DatemyAge Dating App Review

DateMyAge Review: Is The Site Legit or a Scam?

by John Santana

The dating scene can be cruel to those in their 40s. Once you reach a certain age, the online dating algorithm no longer favors you. DateMyAge is a mature dating site created for those looking to connect with others in their age group.

Is DateMyAge a total scam? In this review, we will take a look at how DateMyAge works compared to other trending sites.

DateMyAge At a Glance

DateMyAge Advantages:

  • Good for serious relationships
  • Live streams
  • Members are predominantly singles above 40

DateMyAge Disadvantages:

  • Lots of fake profiles
  • Matches are entirely random with no compatibility algorithm
  • Expensive
  • Spam messages from the site
  • Not LGBT-friendly

First impression: 5/10
Signup and searching: 3/10
Matching and messaging: 3/10
Profile quality: 1/10
Pricing: 2/10

Overall: 2.8/10

Final verdict: Had enough of the suspense? Here is our final verdict!

All in all, DateMyAge is an extremely poor dating site with the sole intention of scamming users. The most basic element of a dating platform is the people. Yet, there are very few real daters here. Most of them are either scammers or bots put up by the site.

It also lacks quality matching features. All search results are random without taking into account users’ preferences. This is important for serious dating sites to connect members for long-term relationships.

DateMyAge does not seem to be efficient in performing the basic requirements as a matchmaker. Given its obscurely high pricing schemes, you need to run and never look back.

We have reviewed other top-quality dating sites like Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals. You are guaranteed to find your soulmates there rather than on this sketchy site!

DateMyAge in-depth Review

First Impression

Before you commit to any online dating services, going through their reviews is the first step you should take. It gives you an idea of how others find the service. That’s what we did with DateMyAge.

Upon looking it up on the internet, DateMyAge is apparently negatively received by its audiences. An overwhelming amount of users claim the site is flooded with fake profiles. The entire experience has been forged as the site adopts bots to boost engagement.

Seeing this certainly makes potential users weary of the site. This is the first red sign about DateMyAge. Surprisingly, when you go into their website, there is no weird sensation creeping on you.

The website is seemingly decent with a brief introduction of how the service works for middle-aged daters. It incorporates some user reviews to strengthen its reputation. The mixed reception puts the effectiveness of DateMyAge in doubt but the professional-looking site still encourages new users to give it a shot.

First impression: 5/10

Signup And Searching

Signing up on DateMyAge is simple. You need nothing more than your email address. There is no need to fill out any profile information. You can start with an empty account although your profile quality will dictate the number of messages you receive.

The simplicity implies an underlying issue on the site. People don’t even need to complete a full profile to date here. So, there will be plenty of fake profiles luring on the site. Anyone can be on it. It doesn’t seem like the site is taking any preventative measures to protect the community.

Once you have created an account, you can look up profiles or randomly browse through the community. Advanced search filters are only available to premium members. Free members can access basic filters like age and location.

There is no smart matching system on DateMyAge. All results are random based on your search filters. The system does not learn about your preferences and arrange profiles with higher compatibility. Hence, the grid can look messy, especially for free members with limited filters.

Since DateMyAge is freestyling matches, most members will leave frustrated with all the unfit profiles. For a site emphasizing finding love, it is not doing enough to help members find the right matches.

Also, there are too many incomplete profiles with just the names displayed. There is no option for members to exclusively view complete profiles. It can be annoying as most users tend to stray away from these profiles.

Signup and searching: 3/10

Matching And Messaging

mobile Match

Free members cannot initiate chats but can reply to messages. Right after your registration, you will notice another dodgy red flag. New users will immediately receive a few requests as soon as their profiles go live. It does not prove how popular you are but only how the site uses bots to trap users.

These bots will lure you into upgrading your account by telling you how awesome the premium features are or inviting you for credit-costing activities like live streaming and video chatting.

Users need to pay credits to conduct video messaging and continue the conversation because free replies only apply to the first introductory chat. Very soon, you will realize these are not interested daters. They are here to trap you.

Using bots is highly frowned upon in the online dating circus. It damages the site’s reputation. DateMyAge is desperate enough to use this tactic, showing its genuine profiles are likely of lower quality.

Other than that, the messaging channels are passable only. It provides a standard option for users to connect with. You should not have high expectations of the features as they do tend to lag from time to time.

Matching and messaging: 3/10

Profile Quality

Aside from the bots used by DateMyAge itself, the profile quality is shockingly low in the community. To begin with, the site has more fake profiles than genuine ones. Scammers are everywhere. They exploit the easy registration process to create hundreds of accounts.

Scammers are either looking for money or attention. Either way, users will get their hearts broken. DateMyAge is not doing much to prevent scammers from taking over. The reporting button does not seem to do anything as the fake profiles are still around.

Even if you are lucky enough to meet real daters, they are not at all what you would expect. DateMyAge is emphasized to be a dating site to find love but people are not serious daters. Upon chatting with them, you will soon realize lots of members are using it as a platform to find hookups.

Worst of all, people will alter some information on their profiles because it is very easy to lie on DateMyAge. They either mask their real age or marital status to attract more interaction.

Although there is a verified badge to enhance security, a majority of members choose not to do it. Hence, if you want a date, you will need to risk your safety because there are not a lot of verified members to chat with.

It is very hard to tell if members are mostly in their 40s or much older as everyone tends to lie on their profiles. There is no way to judge what you can trust here. Some members seem to be much older while there are young members lying about their age for fun.

The sheer audacity of scammers on this dating site tells users nothing is real here. They are very unlikely to find love or talk to a real person. It will take you weeks to find a normal person to chat with. The effort does not seem to be worth it.

Profile quality: 1/10


DateMyAge uses the credit system for membership. The perk of a credit-based membership is to grant more freedom to users. They are not bound by a monthly contract to pay a total fee even when they are not as active on the dating platform. Here, you pay as you use the service.

Just when hopes are up that DateMyAge can salvage the situation by offering an affordable platform, the disappointment kicks in. Members have to purchase in bulk with 150, 600, or 1,500 credits. They cost $0.13/credit, $0.25/credit, and $0.20/credit respectively.

You probably have noticed the weird part. Indeed, buying the least amount of credits per month costs the cheapest on average. The cheapest plan limits your mobility as you will run out of credits after matching with a few dates. To unlock other services, you are forced to take the more expensive options and pay a higher average price.

The sneaky pricing strategy does not seem to be beneficial to DateMyAge as it is still struggling to grow the platform. Typically, 150 credits will only last you a few days. It takes credits to send and open messages. If you want to foster a relationship, you have to invest vigorously.

With nothing to offer on the table, the pricing is unbelievably aggressive. DateMyAge should try harder to improve its services before introducing the site to the public.

Pricing: 2/10

Alternatives To DateMyAge

As DateMyAge is now proven to be absolute trash, it’s time to look into the alternatives.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo

Adult FriendFinder should be everyone’s alternative when they initiate pick is not working out. For over two decades, this no.1 matchmaking service provider in North America has created a million matches. People have become friends, lovers, and married partners.

The magic is needless. It has a giant community for members to get together. You can discuss trending topics on BDSM, polygamy, or dating tips. There are frequent networking opportunities online for users to meet new people internationally.

Try Adult Friend Finder

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

If you are looking for a more private setting, Ashley Madison is the way to go. Privacy is members’ top priority here. Members want to keep their dating profiles away from the public eye.

Ashley Madison is the right place to be for all secret lovers. It is also a welcoming space for the LGBT+ community. Everyone is accepted as they are. No one should ever be ashamed of their sexual preferences. In this judgment-free zone, you can experience love like never before.

Sign Up For Free

Bang Locals

bang locals

Our final recommendation is Bang Locals. It sits somewhere between Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison. Users hop on Bang Locals to find hot dates that lead to casual sex. You should not expect to find love here but it is also not a place for secret affairs. It is merely where singles meet to have some fun.

On Bang Locals, efficiency is everything. It connects you with the closest members. You decide what chemistry will happen that night. Bang Locals has become increasingly popular because it never strays away from its goal, to get people laid anytime they want.

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Before you proceed any further with DateMyAge, stop right there. It is one of the poorest dating sites we have reviewed. There is nothing to look forward to. The entire site is average with few genuine users but lots of bots.

If you are serious about your dating game, hit Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals instead.

John Santana

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