4 Reasons To Know Before Dating a Fat Guy

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

In the current “diet culture” of modern-day “Merica”, fat is a much-scorned, much-dreaded thing to be. In fact, the thinking is that if you are overweight, or attracted to someone who is overweight, then something is very definitely wrong with you.

Or is it? Because being fat is not a cut and dry issue, also let’s not forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is only in the last 100 years (if not less) that society has adopted the idea of skinny, being ideal.

With developments in healthcare and science, we have begun to discover that there are many factors that affect body fat accumulation and weight gain. On that note – BMI is a ridiculously inaccurate measure of all things physical – so don’t even go there.

Instead, let us look at the reasons why dating fat guys are not so strange after all.


Four Reasons Why Women Date Fat Men

Fat guys are often funnier guys

A Fat man enjoying a drink

There is nothing quite so sexy and attractive as a funny man, and women are most certainly drawn to guys that can make them laugh. Why? It means they have a good sense of humor, you enjoy yourself with them, and laughing makes you feel good.

Obviously, not all fat guys are funny, but perhaps the truth lies in the fact that assuming they feel like they don’t have the physical side going for them – they’ve empowered themselves with charm and wit.

Fat guys make better lovers

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Whether or not this is entirely true, in a survey done amongst 2544 British women, 38% of them reported that fat guys were better in bed. The reasons are twofold. Namely, that fat guys seem to have more stamina, outlasting slimmer men by a massive 7.3 minutes (whoa).

Also, they seem to be far more considerate of meeting your needs than having their own needs met straight away. Let’s not forget that if they’re into cuddling – their bodies are unmatched in the warmth and safety department.

Fat guys are more trustworthy

Perhaps it’s got to do with the hardships of not being a society-approved male specimen, that causes fat men to develop better characters than those of their lean counterparts, or perhaps fat guys come across as not being conceited.

Either way, it is a common perception that fat guys can just be trusted. And if they can be trusted with the little things – then they can be trusted with your heart.

Fat guys are less concerned about themselves than they are about you

If we’re being honest with ourselves ladies, as much as Wolverine might get our blood pumping and bosoms heaving (what with all that ripping muscle and peak maleness) – the very thought of having our imperfect bodies as our contribution to the relationship is enough to make us want to retreat to the Victorian Era of literal night dresses. Not an ankle shall be seen!

Four Myths About Fat Guys and Dating

Chubby guys are only wanted for their money or power

Fat Man

The idea here is that no one in their right mind is going to date a fat man for any reason other than his wealth or status and power. The truth is that there are women out there who are going to be after you only for your money or your power, whether you are fat or not.

Only fat women like fat men

The issue with this statement is that it is both uneducated and wrong. It’s wrong because it is based purely on assumption and places value only on the external appearance of a person.

It’s shallow. Even the idea that people with fat bodies seek relationships with one another because “no one else will have them” is a hurtful stereotype and so far removed from the truth. The idea is perpetuated by the false perception that fat people are that way because they like to eat food and so feel comfortable with others who do the same.

Seriously? Are we still in high school or what?

Thin women like fat men because they make them look good

Here’s this idea again; that fat men apparently can’t be attractive. This is simply not true. Even if we’re just discussing physical bodies. We’re going to name a few famous fat male celebrities, and just leave their names right there.

Zach Galifianakis. Jonah Hill. Ice Cube. Jack Black. Kevin James. Craig Robinson. You’re welcome.

Has anyone taken a minute to consider what these men find attractive? No? It would be foolish to assume that because you’re thin (or not fat) and reasonably attractive, a fat guy is going to fall over himself just to be with you.

A caring father making daughter's hairstyle

Fat guys are only good for cuddling, not sex

Uh. We put that one to bed earlier (excuse the pun). Yet another stereotype built on the small-minded perception that only whatever society dictates is physically attractive is.

Fat guys don’t cheat because they’re desperate

We feel like some things are so ridiculous they don’t warrant a response. But here we are. What’s wrong with this statement are two things.

Firstly, it implies that only fat guys are faithful, and secondly that if you are anything other than that you are unable to be faithful. People cheat regardless of their physical appearance for a whole bunch of reasons.

Fatphobia: A “Larger Than Life” Truth

In the show, Family Feud in which comedian Steve Harvey asks the question in a particular round, “Why would a woman date a fat guy?” – the top 5 answers given blatantly expose the fatphobia that society perpetuates and the myths and stereotypes that fat men are subjected to in our culture.

The author of The Body Is Not An Apology; Phillipe Leonard Fradet defines himself as a fat masculine person and has done extensive sexuality studies.

In his article, 5 Dehumanizing Myths About Fat Men and Dating That We Can’t excuse he speaks about when his sister tagged him in a post knowing how upset he would be about the general assumption and extremely damaging unfortunate myths about fat people that she had seen on Steve Harvey’s show.

His sister was angry with him. Especially about the myth, we discussed earlier that the only reason a person would be with a “disgusting fat man” is that he was loaded or powerful. He recommends in his article that you take a look at 5 Myths That Keep You From Having A Fabulous attitude on Radical Reads.

He recommends more radical reads with the article; Moving from Healthism to Radical Self-Love: The Man in the Photo, to better learn and understand the wrong thinking around fat people and sexual and romantic attention.

A Fat Man Laughing

Dating Sites for Fat People and Chubby Guys

Is it an exclusive club? What about if you have dark skin, or you go about wearing a baseball cap? Obviously, we ask these questions tongue-in-cheek and with a slight grin.

If you want to pursue fat men and you’re not sure where to start, the internet is a plethora of options. Don’t limit yourself by subscribing to the lies that fat people love other fat people, or that women are attracted only to men that look like supermodels.

Confidence is key

Do you want to know what is sexy? Confidence. Nothing is as attractive as a man who is sure of himself. And we don’t mean cocksure and arrogant. We mean self-assured. Not desperate for attention, or insecure about who they are and how they look.

Women will date a fat dude

Many fat men seem to think that they stand no chance in dating, but the truth is that females prefer a wider range of male body types than we think. And while looks and physique certainly do play into it; attraction is more than that. It’s about personality and what you bring to the table.

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How to Enjoy a Fat Guy

And help him to enjoy who he is also. Not every man was built to look like Henry Cavill.

Work with what you have

Dudes are the shape that they are. Just like you. Don’t assume that their physical makeup can be drastically by diet and exercise, no matter what their genetics and bone structure says. So, instead of trying to change them, how about being the girl that helps them to be the best and healthiest they can be?

Dress well

And by well we mean in a manner that suits your shape. Just like the average female tries to accentuate her positives and downplay her physical negatives – so too can larger men! In fact, dressing well is proven to boost your self-esteem.

And don’t just dress well for dating. Dress well all the time. The principle is when you look good, you feel good. The key is to wear what suits you. There are people out there who can help you with this.

Eat well, exercise

No, we are not contradicting ourselves. As much as you need to accept your shape and work with it, you also need to be the best and healthiest version of yourself, for yourself.

Just because you’re a fat man, doesn’t mean you need to lose weight. That seems like a rather loaded statement, but the reality is that you might do everything you’re supposed to, eat the right food and you will still go through life as a big man.

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Go Big or Go Home: A Conclusion

If you’re interested in a guy who has a few extra pounds or is not one of those “traditionally attractive people”, who cares? Bigger guys who seek relationships not based on body, weight, money or any other superfluous thing are worth your time of day.

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