Dating a Filipina

Dating a Filipina: Pros, Cons & Relationship Tips

by John Santana

Did you exchange a sexy look with a hot Filipina on the street and cannot hold back but are unsure how to chat her up? Well, you are not the only one that can’t resist their hotness. Filipino women are hugely popular in the online dating world.

Their innately caring characteristic makes them the best partner and potentially the mother of your children. At the same time, their independent toughness shines through in difficult situations. She is the perfect partner to sail through a storm with.

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Tips On Dating a Filipino Woman

1. Learn About Her Traditions And Culture

Getting to know the cultural background of your date always wins you some extra points, especially when you are from a country on the other side of the world. It’s not your fault if you are unfamiliar with the Filipino culture as mainstream media rarely covers them.

Sadly, Filipinos are no strangers to foreign media demonizing their culture, deeming it “barbaric”. You shouldn’t look down on her background because of all the unsound accusations. It can be intimidating for her to share her traditions at first as she knows how the stereotypes portray her. Open your heart and encourage her to share the beauty of the Filipino world. Everyone should be treated equally.

To develop an in-depth romance, you don’t want to just be drawn by the idea of having an exotic partner. In fact, you want to be genuinely interested in her culture. Filipino culture is family-oriented. Lovers tend not to just focus on the romance but on the wider scope, including families and friends.

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2. Learn a Few Filipino Phrases

Give it some depth. The typical cliche like “you are beautiful” in her native tongue isn’t going to cut the deal. Love is already a difficult language to express and especially if the two of you speak different languages.

The Philippines is a highly diverse country. Lots of languages are spoken in this island nation. Tagalog and English are commonly spoken. Make sure you are learning the language she speaks so you don’t waste unnecessary time. Pick some sophisticated phrases like idioms or slang to surprise her other than those ordinary greeting sentences.

To your luck, English is the official language of the Philippines. Therefore, if you are not a language wizard and often struggle to pick up new phrases, your Filipina won’t miss a thing because she can communicate with you just fine. That being said, picking some fun slang beyond the cliche greetings still allows you to learn more about her background.

3. Know Her Religion

The Philippines is one of the very few countries in Asia that is a Catholic nation. Religion is a big thing. More than 86% of the population is Roman Catholic. The rest is shared by Islam and Christianity. This is due to the Spanish influence as it ruled the Philippines for more than 300 years.

Ask her about her beliefs and practice as Filipinos incorporate the religions in their own way combined with some cultural elements. You need to let her know that you respect her religion. She will be happier than getting a diamond ring.

4. Public Display Of Affections (PDA)

Even though the Philippines is an open and forward-leaping country, showing affection publicly is still seen as a no-go for a big part of the older generations. Holding hands is accepted but you wouldn’t want to go further.

You need to strictly follow this in her country, especially when you are meeting her family and friends. PDA in front of her family is disrespectful as they feel you do not value their beloved daughter.

When you are not with her close ones, you can set appropriate boundaries with some discussion. Ask her about what she is comfortable with and how she wants to proceed.

5. Family And Friends Are a Big Part Of The Relationship

Are you picturing the two of you holding hands and walking on the beach during sunset? Think again. Getting hitched with a Filipino girl is way more than that if you are serious about the relationship. When she considers you husband material, she will bring all her family members and friends along on most of your dates.

Filipinos love hanging out in groups. That’s how they show affection. Getting the invite to her inner social circle signifies your transformation from being a casual date to a proper boyfriend. The last thing you want to do is to stay away from them.

It is good to spend some quality time with your girl’s inner circle to form a deeper connection. At first, it can be overwhelming to meet so many new people. But in time, Filipinos’ natural warm attitude will melt you away.

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What Do Filipinas Look For In a Man?

Filipinas Cute couple

1. Physical Attributes

In the Philippines, women look for strong men with bulk physiques. You don’t have to look like Mike Tyson but having some muscles won’t hurt. As long as you look healthy and can protect the family, your girl will put her trust in you. Don’t slack off from your morning gym session to keep a hot body for your lover.

2. Gentleness And Respect

Filipinas are strong enough not to let any man boss them around. Being a big man doesn’t mean you need to have a big attitude. Treating her gentlemanly is the key to locking her heart in. Men tend to take center stage in the country so women appreciate someone that listens to them and treats them as their equals.

3. Romance

Filipinas are romantic creatures that will throw themselves in front of any romantic endeavors. The spontaneous mind of a man turns them on. It is unpredictable and mysterious. Give her surprises from time to time to keep the flames alive.

Remember the little things she says and incorporates the idea into the surprise. She is excellent at leaving breadcrumbs for you to pick up. If one day she mentioned a newly opened restaurant, that’s her hint to you. You are expected to keep this in mind and bring her there next time.

4. The Passion To Embrace The Filipino Culture

Culture runs deep in their blood. They are proud to celebrate every festival and introduce new people to their customs. You should keep the judgment to yourself even if the traditions don’t float your boat.

5. Respect

Virginity is considered to be serious for a lot of women in the Philippines. They are raised to believe that they shouldn’t have random sex or give up their virginity until marriage is official. This doesn’t apply to every single Filipina but it can be an issue for a lot of international couples.

Bring it up in a casual way to see her attitude towards this. Whatever her answer is, you need to respect it. Dating someone for sex is a repulsive idea in Filipino culture. If she is not ready to have sex with you and you get upset, that is an instant dealbreaker. At the end of the day, if you are serious about the relationship, you should respect your partner and work out a solution together.

How Do You Know If She Is Interested In You?

You will never find out until you show your interest in her first. A Filipina often waits for the man to make the first move. Her ego is high as it is seen as “trashy” for women to initiate in the Philippines. This is a man’s job.

What is expected from the girl’s side is to respond promptly after the man confesses his feelings. The whole process boils down to this. After your first date, you should ask her out for the second one if you are interested in taking this further. If she digs your vibe, she will be happy to come along again with playing any drama.

However, if she rejects your invitation, you are not her type of guy. Filipinas don’t dance back and forth with you to get you to chase them harder. A no is a solid no. Sometimes, Filipinos are a little bit conservative and considerate in the dating scene. They don’t like confrontation. So if she makes up excuses not to meet up consecutively, that’s your cue to exit the stage.

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Date Night Ideas With Your Filipina

Dance with girlfriend

1. Dance with her

Influenced by Spanish culture, dancing is almost a national activity in the Philippines. Everyone loves taking breaks at work to move their bodies in the park. Getting you and your partner dressed in a fun way to go dancing is the best date idea to quickly build a connection. If you know a few of her preferences like EDM or R&B, this can be the ultimate ice breaker.

2. Cook

Nothing bonds couples like learning how to cook together. A fun idea would be to cook some Filipino dishes like kare-kare or chicken adobo. Your girl will be so down to teach you the secret tricks that only nationals will know. Of course, the courtesy goes both ways. You can pick up the pan and teach your girl the signature dish in your region.

Alternatively, if you are both down to learning something new, you can book a private class to learn a completely new cuisine too. Afterward, you eat what you’ve prepared together. Perfect!


Filipinas are as hot as their country’s climate. They are serious about relationships and are very loyal partners. With this unbreakable dating guide, you have now mastered all the techniques to get your girl’s heart.

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