Dating a Celebrity

Dating a Celebrity: Pros, Cons & Helpful Relationship Advice

by John Santana

Are things getting serious between you and a celebrity? With the addition of social media in recent years, dating celebrities is easier than ever. However, it’s still not easy because celebrities typically date each other.

If a celebrity contacts you on social media with a romantic interest, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. There are also several complications you can encounter if you choose to proceed into a relationship with a celebrity.

Please continue reading to learn all the ins and outs of dating a celebrity. In addition, we will discuss how people meet celebrities and get to know them.

Things to Consider Before Dating a Celebrity

Before getting into a serious relationship with a celebrity, you must consider several things. Dating a celebrity isn’t all sunshine and roses despite how it seems on the outside looking in.

Do Your Research

The easiest part of dating a celebrity is researching information about them. You can learn much about their personalities and behaviors by watching their social media accounts and interviews. You should always research the person you’re going to get into a relationship with, including celebrities.

Avoid jumping into the relationship as soon as you get the opportunity. It’s easy to get starstruck when a celebrity gives you a romantic offer, but you need to set that feeling aside and think critically. Dating a celebrity can force you into the public eye sooner than you want.

Lock Down Your Socials

Lock Down Your Socials

Before things get serious with the celebrity, you should lock down your social media accounts so that people can’t see all your information. Word gets around quickly when celebrities get serious with regular people, and people may start looking up your information. Change your privacy settings on all social media accounts to friends only to maintain your privacy.

Remove Your Information from Websites

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Unfortunately, people can pay to access your address and phone numbers online. You can remove this information by contacting background check websites and requesting that they remove your info. You don’t want a bunch of strangers to figure out where you live and visit your address, so removing this information is crucial before making Your relationship with a celebrity public.

Develop a Thick Skin

People will talk about you when you start dating a celebrity on all media outlets. Most of this talk will not be positive because people will feel jealous of your relationship. It’s not common for celebrities to date regular people, so these relationships often make news headlines.

People can be especially cruel when talking about you on social media. You need to learn how to ignore these critiques to stay happy in your relationship with a celebrity. You also need to be mindful that people will criticize the person you love during the relationship, and it’s best to ignore it.

How To Interact with a Celebrity

Unless you meet them through friends or a chance encounter, there are two main ways you can interact with a celebrity, either in person or online. The first way people contact celebrities is to message them on Twitter or Instagram. You can also visit their shows to meet them in person and get to know them.

Contact Through Twitter or Instagram

Celebrities typically use Twitter and Instagram to stay in contact with their fans. Even if they’re not directly talking to fans, they’re posting videos or photos to keep their fans entertained. You can capture a celebrity’s attention by making a funny joke on a photo or tweet they post.

You can also capture their attention by communicating with them frequently through their tweets or Instagram posts. Sometimes, celebrities will like photos on your Instagram if you tag them in it and it’s relevant to their brand.

Go To a Show

How To Hook Up At a Party

People discover the celebrities they enjoy by watching their shows. You can meet celebrities you like by attending a show and purchasing a VIP pass. Many celebrities offer to meet and greet for a larger price than the original ticket.

However, it would be best if you didn’t make a romantic pass at a celebrity as soon as you meet them during a meet and greet. Be friendly and welcoming, but don’t come off too strong, or they can escort you out of the building. Attending a live show is also a great way to see the celebrity in person and do what they do best.

Understanding Parasocial Relationships

It’s easy for people to trick themselves into thinking they have a stronger relationship with the celebrity than they do. This phenomenon is commonly called a parasocial relationship and is entirely one-sided. A celebrity responding to a funny tweet you made doesn’t mean they have a romantic interest in you.

If you find yourself defending a celebrity on every post they make and contact them as much as possible, you might be in a parasocial relationship. In these situations, it’s time to step back and take a breather from your favorite celebrity’s social media accounts. This action can give you a fresh perspective on the relationship.

Parasocial relationships happen when you spend too much time observing someone’s social media or the content they make. You can find yourself hanging on to every word they say and thinking they can do nothing wrong. Meanwhile, the person you have such a close attachment to has no feelings for you and doesn’t know you exist.

Is it Common for Regular People to Date a Celebrity?

Dating a celebrity as a regular person isn’t common, but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of celebrities that date and marry regular people. However, celebrities typically meet these regular people before they get famous. Celebrities can be extremely friendly to their fans, but this doesn’t usually lead to a relationship.

Is an Internet Personality a Celebrity?

Anyone famous can be a celebrity, including people on the Internet. Social media is a popular way for people to entertain themselves, and they can gain parasocial relationships with people by watching YouTube videos or following blogs.
If someone is notable enough to become a household name by people that don’t know them, it’s safe to call them a celebrity. This fact gives people the unique experience of watching celebrities come to fruition online. Seeing someone go from 50,000 to a million subscribers always feels special.

Things to Watch Out for When Talking to Celebrities Online

The Internet makes contacting celebrities easier than it’s ever been before. However, when talking to celebrities online, you must keep many things in mind. Follow these guidelines to keep yourself safe from dangerous situations.

  • A celebrity won’t ask you for money: If a celebrity asks you for money while talking to them, it’s unlikely a real celebrity. People often pretend to be celebrities to get financial information from unsuspecting people. It can be tempting to help your favorite celebrity but don’t send them money.
  • Teach yourself about love scams: Love scams are rising in popularity, and they involve a scammer contacting a potential victim while pretending to be a love interest. Some of these love scam scammers pose as celebrities, so they have an easier time attracting your eye.
  • Watch out for the blue checkmark: If a celebrity messages you on social media, you should look for a blue check mark beside their name. This is the method most platforms use to identify whether a notable figure is legitimate. Don’t believe it if they tell you that they are on a personal account.
  • Avoid clicking on links: when a celebrity messages you on a social media platform, it’s easy to get excited. However, if they send you a link, you shouldn’t click on it because you don’t know where it leads. The last thing you want to do is fall for a phishing scam.
  • Look at the celebrity’s profile: the easiest way to tell whether a celebrity is legitimate is to look at their profile. They’re not likely the real deal if they hardly have followers or posts. Celebrities have millions of followers, so only having two followers is a red flag.

Unfortunately, it’s easier for scammers to pretend to be celebrities than you would expect. Anybody can make a profile, change their picture, and change their name to match that of someone you recognize from TV or movies. They choose to impersonate celebrities because it makes people more likely to respond to them.

Final Thoughts

The best way to get into a relationship with a celebrity is to speak with them on social media or visit one of their shows. Otherwise, it’s extremely hard to find celebrities out in the wild, and they would be creeped out by you tracking their location. Remember, if you get into a serious relationship with a celebrity, you will automatically enter the limelight.

Most people that date celebrities start dating them before they get famous. Celebrities usually date each other if they’re on the market after they’ve gained notoriety. Remove your information from background-checking websites and limit the number of people accessing your social media accounts. This is the best way to preserve your privacy while dating a celebrity.

John Santana

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