Dating a Deaf Girl – Pros, Cons & Helpful Relationship Advice

by John Santana

Dating a deaf girl is very different from dating an average girl. She is special in many ways.

It can be intimidating to date a deaf girl for the first time if you have no previous experience or you are not impaired yourself. You do not know what to expect or how different it would be. To find out if you belong with a deaf girl, read to see if you are ready to make a deaf girl happy.

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Dating A Deaf Girl: Pros

1. You Get To Know A New Language

  • You will teach each other something new

A common misconception about deaf girls is that they can only sign. In fact, those who use sign language as their first language are a minority. Many learned another language before they lost their hearing.

When you date a deaf girl, it is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new skill. She will teach you the language she spoke before, or she will teach you how to sign. Better yet, she will teach you how to read lips, which is an awesome trick to know.

2. Sex Is Great

  • She will likely scream very loudly

People have shared their experiences about having sex with a deaf girl on different forums. There is one thing in common in their stories. The girl tends to scream as she has no way of knowing how loud she is. The sex is amazing when you are not restrained by the idea that someone could hear you.

Once you let go of the idea that your neighbors are listening, you become more adventurous and are willing to try more things.

3. She Is More Adaptive Towards Her Surroundings

  • She is not the average girl seeking attention all the time

It doesn’t matter if she lost her hearing since birth or at a later stage, she has to learn how to live with her disability and that makes her agile towards different situations. She is stronger than any other girls you have dated and handles difficult situations with grace.

You will be learning a lot about dealing with adversity with her. It is a great lesson to learn and you will appreciate her.

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Dating A Deaf Girl: Cons

1. It Takes A While To Get Used To Each Other

  • You probably will not understand her at first

Expect a lot of misunderstandings in the beginning. After all, you use two different methods of communication. You may not be able to understand her at first. Body language helps but it will take a long while before you can fully grasp the content.

Couples have shared funny stories of miscommunication before. Those stories are hilarious to look back on. But at the time, it could confuse each other and make one of you upset.

2. You Will Be Her Translator In Public Places

  • She will need to talk through you to other people

As you can foresee, she will have a hard time explaining herself to people in shops and restaurants. Most people do not know how to communicate with a deaf girl. Hence, you will be her medium with the outside world.

Although most deaf girls have gotten good at communicating their daily needs with others, in times like family gatherings or something that require more explicit verbal explanation, your presence is important.

3. You Need To Pay More Attention To Her

  • You have to take care of her like when crossing the roads

Obviously, she will not be able to hear the doorbell or the landline. Some tools help deaf people to live normally but you will still have to put in extra effort to keep her safe. When you are in the street, she will not be able to hear a car coming from the corner or someone shouting “watch out”. Then it falls on you to bear the responsibility to keep your senses sharp for both.

Love certainly makes everything better, but it does not make it easier. It is both physically and mentally draining to take responsibility for someone else all the time. If you do not have the patience or it is not in your nature to look out for someone, you will find dating a deaf girl very challenging.

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Where To Meet A Deaf Girl?

Whether you also suffer from hearing loss or you simply find deaf girls attractive, it is not exactly easy to find one that you are compatible with. Especially in the traditional way of meeting people in pubs or group hangouts.

dating a deaf girl

Most of the time, deaf girls choose to go online to look for a date since it is the most efficient way. They do not have to spend time in an unfamiliar environment.

Besides, since they often have trouble communicating their thoughts with a non-deaf person at first. Going online gives them a much better way to express themselves as it is through words.

Bang Locals

Bang Locals is the first step to a deaf girl’s heart. Designed to cater to all types of people, this adult dating site is very welcoming towards everyone. Whether you are a minority, with disabilities, belong to the LGBT+ group, or everything together, you will be sure to find this place accepting and thriving.

Due to its diverse nature, people are honest about what they are looking for. Members are open-minded and you will come across profiles detailing their fantasies which would have been seen as taboo in other places. There is no such thing as too weird here. It is a huge platform with users from mostly around North America.

It also has an impressive advanced search function where you can filter out users by the block with various physical traits. In the blink of an eye, you are presented with thousands of matches.

It displays rows and rows of profiles at the same time so you can take your time comparing your compatibility with each profile. Many other platforms only display one profile at a time. It pushes you to decide within seconds so it is highly doubtful that your match will be of any high quality.

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Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder is another kickass place to look for someone special. Its 55 million registered users speak volume. In this thriving tribe, everyone is looking for someone different. You can easily find a deaf girl looking for someone to chat with. You can add her to your friend’s list, send her a virtual gift, and initial a video call.

The online dating platform also serves as a social media site. Your friends can introduce you to other friends. Mingling is much more fun with a group call. A lot of deaf girls love Adult FriendFinder because they think it is less intimidating since you can join group chats instead of being one on one.

Ashley Madison

Finally, Ashley Madison is the queen of all “special dating sites”. Originally made to cater to those seeking an affair, it soon evolved into a site that accepts every sexual preference. Today, Ashley Madison is no longer about adultery. It brings together people that feel their qualities and desires will not be accepted in society.

You may not feel comfortable publicly admitting that you would like to date a deaf girl, so Ashley Madison is the best place to keep it discreet. Everything is protected by the system so every match and chat you have is strictly between you and your match.

Tips When Dating A Deaf Girl

Give her lots of affirmation. According to a behavior study conducted in 2003, people with disabilities tend to feel unworthy of love and suffer from low self-esteem issues. Be understanding that although it does not bother you, it will forever be something that bothers her.

Make sure she feels loved and reaffirm that being impaired does not make her any less desirable. Although she may seem strong, she also has a fragile heart that worries about being unwanted.

Never push her when she is not ready to accept something about herself. Be respectful. It is okay that her disability bothers her. She has to deal with it for the rest of her life so she is allowed to take it at her own pace. Do not force her.

There are days when she will feel blue. Give her your presence and listen to what she wants to tell you. Most of the time, they are not asking for advice or consolidation, they simply want to be acknowledged so they have the strength to figure it out themselves.

Most importantly, communicate with her to discuss your status. If you want to make a future together, you will have to plan things. Always talk about things so you know you are on the same page together.

Final Thoughts

Dating a deaf girl can be a roller coaster ride. You can’t perceive her thoughts like you would with someone who speaks your language. But in the end, it is a rewarding journey once you reach that soul connection.

To meet a cute girl, go to Bang Locals, Adult FriendFinder, and Ashley Madison to match with the thousands of girls signing up every day.

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