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Dating a Biker – Pros, Cons, Rules & Things To Know

by John Santana

If dating a biker boy in tight jeans, with long hair and a leather jacket revs your engine (Argh! The clichés! They’re killing us!), then you’ve come to the right place for words of wisdom.

Because let’s be honest, you’ve got to be dead inside if you can, with a straight face, resist the sense of adventure, the spontaneity, and well, downright sexiness and power of a guy on a bike!

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Where Do I Find a Biker To Date?

So, you’ve decided you want the lifestyle and thrill of dating a biker, we feel you! What you don’t need though is the soaring disappointment of a dashed dream, because you thought you found someone legit on a dating website where both turned out to be scammers!

Our Top Recommended Dating Sites

In order to avoid that, and to make your biker dating journey an exciting and positive one, we recommend three top, totally legit dating sites:

Now that you know where to look, we thought there might be some things you want to know about dating a biker before you invest. Much like buying a new car, you know?

a woman sitting on a blue bike

7 Things You Need To Know Before Dating a Biker

1. Avoid clichés.

Unlike what I did at the start of this post, you want to avoid coming up with your own wrong preconceived ideas of what bikers are like. Not all motorcycle riders are the same. I mean, did you know that there are different types of motorcycles out there? Like:

  • Touring
  • Cruiser
  • Standard
  • Dirt bike
  • Touring
  • Sport

– Show an interest in biker stuff

It would be seriously impressive if you found out what kind of bike the guy rides, and why he would wear the helmet and jacket he does.

Not only that, if you show a genuine interest in the type of motorcycle riding he does, then you’re halfway to showing genuine interest in the type of man he is.

When dating a biker – the way to his heart is in fact, not through his stomach. If you want to love him, show him that you’re interested in what makes him happy.

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hot girl standing near bike holding a helmet

2. Don’t compete with the bike.

Seriously? Don’t be that woman. You knew he had a bike when you started dating him. In fact, that’s part of the reason you wanted to date him.

Why ruin your relationship being insecure and jealous over a machine? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Instead, capitalize on the time he spends on his bike, by doing something you’re equally passionate about. If it’s true of you that you’re not replacing him with your other passion, then why would it be true of him?

Never miss a moment

Also, people who ride bikes are fun, sexy, confident, wind-in-their-hair (always wear a helmet) types!

And if you happen to be the only woman on earth that does not have a hobby or passion, then guess what?! You can adopt his passion, which means:

  • You get to spend more time together
  • You can talk for hours on end and get to know each other better, like friends
  • You get to have shared adventures, and
  • You get a partner who is happy to share their life with you

a man riding a bike

3. Go riding with him

Nothing is more appealing to a motorcycle rider than when his woman wants to go riding with him. Don’t worry about “helmet-head”. He’s not. Literally, let your hair down.

Relax. He’s got this, and he’s got you.

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Cars will be a thing of the past

Park the car in the garage, lock the front door, grab your leather jacket (or another kind) and the world is your veritable oyster! Here’s why you need to do this:

  • He actually does want to spend time with you and enjoys having you around
  • Riding a bike is thrilling, even in the winter! Imagine a dream weekend away to a cabin in the woods, coming in from a ride in the cold to the warm crackle of a fire, and other things (*wink, wink*)
  • He wants you to enjoy what he enjoys, so when you go on rides with him he’ll make sure you feel safe, and excited at the same time (what a man!)

4. Gifting will be a breeze

There’s nothing like the angst of never knowing what gifts to get for the man in your life. But, this is where dating a biker is different because the world of motorcycles is vast and magnificent.

The biker gift search is over!

Even if you are unimaginative, motorcycle magazines are a great source of information and inspiration.

In the meantime though, to prepare you for being the ultimate biker girlfriend, here are some ideas:

  • Motorcycle backpack
  • Bike toolkit
  • Helmet Communications System (ooh)
  • Action camera, like a GoPro with a helmet mount
  • Gloves
  • Branded merchandise (Harley riders are spoilt for choice in this department)

But rather than reinvent the wheel here, we’ll point you in the wonderful direction of Cardo Systems; who have an excellent Biker Gift Guide that explores the above suggestions (and more) in much finer detail.

Gifts are an important part of any relationship and don’t necessarily have to cost a ton of money for them to be valuable.

One more thing (we’re just trying to set you up for success), another fabulous gift idea is a motorcycle tour!

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This is why this in itself is a brilliant gift:

  • You both get the benefit of it
  • On the tour, you get to meet potential new friends
  • You get to explore both town and country
  • The memories and experience alone are value for money

Check out the Top 10 Motorcycle Tours in the USA from

5. Bikers are good with their hands

This one is a no-brainer ladies. Dating a biker comes with many perks, the least of which is the fact that if he can tenderly, lovingly fix whichever part of his motorcycle is broken, then he sure as heck can probably fix most other things in the house, not to mention your broken heart (awww).

“Hey, girl” imagine Ryan Gosling (see what we did there?), Keanu Reeves (with his dog a la John Wick), or wait! Hugh Jackman (all wild wolverine-like); leather-clad and steely-eyed. The very paragons of strength under control!

Sorry, where were we? We drifted off for a moment there! While we’re quite sure you probably won’t ever be on the back of one of their bikes – you can have your very own “man-adept-with-hands” who you lovingly watch fix stuff from the back door of your love nest.

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6. Don’t clean up his garage

We especially love this one! Imagine a place where none of what goes on in there is your responsibility?

Aside from the fact that sticking your nose in his bike garage (where it doesn’t belong) is going to probably raise hell, here’s why you can happily avoid the mess:

  • You’re busy, and quite frankly you clean up everything else anyway, so let the garage be his baby
  • There might be a dirty rag here and there, okay wait, let’s be real – the whole place will probably be dirty, but the sooner you accept that it shouldn’t bother you (because it doesn’t bother him), the sooner peace in the house prevails. Everybody wins!
  • Bikers are fantastic because their man-cave is the garage! They don’t need a special place in the house for all their gear. It’s out there, in the wilderness of untouchable mess…somewhere
  • Your dirty biker might not want you to clean his motorcycle mess, but he sure won’t say no to you cleaning him (insert knowing grin here)

Guy sitting on a motorbike

7. Expand your horizon

New things can be daunting, especially when they deal with your future, and finding the right person to spend that with is no small feat.

But bikers are a varied and mostly uncomplicated breed. Generally, they’re all just a bunch of guys who want to ride their bikes and have a great time doing it.

Most of them are pretty solid, straightforward, happy men for whom biking is just a way of life.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt that whatever the kind, they are a fine sight for sore eyes and sexy to boot. So, go get yours! Be bold, be fearless, but be you!

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