game.

4. They have an active and outdoorsy lifestyle

Naturally, football players are fond of outdoor activities and sports. Which will mean it will push you to lead an active lifestyle. They are in good physical shape which is fun both hiking on the weekend and in the bedroom.

They can probably beat you in a lot of sports. It’s always an exciting match playing against them. And take them to meet your friends. They can wow them with their skills as well as looking good on your arm.

Dating a Football Player: Cons

1. They are always busy

Football players have an intense training schedule. They will be at work all day every day to keep up. Even when they are free, they may be too tired to do anything with you.

You won’t get to see them much as they may even sleep at the center. It’s hard to maintain communication, especially when they are away for a game.

Tagging along to their matches in another state or country can help. However, do expect that you still won’t get to spend time with them as they will be occupied with training. It’s frustrating to put so much effort to no avail.

2. Injuries are common

Athletes get injured easily. Each injury can have long-lasting effects and can take up to months to recover. It’s heartbreaking to see your partner in pain. People have shared how difficult it can be to take care of a retired athlete as there is permanent damage to their body.

You need to seriously consider if you are ready to take care of someone else or be strong enough to deal with their injuries. The pain of seeing your loved one hurt is immense. It’s not the first time that people have broken up as they can’t handle seeing their partner throwing their health away.

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3. It’s a chaotic industry

The sports community has been exposed to being corrupted in the past. It’s not about how good they are, but about who they can make a connection with. It’s all political. Talents are not appreciated as much.

There is often pressure from all sides in this industry from physical demands, fan-pleasing, age pressure, to sexual advances and media scandals. They have to face the pressure. It’s not going to be easy on them and it certainly does not make you feel good to know how chaotic the industry is.

Where to find a football player to date?

First, you need to know where footballers are hanging out. You can spend the whole day at a local pub or even their practicing field and still can’t get a number. Thanks to the internet, you can now connect with footballers from the comfort of your home.

Most footballers are too busy to date through conventional ways. They are on a strict diet and are unlikely to hang out in pubs. Hence, online dating is the solution for them.

Ashley Madison is a popular site for footballers. It has an extra security system that encrypts messages and secures your personal information. The last thing a professional athlete needs is a leaked adult chat.

The site has many members with diverse backgrounds. You will find hot football players of all ages, some just got into the training while some have retired. Since the site emphasizes safety, members know they are protected and are willing to reveal more about themselves in their profiles.

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Input your keyword search and let the engine bring you the hottest, most independent, and strong date in town.

Another platform footballers use is Adult FriendFinder. This is an online community for sex. Members can join discussion threads, add friends to different lists, participate in group calls, and more.

People who enjoy mingling and making new friends adore the site. Someone as active as a footballer would find the site incredible. Your best chance to match with a footballer is on Adult FriendFinder.

Tips for dating a footballer

The lifestyle of a footballer is different. Your future goals may not align. It’s a learning curve to date one. Follow these tips so you will not be disappointed that the relationship is not as glorious as you had hoped.

1. Talk about the future

Starting a family and having kids are not the ideal life for most active professional football players. They will have to take time off practice and there’s no guarantee they can come back playing the same role.

If your expectations don’t align on this one, it’s impossible to make this work. You need to have an honest discussion about your future. It’s better to have the talk now than to be disappointed in three years.

2. Be the giver of the relationship

Athletes are trained to be tough. They may not be the best at expressing their feelings and emotions. Sometimes, even when they are hurt, they choose to keep it to themselves. As their partner, you will have to be the giver of the relationship.

Pay attention. Give your partner a hug and listen to them when they are down. Be the safe port they can lean on. Let them know they don’t have to endure everything alone. There can be someone here for them.

You should be able to open up to your partner. Comfort them so they feel safe around you. Never undermine their pain or overlook their vulnerable side. Offer them a shoulder to cry on when the pressure becomes too much.

They may seem like an alpha but they likely have to put on a touch face because of the harsh environment they are in.

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3. Learn to stay away from the spotlight when appropriate

It’s tempting to advertise to the world that you are dating a football player. When their team wins, you may even get the press chasing after you for information about them. As a good lover, you need to learn to stay away from the spotlight. It’s not about you. It’s about them.

Their fame shouldn’t be your ticket to get known. Respect their privacy and never leak their information to others. To keep them safe, you should be careful about things you tell your friends too since you never know who has a big mouth.

A lot of footballers have suffered because of the public eye. It’s intensely stressful to handle it. Protect them and don’t use their success for your own fame.

Final Thoughts

Dating a footballer is sexy. They are powerful. You will feel dominated and loved. Being with an athlete is an adrenaline kick to your body. You are experiencing something new every day.

Match with a footballer on Ashley Madison or Adult FriendFinder today. You will be blown away by the quality matches they have.

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John Santana

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