Crush on a Coworker? 7 Ways for Handling Workplace Attractions in 2024

by John Santana

What happens when your boring workplace hires a hot co-worker? That’s real talk! Isn’t it? But this hot co-worker can do more harm to you than good. Before you start freaking out, let me give you the picture.

Developing a crush on a co-worker is absolutely normal. Managing daily work with them can be very exciting as you fantasize yourselves with them. It definitely does transform your boring workplace into the most exciting space ever! But the issue begins, when it starts to grab all your attention by distracting you from work. This can give you a really bad time at the office, and the last thing you’d want is to be embarrassed before your crush, wouldn’t you?

This is exactly why we’ve come up with a few top-notch solutions for how you can handle your co-worker crush like a pro and save your job from drowning. Once you get this right, you will overcome 90% of your problems. This will enable you to maintain an equilibrium between your work and the ‘of course’! ?

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Signs you are crushing on your co-worker

Sometimes, it is difficult to convince yourself that you are truly into someone and its more difficult when you couldn’t help but crush on your co-worker. This complication can lead you into pondering over the situation all the time, perturbing your office work, and all other important subjects that require your attention. Let us take a peek into the few major signs that signal you about having a crush on your co-worker.


  • Too many smiles inside

Does your heart pop out just immediately after your co-worker crush walks into your cabin? Can you hardly feel your heartbeat? If yes, you know what this means. Congratulations! It’s a crush.

  • Nervous like never before?

Working with your co-worker crush can make you extremely nervous alongside all the drooling. You might feel exceptionally conscious about your looks, the way you sit and how you present yourself in front of them. If you can relate, you know you are into him.

  • The constant stare

Usually, we find it difficult to refocus our eyes from someone who we really feel attracted to. If you just can’t stop staring at them secretly, while at the workplace, it is a major signal that you are crushing on him/her too hard.

  • Fantasizing way too often

The easiest technique to realize whether you really like someone is to consider whether you fantasize them often. If you dream about them, night and day, this is a green-flag here.

How to handle your co-worker crush?

We all know we’ve got to do something about this ‘mad, bad, deep and unconditional crush’ on our co-workers but all that collapses when we see them again. Dammit! So HOW on Earth do we manage our co-worker crush without being heartbroken or acting like a dumb? Fear not, we are here to help.

  1. Ace the art of patience

Everyone can try to be patient, but when it comes to a crush, (be honest) we all lose it. With this (OH MY GOD THAT’S MY CRUSH) kind of a dancing heart, it can get really difficult to sum up the patience inside you. So, the first thing you’ve really got to do is train your heart and mind to be patient.

A few simple techniques can help you do this, for instance: Considering that your crush hardly even exists in the room. If you try and ignore staring at them, or making any eye contact, it can help you to calm yourself to a certain extent, eventually guiding you to concentrate on your work better.

  1. Cut down on the expectation

Expecting your co-worker crush’s early arrival constantly or wanting them to come and talk to you, can turn out to disappoint you in a number of ways. This will not only show up in the work you deliver but also on the way you feel.

It is always wise to try and refrain from keeping any type of expectation. In the course of the time, this will also keep you more focused on your work and also give your heart a little bit of space to breathe.

  1. Don’t spoil the game

Often in the haste of interacting with your crush, you might simply make a mistake by over texting them or smiling around them too much. Such conduct can complicate your relationship with the co-worker and it might become a do or die situation for you. This may even compel them to interact lesser with you because believe it or not ‘the clingy’ in you is very unattractive.

‘The first impression is the last impression.’ So, if you have been trying hard to save your reputation in front of them, don’t spoil the game by overdoing anything or losing your calm.

  1. Feel the act, don’t act the feel

It’s okay to feel attracted to someone and have a crush on them. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to keep reciprocating and communicating about your feeling to them. Especially, if it’s your co-worker, you’ve got to go slow.

Avoid flirting with them, conversing too deep or doing anything that may define your feelings clearly. If you do not control your feelings, you might unintentionally uncover your liking for them in no time.

It’s always wise to take baby steps while dealing with a co-worker because this also influences your reputation in their eyes. Make sure to keep your feelings to yourself and refrain from acting them out in any way.

  1. Up your game in excitement

We know we’ve spoken a lot about the negatives but here’s the good news! Your excitement towards the crush can also be productive in many ways. Wondering how?

Crushing on someone at work can compel you to dress much better, look more presentable, behave wiser and speak smarter. While speaking during meetings and conferences, you may tend to become more conscious about your conduct thereby behaving more intellectually. This will, of course, help you to build a good impression in the eyes of your co-worker crush but guess what? – it will also help you to strengthen your position in front of other employees and business dignitaries.

Make sure you enjoy this excitement as long as you can and let it bring you some incredible compliments.

  1. Don’t let them play on you

Workplace observes too many competitions between employees and co-workers who are always in the haste to level up for their boss. It’s no big deal so this might happen in your case too.

In the craziness of crushing on your co-worker, do not ever forget about the underlying competition that may make your crush play on your feelings to derive advantage from you.

If you really don’t want this to come true, make sure you to refrain from blindfolding yourself in the attraction or allow them to carry you away with cheesy conversations.

  1. Realize why you CAN’T

Crushing on someone can make you forget the whole world around you, but that can’t be pardoned in a work environment. Don’t fall for the cue that your heart gives you every now and then that just screams ‘Go and tell him/her everything, right now!’

Always consider reminding yourself about why you can’t be with them or confess your feelings right away. This will give you a reality check about the environment and the situation.

Wait for the right time, he/she might be crushing on you too!

All the best!

Your co-worker crush may feel like the ‘one and only’ sometimes but this blistering haste can cost a lifetime without a job. If you believe in us and follow our step-by-step guide for how you can handle this crush, there is no doubt about returning victorious. Think about it!

John Santana

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