Dating A Bodybuilder

Dating A Bodybuilder: Pros, Cons and More

by John Santana

The charming, athletic look of a bodybuilder is attractive. These days, everyone wants to date a masculine guy to feel superior. If you have never dated one, you have been missing out. A bodybuilder can offer you a lot more than just a broad chest to sleep on.

Bodybuilders are special creatures to love. They are career-driven, encouraging, and sexy. You will not regret dating one.

Why Should You Date a Bodybuilder?

1. They Have The Perfect Body

Physical attraction is undeniable. The six-pack and broad shoulders belong to the superhero look you want. Bodybuilders are obsessed with maintaining the perfect body shape. They will never leave the house looking messy. You know you will be the star of the room standing next to such an attractive guy.

The proportionate body figure also hypes up your sex drive. You will not lose interest in them because they are regularly working on building a better image. Their irresistible body makes it impossible to say no. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this?

2. They Push You To Live Healthier

Not all bodybuilders are into taking excessive protein and drugs. In fact, most bodybuilders emphasize the importance of staying fit naturally. They are masters in crafting a well-balanced diet with adequate exercises to achieve their dream figure.

They care about your lifestyle as well. When you date a bodybuilder, you will never cross paths with junk food again. They believe in building a healthy future together. Get ready to wake up for your daily 6 am gym session. You are not allowed to skip a leg day from this day forward.

3. They Are Committed

Whether it is work or love, they are loyal to their promises. A bodybuilder treats commitment as seriously as their body. Lying to get laid is not in their bones even though it would be easy with that hot body.

They crave intimacy and deep conversations. Underneath their tough outlook, they are vulnerable. You’d be surprised how many bodybuilders got into the field to hide their insecurity. Therefore, they know how difficult it is to make a connection. They do not let go of something good once they have found it.

4. They Have a Clear Schedule

Bodybuilders don’t wing it. They pre-plan everything they do. Spontaneity is not their favorite element. Establishing a clear schedule for their daily activities provides a sense of security for their significant other. You would appreciate knowing your partner’s whereabouts.

Even if they don’t reply, you will know why and what they are doing. Bodybuilders rarely worry people around them. They are responsible enough to give everyone a heads-up. You will not lose track of them.

5. They Teach You How To Look Good

Indeed, bodybuilders love flexing in front of a mirror. It looks weird to some people and may even look very self-absorbed. Their intention is not to look arrogant but they do want to look good all the time. Most importantly, they are generous about their tips too.

Every morning, you both stand in front of the mirror and he will teach you how to stun the crowd. He will show you when to look up and how to smile. He has learned this throughout his years teaching students about presenting their best selves.

Disadvantages Of Dating a Bodybuilder

Body Builder Sitting in a Gym wearing Orange Towel

1. They Can Be Stubborn

Losing the image as the strong one is unacceptable. Your lover will stand his ground even when he is in the wrong. Admitting mistakes can be seen as a weakness. They don’t particularly enjoy being told what to do or that they are wrong.

Their stubbornness can take a toll on the relationship. It is unlikely to educate them. Once they perceive a matter this way, they will not change their mind unless something ground-breaking happens.

2. They Prioritize Themselves

You can’t get this body shape without being a little bit selfish. Bodybuilders are goal-oriented. A lazy day comes at a huge cost. They can’t afford to be career-driven. Hence, relationships are not always their top priority.

Due to their indifferent attitude towards dating, they are often labeled as playboys. This is not a fair claim on them. They are not ghosting you because they are seeing other girls. Rather, they are dedicated their time to meeting somewhat unattainable body goals.

3. You Have To Hit The Gym With Them

Sometimes, they don’t understand people can have different hobbies. If you date them, they expect you to be crazy about gymming too. Saying no to exercising together is offensive. They will take it personally and believe you are not compatible.

However, this is not a two-way street. They want to work out together but they don’t necessarily want to accompany you on your hobbies. It sucks to not have an understanding partner. It can get annoying when they try to drag you along every time.

4. They Will Criticize You

Before you get upset, you should know that bodybuilders treat everyone the same way, including themselves. They tend to find the smallest mistakes in people and blow them out of proportion. They are afraid to be wrong. Therefore, they work twice as hard to avoid mistakes.

Unbeknownst to them, they can enforce this intense atmosphere onto people around them. They are not trying to belittle you with their words. They want to improve together but words can hurt a lot. You need to find ways to deal with their hurtful comments and turn them into constructive criticism.

Tips For Dating a Bodybuilder

Tips For Dating a Bodybuilder

1. Let Them Enjoy Their Moments

Turn a blind eye when they keep checking themselves out each time they pass by a mirror. They have learned to steal a sneak peek here and there to validate their effort. If a passerby nods at them, they feel incredibly satisfied.

Some people are not chill with their partner deliberately showing off their bodies on the street. But, that’s simply something you have to live with. They enjoy admiration from strangers. Every jealous look they get from another guy motivates them to work harder. Let them have their moments of victory.

2. Don’t Be Jealous Of Their Students

Bodybuilders will have regular lessons with their students, including both private and group sessions. There will be a lot of female students. If you can’t handle that, don’t date a bodybuilder. Your man is not here to flirt with his students nor is he interested in touching anyone inappropriately. There are strict standards to follow.

Challenging his professionalism is rude and inconsiderate. It shows your possessive side that he might not want to deal with. He expects his partner to trust his work ethic rather than control him. You should never get involved with the way he teaches. It will only lead to unpleasant confrontations.

3. Read Up On The Latest Workout Trends

Keep up with the fitness world. Grab some magazines to see what celebrities are doing to stay fit. Even if you don’t participate in any classes, it’s good to chat with your partner about the news in the industry. Bodybuilders love their work and enjoy being able to talk to people about it.

If you happen to enjoy a rewarding workout session as well, you will have no problem working towards the same goal together. Others will see you as the power couple. A small step to read up on the trends goes a long way.

Do Bodybuilders Have Problems Later In Life?

Some but not all. Bodybuilders may experience various lingering health effects from their years of vigorous training. Back pain, joint issues, and injuries are common as they often work with heavy machines. Accidents can happen at the gym anytime.

An injury can permanently damage their body parts, causing bodybuilders to suffer from long-term health issues. Sometimes, bodybuilders overlook the seriousness of their injuries. Untreated injuries can cause severe infections that lead to more serious consequences.

Although health complications are common among retired bodybuilders, not all of them suffer in the later years of their lives. Careful bodybuilders that do not chase after unattainable goals and avoid pushing themselves to the limit tend to avoid serious injuries. It is not a guarantee but those that play safe tend to stay safe.

In some cases, bodybuilders may turn to unauthorized drugs to boost performance. These drugs can lead to damaged nerves, which can destroy their bodies. Bodybuilders may also suffer from mental health issues due to the stressful work environment.

The problems bodybuilders face can lead to difficulty balancing their relationships and working in other jobs in the future. These long-haul effects need to be addressed medically and mentally. Not all bodybuilders suffer from these problems. Some belief in pushing themselves to the limit when they are young, while others believe in saving their bodies.

Are Bodybuilders Short-Tempered?


Not at all. Bodybuilders get a bad reputation for being reckless and impulsive because of their intimidating physical appearances. The best proof that they are not short-tempered is obvious. It lies in their job nature. Most bodybuilders recruit heaps of students in their classes.

Teaching is not a job for everyone. You have to be incredibly patient and calm to train someone positively. Bodybuilders are used by all kinds of students. When they deal with underperforming students, they have to encourage them to do better.

A great bodybuilder is loved by his students. This is the best evidence of his loving nature. His excellent temperament does not only show in this aspect but also in the way he treats himself. Through constant training, he has learned to deal with failure. He is able to pick up the pieces and regroup without holding grudges.

Bodybuilders can handle tricky situations at ease. They rarely lash out at anyone. You will never feel him at his tipping point. They are truly the gentle giants every dater wants to be with.

Are Bodybuilders Shy?

Not quite. They socialize with people a lot at work so they do have superb people skills. But, they can be slightly awkward with people they have a romantic interest in. Bodybuilders can be too fixated on their personal image that they overthink every line. They take a while to analyze your question and run over a dozen of responses to come up with the best one.

In the beginning, the conversation may not feel very natural as they try to impress you with every word. It can feel forced but that’s only their inner awkward child taking over. Once they come out of their shell, they are happy to drop the front.

They are reserved to pursue a relationship unless they are certain of the circumstances. You may see yourself working harder than your other half to build the foundation. After you have been dating for a while, you will see his effort to catch up and play an equal part.

If you meet your partner through work, you might have to take the initiative as they can be shy at asking out a colleague or a student. They deem it somewhat unprofessional. Thus, they rarely make a move unless they are certain that you are interested in them too. To break the barrier, you need to ask them out. Then, they will pick up the pace and arrange the next date.

Bodybuilders are not shy, but they are conservative in dating. They don’t want to make mistakes, which is true to their value. Their lack of enthusiasm should not be interpreted so easily. They could be hiding their interest out of fear of rejection.

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If you don’t like surprises, dating a bodybuilder is the right choice for you. The relationship is rather black and white and you know exactly what you get. They are easy to figure out and loyal to their partner. It gives you the confidence to know that they are not cheeky or sneaky. Find your dream bodybuilder on Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

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