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Dating a Drug Dealer in 2024: Pros, Cons and Risks

by John Santana

The image of drug dealers is often glorified by TV shows and movies. If you find yourself dating a drug dealer, you might envisage an extravagant lifestyle with their high income.

Maybe even get a thrill from their illegal dealings. But you might also be worried about the risks. There are so many misconceptions about drug dealing and normally, you wouldn’t have a chance to get to know the real side of it. Therefore, now we have compiled a complete list of things you need to know about dating one.

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Dating a Drug Dealer – Pros

1. Financial stability

If there’s one thing Breaking Bad has taught the world, it would be that drug dealers are insanely loaded. They get cash coming in as easily as the air they breathe. With the risks it comes with, it’s not hard to understand the reward is golden.

Drug dealers rarely have to think about financial stability. Contrary to the popular belief that drug dealers live in the sketchiest part of town in a run-down building, most of them actually live in a nice house.

Dating a Drug Dealer – Cons

1. Your Partner’s Life Is Always in Danger

The drug industry is a dangerous business. There are loads of corrupted government officials, arms dealers, and human traffickers in this circle. One wrong move and your lover’s life is gone forever. Cartels are ruthless and cold-blooded. They will hunt you down till the end of the world if they think you are a threat more than an asset.

There is no escape from the police either. Being an outlaw, you are constantly on the run. If the police catch you and a gunfight follows, both of your lives will be in danger. It’s no news that drug dealers die every day resisting arrest.

Either way, you will have to learn to lay low because both sides will likely want to get rid of your partner one day.

2. Your Partner Could Be a Liar

Let’s face it. Drug dealers aren’t teddy bears. They are great liars, and some are even murderers if they are caught up in gangs. Lying about their work and where they get their money is part of their daily life. Don’t expect a drug dealer to ever be honest with you. They are likely to use you without you realizing.

It has happened a lot that people are used by their drug dealer partner as a mule or a cover so they don’t get detected while carrying out their work. Be wary of any manipulative behavior, it could all be a trap.

3. Everything Can Be Gone in a Second

Enjoying the glorious life and the perks of having some gang members beat up whoever bullied you in high school because of your partner’s connection? Well, enjoy it while it lasts.

Drug dealers almost never last long in their positions. Either they get killed by other gang members or get arrested. With all the illegal activities in the past, it’s impossible to imagine a happily ever after with children and grandchildren surrounding you when you retire.

There is no after-work fishing, family vacation, or attending your child’s graduation ceremony. You can’t even live a normal life without thinking someone is after you. What you have can be wiped clean if one day the mob decides you are both in the way or when the police gather enough evidence against your partner. The comfortable life that you are used to will be gone in one second.

4. Drug Dealers Are Often Drug Abusers Themselves

Not many drug dealers can steer away from substance abuse. In fact, most cartels would force their mules to be addicted to drugs as a way to control them. That way, they would need to rely on their supplies heavily. They can’t go to the police and they have to keep working for the cartel.

As their partner, even if you have enough willpower to stay clean, your partner may force you to take drugs. Their moral boundaries are twisted. You will be subjected to physical abuse if you refuse to play by their rules.

Maintaining a relationship with a drug addict is no roses and rainbow, especially when they have no desire to quit. Stopping them from using drugs is not your top priority. When they are in a circle like that, not letting yourself descend into that hole and start abusing is your only hope to stay somewhat clean.

5. They Can’t Get a Proper Job

Do you want to be with a drug dealer forever? In the luckiest scenario when you both get out of the cartel alive and well, when you want to start over, who will give a second chance to a drug dealer? Let alone all the arrest records the police have.

Taking your application for government subsidies is not possible. When the system flags your name or their name, the police will be at your doorsteps in no time.

Throwing all society stigma aside, what skills does your partner have? Why would someone want to hire an ex-criminal? When you put the future into the picture, you will see this is not a relationship that will last.

What you feel is most likely passion and the adrenaline kick associated with it instead of love. Once his seemingly exciting outlaw life is finished, you will be horrified to see that you were once with a cold-hearted felon.

6. They Are Not Parent-Material

Will you ever trust a drug dealer with a baby? It doesn’t matter how much they love you or the baby, but do you have what it takes in the household to keep the child safe? You probably don’t even have what it takes to keep yourself safe.

A baby takes energy to take care of. You will need to make sure the drug deals do not happen in front of him and that no one will ever accidentally give drugs to your kid. Besides, if the enemy finds out about the child, he will be used as a hostage to force you both to keep working for the cartel.

If family planning is on your calendar, you may want to rethink dating a drug dealer.

How to Keep Yourself Safe When Dating a Drug Dealer?

Only Confide in Trusted Friends

Rule number one, only tell someone you trust 100% about this relationship.

As said, it’s a dangerous life that could result in blood and tears at any moment. The last thing you need is bragging about it to the security guard in your office building so he can tip the police off.

Lay Low

Dating a drug dealer means you have to be smart and think like a criminal. You need to understand exactly what would get you arrested and what to avoid.

Keep your photos off the internet. Do not flash your love at anyone online. You don’t know who you can trust and you want to steer clear from leaving a digital trail. Posting anything that can reveal your location or identity is not ideal. Someone who wants to put you in harm’s way can use the information or sell it to someone who wants you gone.

Don’t Get Involved in Dealing

Never get involved in the drug dealing business. Just because you are dating a drug dealer does not mean you are obliged to work for the cartel. If your lover forces you to be part of the cartel, stay firm and explain why this is not a life for you. If your calm reasoning is not accepted, that’s a clear sign that you need to leave this toxic relationship.

Set Boundaries

Like any healthy relationship, you should not be forced to do anything you dislike. If he pushes you to be a mule, it’s a major red flag. You are just being used as a bait or a tool, not being treated as a lover.

Of course, when you do decide to leave the relationship. Don’t be the whistleblower unless you can guarantee your safety or the police can offer you a safe home. It’s a good intention to want to do the right thing and report everything you know, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your own life.

What Will Happen if Your Partner Gets Arrested?

Nightmare after nightmare for you. It’s never just their business. If your partner gets arrested, you will have to go to the precinct for interrogation, not just once, not just twice, but time after time. The police are not known to be the nicest towards criminals’ spouses. You will have a hard time defending yourself.

In most cases, the police want to implicate you in the crimes as well so they will have stronger evidence against your partner. Therefore, you are not really invited down there as a witness, but as a person of interest or a suspect. What you say can and will be used against you in court. They want to know how deeply involved you are with the crimes.

As the lover of a drug dealer, it is a hard task to deny your involvement or knowledge of the crimes. No one will be able to get you out of this. Even simply knowing of the crimes without reporting them is a crime on its own. So be sure when your partner gets arrested, it’s over for you as well.

The worst would be the betrayal of him. Since drug dealers are cunning in nature, he might try to push all the crimes on you to get out of it easily. You will become the scapegoat. He could have set this up long ago to pin everything on you in case things go south in the future. There is nothing you can do against it. You will never be as good as a liar as him.

Attending court is another hideous thing. You spend thousands and thousands on a lawyer when your assets are frozen. If you can’t afford one, they will give you a public lawyer which guarantees to fail you.

After months or years in court, you will lose every penny you own. In the meantime, if you have children, they will be sent to your relatives or be collected by the state.

Should You Be Dating a Drug Dealer?


There isn’t any silver lining in dating a drug dealer. The only slight positive side is the financial stability, which doesn’t last long since you can be a millionaire today and lose everything the next. The financial stability a drug dealer has is based on a huge “if” that he doesn’t get arrested or shot in the head.

Aside from the not-so-real financial stability, there are zero perks to dating a drug dealer. You and your partner’s lives are always at risk, you may lose everything, you can’t start a family, you can’t even share the joy of being with someone with all your family and friends because you don’t know who you can trust.

It’s not a real relationship if you can’t even convince yourself to stay or let it be known to others. Besides, you will always have the moral burden that your partner is ruining lives out there. Drugs are never good.

Teenagers are getting addicted every day and gangs are using drugs as a way to brainwash their members. Every day, you are tortured by guilt. The idea of your partner handing the pills of death to others will eat your conscience up.

All in all, there is no way you can get out of this relationship unscathed, physically or mentally. Protect yourself and date someone that matches your kindness.

Where to Find High-Quality Dates?

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Final Thoughts

Dating a drug dealer may make you feel like a movie star, but your life is not a movie. It’s a dangerous game to start and there’s no way to win. Never put yourself at risk and jeopardize your future.

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