Crush nearby landing page Review: Is The Dating Site Legit?

by John Santana

Have you been wondering if Crush Nearby is as good as its users claim it is? 

Crush Nearby boasts thousands of users and claims to be particularly welcoming to members of the LGBTQ+ community – both of which are good signs.

However, there are also reports of a glut of fake profiles and the criticism that Crush Nearby is at best part of the “sex dating” ecosystem – and at worst, one great big scam

In this article, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of Crush Nearby to give you a clear idea of what this website is all about. We’ll explain how this dating site works and cover key topics like:

  • The pros and cons of a site like Crush Nearby,
  • What users are saying in their Crush nearby reviews
  • How to spot fake profiles
  • Who owns Crush Nearby

And plenty of other useful tips to help you decide if Crush Nearby is right for you. Let’s get into it!

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What Is Crush Nearby?

Crush Nearby is a dating site that prides itself on providing an inclusive community that’s open to anyone. Their community includes queer, non-binary, gay/lesbian, heterosexuals, and other members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Crush Nearby has become known for being a platform where its members can find others who are looking for sex. Moderators need to approve the profile photos provided by members. This step prevents bots from being used to set up profiles. It also limits the number of fake profiles on the dating site.

If a user hasn’t registered to use the dating site, they won’t be able to view other members’ profile information. This policy will protect the site’s registered members’ privacy and ensure that only the people they want to interact with will see their information.

Members can use this dating site on tablets and smartphones because the site’s format will stay the same no matter the device. However, there’s no Android or iOS app for Crush Nearby.

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Does Crush Nearby Have Fake Profiles?

Is Crush Nearby legit? For many, the mere presence of fake profiles is enough to turn them off a site.

It’s for good reason too, because fake profiles can get you into all sorts of trouble with all manner of financial and information scams out there.

Like all sites, Crush Nearby certainly has fake profiles, and many users have complained about them as one of the major drawbacks of the service.

When you first sign up, you might find yourself bombarded by messages from profiles trying to connect – even before you’ve uploaded your first picture!

A lot of these profiles will look like models, using purposely appealing photos to tempt you into buying coins through the site. These profiles are almost certainly bots of some description.

If you’re wondering how to spot fake profiles, a lot of it is simply common sense.

Accounts with professionally taken photographs of models are very likely fake profiles that have scraped photographs from the internet to present a more appealing face.

Also, keep your eyes open for anything in the message that suggests they actually read your profile, and if they have anything meaningful to say. Bots are not often crafting detailed messages to each of the profiles they contact.

Finally, it’s important you do not reveal any personal information beyond your profile until you have gotten to know the profile messaging you. Never under any circumstances share any bank information or passwords!

Pros and Cons of Crush Nearby

There are some pros and cons to using Crush Nearby.

Pros of Crush Nearby

  • Crush Nearby has a filter feature that you can use to find like-minded individuals. There are also advanced filters that you use to narrow down your search.
  • Users can invite other members to join them in a private chat. Members need this feature for members to communicate with each other.
  • A new member’s email needs to be verified to prevent fake accounts.
  • Moderators manually verify members’ profile photos so users can create profiles. This extra security feature prevents people from creating fake profiles or sharing inappropriate pictures.
  • You can easily use this site on smartphones and Tablets.

Cons of Crush Nearby

  • There was no app for this dating site for Android or iOS when writing this.
  • There’s no feature to block unwanted communication from other members.

What Customers Say About Crush Nearby

The general feeling online about Crush Nearby is that it is an expensive website full of bots.

It costs money to send messages to other profiles on Crush Nearby, and many users have complained that they are paying money to message bots.

It would be fair to say that, based on the number of reviews describing Crush Nearby as a “scam”, the majority of users are not particularly pleased with the site.

There are other reviewers (though definitely in the minority) who have enjoyed Crush Nearby’s “pay-to-flirt” system and would recommend the site.

Who owns Crush Nearby?

Crush Nearby is operated out of the Netherlands by an outfit called Meateor Interactive B.V., and they describe the website as one for “entertainment and social networking”.

Note that they do not describe Crush Nearby as a dating website, so it seems clear that they understand the purpose of their website better than many prospective users.

How Does Crush Nearby Work

Currently, more than four million members are using Crush Nearby. The dating site’s users can send and accept chat invitations from other registered members. The chat feature also includes other communication features such as virtual gifts and emojis.

Sadly, as we mentioned before, Crush Nearby doesn’t have a function to block other members. The only way you can avoid these unwanted messages is by not opening them and ignoring them. Members can also report other members to the moderators, checking this member’s behavior.

Like any other dating site, with Crush Nearby chatting and sending messages is essential. However, this isn’t a free feature on the dating site. The first thing members need to do is purchase “credits” that can be exchanged for chat messages.

The cost of a message can vary between $1 and $1.50, depending on the credit bundle that the members choose. These credits might seem pointless if you come across a fake profile.

If you’re looking to meet someone outside of your area, there is a filter you can use. Advanced search filters ensure that your search matches your particular criteria.

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How to Register to Crush Nearby?

Before you can view other members’ profiles, you will need to register on Crush Nearby. The registration form for Crush Nearby contains between five and ten fields that need to be filled in.

Crush Nearby membership options

This dating site offers free registration but no paid membership plans. However, the dating site does offer a coin and credit system that allows users to pay for premium features such as extra profile visibility, chatting with other members, and sending messages.

Members will only pay for the coin system once, but it won’t be automatically renewed if they have a shortage of coins. You will need to purchase the number of coins you need every time you want to use the site’s services. So the more messages you send, the more money you’ll need to spend.

The different options for purchasing coins include the following:

  • 10 coins for $22.09
  • 25 coins for $52.24
  • 50 coins for $97.12
  • 100 coins for $180.88
  • 200 coins for $334.94

At the moment, there are no discounts or discount coupons available for Crush Nearby.

The Different Options for Purchasing Coins

While many dating sites offer free and paid memberships with different benefits, Crush Nearby requires you to pay for coins to send messages to other profiles.

Each message costs money to send, so if you want to chat with the profiles you will need to have coins in your digital wallet.

Crush Nearby has a set of packages you can purchase that will alter the price of each message you send depending on how many coins you purchase.

This pricing structure ranges from $6 to send a few messages to see if you like the program, all the way to a $299 package that gives you hundreds of messages at a dollar a message.

How to Contact Customer Support

Crush Nearby posts all of their contact information on the website, and you can reach out to their support team at [email protected]. They also list their business premises and mailing address, should you need it.

Applications and Mobile Versions

Crush Nearby’s website has a fully responsive web design. It can be used on your tablet or smartphone just as it would be used on your computer. The site’s page will adjust to fit your device’s screen size. As we’ve mentioned before, there is no app for iOS or Android devices.

Privacy and anonymity

When it comes to online dating sites, there are two different categories; “private” and “public.”

When it comes to “public” online dating sites, even unregistered users will be able to view member profiles. With “private” dating sites, their member’s information and anonymity are protected because they don’t allow unregistered users to see this information.

Crush Nearby is a public dating site. This means that both registered and unregistered users can see your profile. It’s best that you be careful about the information you share on this site.

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Prevention of false profiles and fraud

Some moderators will monitor and control chats. However, they might only be available to those with a premium or paid membership in some cases. There will be bots or moderators chatting with a prepared text in these chats. Obviously, you won’t have an authentic experience with them or genuinely fate them.

When you register for Crush Nearby, you will need to confirm your email address. This is a common practice to ensure that no fake profiles are created and that your information will be more secure. This step should lessen your chance of finding fake profiles.

Any and all photos that you upload to your online profile will need to be manually approved by Crush Nearby moderators and employees. This process is meant to weed out any inappropriate or unauthorized photos, such as pictures of animated characters, celebrity photos, or advertising.

How to delete your account on Crush Nearby?

If you’re not happy with using Crush Nearby, there are ways to delete your account for free. You can do this in one of two ways; contact user support to advise you on how to delete your account or by deleting your account online.

Before deleting your account, you might need to cancel any subscriptions or paid features that you might have. You will need to unsubscribe from a newsletter mailing, so you don’t get spammed with unwanted emails from Crush Nearby.

Alternatives to Crush Nearby

Crush Nearby hasn’t had the best reputation in online dating circles in some circles. If you’re not happy with using Crush Nearby, we do have a few recommendations for dating sites that you can use.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo


  • Even gender ratio
  • Clear and beautiful web layout
  • No unwanted adverts


  • It might be a challenge to find a long-term relationship.

Ashley Madison’s dating site was created with women in mind. Its even gender ratio makes it possible for members to have a healthy experience. The dating site has a visual design that has made it more appealing to potential female members.

Ashley Madison’s app has a user-friendly navigation design. You will be able to pass on a profile with just the tap of a button. You will see the user’s basic information, such as their name and photos.

If you want to find out more information about a particular user, you will need to click on their profile. This basic information will give you some insight into other members, and you can decide if you want to get to know them more.

There are also very few ads with Ashley Madison, which can be annoying to users. But if you’re looking for a long-term or serious relationship, Ashley Madison might not be the dating site for you.

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Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Roughly 90 million users use Adult Friend Finder
  • You can join the community forums to meet other users
  • You can use your own tags to adjust your search and find results suited to you


  • You might get spammed with unwanted newsletters and ads.

With millions of members on Adult Friend Finder, there’s a good chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for with online dating. With Adult Friend Finder, comprehensive features include groups, live streams, live chats, and community forums where every member can join in the conversation.

If you’re worried about fake accounts, or inappropriate members, Adult Friend Finder has a reputation for having a relaxed and friendly community.

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Bang Locals

Bang Locals Logo


  • Excellent choice for those living in small towns and rural areas
  • User-friendly site
  • Great way to search for other users in your location


  • Users are not active on this dating site

If you’re just looking for a casual encounter, Bang Locals is another great option for you. With this online dating site, you will be able to find “hot women” in your location. This means that you won’t have to drive over to the next town for a casual encounter.

Most of the dating site’s members live in rural areas and small towns, and they are typically between the ages of 25 to 40 and exclusively looking for casual hookups. So, for example, if you are on holiday with the family and just want some time away, you can use this dating site to find just what you need.

The dating site’s interface is easy to use, and you will get used to it in no time. This dating site was designed for people who don’t use technology that often, and the functions have a user-friendly style.

The biggest problem with Bang Locals is that there are plenty of inactive profiles on this site. These inactive profiles are probably very old, and the users probably forgot to delete their accounts. Typically, the search feature will weed out these inactive profiles.

However, this search feature isn’t full proof. Sometimes, inactive profiles will make their way to your view. There’s no way to tell if the profile you’re shown will be inactive or not. Bang Locals will need to work on getting rid of inactive profiles.

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  • There is a free trial period.
  • High chance of finding a long-term relationship
  • Strict rules to guard against fake profiles and scammers


  • Poor advanced search engine feature

The dating site boasts that it has successfully managed to match roughly half a million couples. This fact is a major selling point for the website, along with the features that the site offers. This site was created for those who are looking for a long-term relationship.

With eHarmony, users will need to fill in a questionnaire. The dating site’s algorithm analyzes your answers to the questionnaire to understand the type of romantic partner you’re looking for. Your search results will then be based on your requirements and your compatibility score.

The dating site has made its members’ safety a top priority. Any suspicious activity will lead to an investigation by eHarmony’s team. When a complaint has been reported and verified, the reported account will be removed permanently. The user’s ID will also be permanently banned from the system.

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Badoo Signup page


  • The site has plenty of elites and professionals
  • Various messaging options
  • Strict verification process


  • Poor security

If you’re more of a nerd or a geek, Badoo might be your dating. This site is an excellent choice if you’re an “elite” that’s looking for casual dating.

The site uses a grid design that will allow you to see plenty of user-profiles at the same time. Their dating site also has a clear design which makes it efficient to add new matches and makes it easier for users to go quickly through different profiles without missing any important information.

There is a strict ID verification process that involves each member being checked and verified before their profiles are shown to the site’s other members. This process ensures that there are fewer scammers on Badoo’s dating site. You should feel safe using Badoo’s site, knowing there are very few fake profiles.

Badoo also provides its users with different messaging options that include video calls and sending virtual gifts along with the usual texting and sending stickers. These different messaging options will save you time and ensure that you need to message someone off the platform where you aren’t protected.

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Our Final Crush Nearby Review

Sadly, even though Crush Nearby is open to everyone, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, we can’t recommend this online dating site. Just to chat with other members on the dating site, users will need to pay for each message they send in the chat.

There’s no way to know for sure if you’re going to be chatting to a real person or a fake person. There’s a chance that you’ll end up chatting with a moderator with a fake profile. This obviously means that you won’t be able to have a real date with them.

It’s also alleged that Crush Nearby doesn’t inform its users about this fact. Chatting with these fictional users can end up costing genuine users plenty of wasted money.

Crush Nearby is also what is called a “public” dating site. This means that any information you share on your profile can be viewed by the public, whether they’ve registered or not.

We recommend that you try other online dating sites such as Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison for all these reasons.

John Santana

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